Otherwise, clean the contacts with a fine-grit emery cloth or sandpaper until you have revealed the shiny metal on all contacts — there are usually eight: four contacts with contact points on each side. Below are some … It could just be a bad start capacitor and/or relay in the box. For either reason, we’ll provide you with some things to look out for and possible problems you may encounter. Troubleshooting your well water problems is best started with the pressure switch. Defective motor winding or cable: a) Shorted or open motor winding. Always use caution working with electricity and turn off power supply breakers when testing components within the electrical system. The pump pressure control switch operates the pump relay switch that in turn operates the pump. Some people immediately think their well pump has stopped working, but with a few different components that get your well water into your home, how do you know if your well pump is broken? Relevance. The well pump pulls or pushes — depending on the type of pump — the water from the well, sending it to the pressure tank, which holds the water under pressure until something in your plumbing system is turned on. Pay Aqua Specialties LLC On Line; Join our email list; About Us. The pump will certainly stop working at some point, but let’s go over some of the other issues you should also focus on. View recent Goulds Pumps questions, problems, & answers. Deep well control boxes contain the starting circuits for the pumps--the starting components for the well's motor. Secondly, check for a malfunctioning well pump. Well water may be gaseous. The control box is a "town and country". Turn off the power to the control box/well pump. Pull the contacts open and file off the burned and pitted areas using an ordinary nail file or emery board. 6,201 satisfied customers. - Verify motor/pump ratings and match to motor/pump settings on drive (DIP switch or Wi-Fi) - Verify motor connections - Frequency max, amps low, check for closed valve, or stuck check valve - Frequency max, amps high, check for hole in pipe Connect the wiring to the new switch in the same order as you removed them and secure the switch cover. The suction pipe should be holding a full column of water. HP Volt Maximum Cable length In Feet using AwG Cable* #14 #12 #10 1/2 110/115 100 160 250 1/2 230 400 650 1020 3/4 230 300 480 760 As water pressure changes, the volume of air contracts and … Contact Power Company if voltage is incorrect. Submersible Well Pump Troubleshooting. Repair or replace. Air or milky water discharges from your faucets. Post . I turn off the switch and a few seconds later hear a "contact like noise"(like relay contacts either making or breaking). There are a number of procedures for checking out whether you have a defective pump and/or motor. Fully Insured - General Liability and Workers' Compensation. The tank is refilled to its maximum capacity, measured by the pressure gauge on the tank, and then it shuts off again. My well is 13.5 years old, it is a 1.5 Hp submersible pump (I don't know the manufacturer) that is down about 115 ft (I use this system for irrigation only). TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE. If you’re inclined to do some DIY repair and your inspection has shown you could have a problem with the pressure tank or switch, follow the section below on pressure switch maintenance and replacement. Your well pump will be overworking, and it will be especially important to call in help as soon as possible to keep your pump from pumping out the water uncontrolled. E. Defective wiring. If the Switch is Bad, Replace It. Any ideas? If tank is standard type, the air volume control may be defective - replace; otherwise, have well checked for proper water level as pump may be drawing air. Ohm readings from the wellhead back to the control box — with wires disconnected at the wellhead and control box cover removed — indicate a short between yellow and black conductors. Call the professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing! These numbers must match. Incorrect voltage, hydraulic rotor or cutter blocked, negative head (discharge lower than intake of pump). I replaced a water logged tank in August 2016 and the system ran fine until this past week (mid-October) and I realized the pump was not running. Troubleshooting well problems is also complicated by the fact that almost all the action takes place far underground. If the condition is serious, check with a certified well professional. Upon pulling the pump and motor you can check the splice connection at the motor. I had dealth with a cap b4 so I ran out and got one. This vacuum can interrupt water flow. Pump It Up Pump Services is a top well pump switch repair company in Phoenix, AZ. Check the Pump and Motor. Your well pump gets its marching orders from the switch mounted on the pressure tank. It could be set up as one large breaker of 30 amps or more or a double circuit breaker with two lower amperages in tandem on the panelboard. Don #7 04-03-16, 12:55 PM M. melliam. First, turn off the power and double-check with a voltage tester. You wake up one morning and realize your well pump has stopped working or pumping water to your pressure tank. If the well pump is running continuously, this can be a sign that your well pump is struggling to draw water from the well to fill up the pressure tank. Caution! 1 offer from $126.00. Look at the pressure gauge and see if it’s showing a reading above 20 psi. Once the water is in the pressure tank, how does it know when to get more? Having your own well gives you a few advantages over using the municipal water supply, especially the lower monthly costs of having fresh clean water easily accessible in your home. tube near the pressure tank. Troubleshooting a well pump problems. ... Control box malfunction: Repair or replace. Pull the cover (with the capacitor and other components mounted in it) off the control box Put … If the troubleshooting in the 5 steps above do not resolve your problem, it may be time to replace the pump and motor. Depending on your knowledge of plumbing and electrical systems, many of the repairs can be done without professional advice. Defective control box Examine the winding in the control box to make sure all the contacts are tight. While a bad water pump can be the source of a water problem in your home, there could also be issues with other components of your well water technology that could be the culprit. If not, flip it to “on” and see if that gets your system running. We recommend our users to update the browser. Then your problem is the well pump, well, pressure tank or switch. Troubleshooting inside the box is made simple by the control components automatically disconnecting from the system when the lid is removed. Get Professional Help for Well Pump Cycling. 7. 3-wire motors have 3 service wires plus 1- … When the tank pushes out enough water to trigger the pressure switch, it then allows more water in from the well pump. Your water pressure tank is a vital part of your water well system and will greatly affect the health of your well pump. Check out part two here. Well water pump noise & sound diagnostic FAQs: This article provides answers to frequently-asked questions about how to diagnose noise problems with the water pump or pump controls such as clicking at the control switch, humming or rattling at the water or well pump, or banging or hissing sounds associated with water or well pump operation. It could be a broken water line from the well to the house — usually you'll have a wet area between the well head and the house — a bad check valve just above the submersible pump at the bottom of the well, a bad connector leaving the well casing or even a broken water line inside the well casing. Some services are subject to state and local licensing and may not be available at all locations. Answer Save. If you hear frequent clicking when no water is flowing, you have problems outside the house and you'll need to hire a pro. Home > Pumps & Wells > Well Pumps > Troubleshoot Franklin Electric Submersible - Does Not Start. Common Well System Problems That Damage Pressure Switches: Pressure Switch Not Turning OFF: Verify that your pump is creating enough pressure to signal the pressure switch to turn off. Share | Home; Contact Us . Bound pump: Check for misalignment between pump and motor or a sand bound pump. finally inspect for cracks or breaks in the water pipes above the pump. The above-ground jet pumps that are more commonly used with shallow wells have an average life span of 10 years. Your next check, if needed, is your pressure tank. Push against the top of the tank to rock it slightly. Stainless Steel Protectors: Do They Work? A well pump system includes many components of which one can stop working and affect the pump from working properly or ground it entirely. Turn off the power to the pressure tank as described above. These numbers must match. For those problems that need the skills of a professional, call Mr. Rooter of Greater Syracuse for any installations, repairs or inspections of your plumbing and well systems.


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