However, if the UNT lettermark is used as a graphic or design element, the lettermark may be presented in transparency or with elements within. No other graphic elements, such as typography, rules, pictures, etc., or even the edge of the document, should infringe upon this space. We are a catalyst for discovery and innovation. Texas Homeland Security | Linking Notice | For external audiences beyond the North Texas region, combining the lettermark with the wordmark will help teach people what “UNT” means. Established in 1890, the University of North Texas is one of the nation's largest public universities.   940-565-2000 Advanced degree courses are offered at three locations across the North Texas region, as well as online. Web Templates & Required Elements; Accessibility Requirements; Search Engine Best Practices (SEO) There are clear guidelines for the use of the university seal as well. At find thousands of logos categorized into thousands of categories. Logos Database - Editorial Logos - Find university of north texas logo image and details. University Marks (Logos) Marks (Logo Lockups) for Academic & Administrative Units; The University Seal; University Spirit Marks; The North Texas Athletic Mark; Build Your Project. The name “UNT” sets us apart as we are the only university in the nation that has this acronym, and as such it is our primary name and the UNT lettermark is our primary brand symbol. These lockups are known as secondary and tertiary lettermarks. The most commonly discussed element of a brand identity is a mark, or logo. We not only have university of north texas logos but many more! The university’s full name must be linked to UNT in some way. Texas Veterans Portal | Disclaimer | "Got to meet some of our great incoming students today during their orientation! A cultural hot spot in Denton, UNT features world-class performance facilities, esteemed faculty artists and internationally recognized guests. Visitor Information, The Brand vs. the Expression of the Brand, Marks (Logo Lockups) for Academic & Administrative Units, Electronic Marketing via Email, Social Media & the Web, A-Z Academic colleges, schools, and departments, A-Z Divisions, Institutes, and Administrative Units, Download the Official UNT Wordmarks and lettermarks, University Brand Strategy & Communications. Speak with a UNT Transfer Counselor about your degree plan as early as possible. Use the UNT lettermark clearly on the front of every communication. The lettermark and wordmark may also be used together in the combinations shown below. Do not rotate, stretch, rearrange or alter the mark in any way other than proportional scaling and appropriate use of color. This new campus, an extension of UNT’s campus in Denton and the current Frisco campuses, will expand educational opportunities in the North Texas region now and into the future, giving students the convenience of multiple campuses, in person and online courses. Web Templates & Required Elements; Accessibility Requirements; Search Engine Best Practices (SEO) Smart brands build their reputations on their uniqueness and distinctiveness. Denton, Texas 76203-5017 It communicates the brand even when it stands alone. Compact with Texans | Required Links, UNT System | UNT Dallas | UNT Health Science Center, Learn about graduate programs and how to apply, Explore resources and information you need,,,,, Learn More About UNT's Branch Campus in Frisco, State Auditor’s Office Fraud, Waste or Abuse Hotline. Exceptions to this rule are below: Having a call to action (phone, URL). As in guideline items 5 and 6, the UNT lettermark must also be presented in its original, unaltered form and UBSC must approve all communications prior to use via our standard. | UNT has one of the most student-friendly course transfer policies of any university in the region. Ensuring that all of the brand elements consistently work together — experience, brand story, visual identity, marks — builds the brand. Electronic Accessibility | It must appear on every communication. Avoid having text or competing graphics to the immediate left or right of the UNT mark. Years in a row named one of America’s 100 Best College Buys®, Best College Town in the nation according to, Academic programs ranked among the nation’s Top 100, 1155 Union Circle #311277 The University of North Texas is leading a team with members from around the world to create an international data trust improving the measurement and analysis of open access book usage. State Auditor’s Office Fraud, Waste or Abuse Hotline | To help our future students and their families stay on track for joining the Mean Green family, we've established a number of ways to connect with you for questions about UNT admissions. University Marks (Logos) Marks (Logo Lockups) for Academic & Administrative Units; The University Seal; University Spirit Marks; The North Texas Athletic Mark; Build Your Project. 1155 Union Circle #311070 Denton, Texas 76201 In addition, UNT also uses our full name, University of North Texas, as a wordmark.   800-RELAY TX You can download in .AI, .EPS, .CDR, .SVG, .PNG formats. Exceptions to this rule are below: Provide an area of clear space surrounding the wordmark or lettermark to allow visual impact and maintain legibility. We inspire our students through knowledge and opportunity. Use the name “University of North Texas” in your opening text or as a prominent part of a headline, or use the university wordmark elsewhere on the publication. For example, if the university helps to sponsor an event on campus, the lettermark should be included on a sponsor listing page. To ensure that the strength of the UNT brand embodies all of the unique parts of the institution, UNT uses logo lockups for our colleges, schools and divisions as well as our units and departments. UNT designed the North Texas logo for use by the Athletics Department. Privacy | and love, to the future students we can’t wait to meet, We Are the Mean Green Family. With 109 bachelor's, 94 master's and 36 doctoral degrees, it's no wonder UNT is the leading university in the North Texas region. The UNT lettermark and wordmark must always appear in our UNT green (PMS 356), on UNT green or with the brand campaign theme art.


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