During testing, we had some spokes not fail with 300kgf before we stopped the test.”. Finishes: Gloss Black Machined Face | Gloss Black Milled Spoke Edge Wheels has exploded in popularity and recognition throughout the years making TUFF A.T. one of the fastest growing off-road wheel brands in the US. 1. Offsets: -5, +10, +18, +25 Sizes: 16″ | 17″ With a 30mm front and 38mm rear wheel mullet setup, Tuff Cycle is aiming to squeeze every bit of wind cheating aerodynamics while keeping the rolling mass to a minimum. If Paton and his team at Tuff Cycle can make the carbon spokes work with standard spoke nipples and hubs I think they’d have a winner. AutoCraze ensures that all our customers are protected with secure payments. PCD: Suitable for 5 and 6 stud vehicles (Jeep, Ford Ranger, Land Cruiser, Holden Colorado, Mazda BT-50, Toyota Hilux, etc), ➻ TUFF T-10 Wheels pro carbon wheels technology. T01 • Removable/Customizable Inserts • Split 6 Spoke Design • Full Color & Machined Face Finishes • Concave Profile • Covered Lug Cap on 5 Lug Fitments / Exposed Lug Cap on 6 Lug Fitments *Pictured wheel shown is not representative of all size configurations. Regardless if you buy online or in store, our fitment guarantee assures that your wheel and tyres will fit your vehicle properly. Take your Jeep, Ford, Dodge, Hummer to the Off Road Maniac that it could be. For all our wheels and tyre packages, you can have peace of mind of not worrying about the additional costs of fitting. A set of 17″ Tuff T01 from the Tuff wheels 4×4 range in Flat Black with Red Inserts were fitted up to Atturo All-Terrain tyres and the Tuff Wheels Review was raving! The Carbon MATRIX Spokes used here are 2mm in diameter and tensioned like a normal spoke. Carbon spokes are not brand new — Mavic’s R-SYS wheelset rolls on non-tensioned carbon spokes and Sapim released – and shortly thereafter discontinued – its CX carbon spoke a fair few years back. proven speed,strength,stability. Interest Free Finance is now available at AutoCraze meaning you can buy now and pay later. distributors. PCD: Suitable for 5 and 6 stud vehicles (Jeep, Ford Ranger, Land Cruiser, Holden Colorado, Mazda BT-50, Toyota Hilux, etc), ➻ TUFF Crossfire Blade Wheels Secure. There’s nothing more important than making sure the accessories for your off-roading beast are up to scratch. Instead, they cover them with a cool logo and pretty decals. When it comes to performance and maintenance in my short test period they have proved to be far superior to the non-tensioned fat carbon spokes Mavic uses. Tuff A.T. offers multiple truck wheel designs including several deep lip and concave wheel styles, in sizes ranging from 15″ to 26” and available in 5,6, & 8 lug applications. Save even more when you buy anything on our online store or over the phone with free shipping Australia-wide* (t&c’s apply). Offsets: -10 through to +35 (Depending on design) So far this is the best use of carbon fibre spokes I have experienced. ➛ Steel 4WD rims may bend from potholes or any collisions and this may be an issue as they are hard to bend back into shape; Although they’re lightweight and they look cool I am not a fan of the included open cam skewers — they create more friction than clamping force and are something you need to keep an eye on as they will likely come loose over time. PCD: Suitable for 5 and 6 stud vehicles (Jeep, Ford Ranger, Land Cruiser, Holden Colorado, Mazda BT-50, Toyota Hilux, etc). ➛ Wheels made of aluminium can be more expensive; If you really want to prove your allegiance to the trail culture, slap on a set of Tuff wheels 4×4 for sale from AutoCraze and get an aftermarket look that rivals the best of them, our customers have given their Tuff Wheels Review and it has been nothing but positive. The light weight carbon fiber rims are 45mm deep on the front, and 55mm in the rear. Lucky for me during my test period I didn’t have the chance to test my fears. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. Free Shipping Australia-wide!, Find quality Tuff wheels for sale at up to 50% off. proven speed,strength,stability. PCD: Suitable for 5 and 6 stud vehicles (Jeep, Ford Ranger, Land Cruiser, Holden Colorado, Mazda BT-50, Toyota Hilux, etc), ▶ Ford Ranger PX Our E-commerce store is verified by Paypal Australia Call 1800 099 634 to find out more. We designed the MATRIX spokes to meet 250kgf before failure, more than most rims can take before cracking. Enjoy your products! contacts. 9. When you roll up to about 30kph/18mph they start to exhibit that slippery fast feeling. Spice up your vehicle with a brand new set of Tuff wheels 4×4! Over the past few months, I’ve been swapping the Tuff Exo 38-30s around with a set of Zipp 202s and Corima Carbon 32s on my long term Ridley Helium SLX. Our comprehensive database of wheels and tyres online make buying wheels and tyres easy. We will beat any Price Guaranteed. TUFF A.T. In the wet, the EXO clinchers perform about as well as any other carbon rim: when you squeeze the brakes nothing happens until the pads can clear the water from the brake track. 4. They are, however, feathery light. Offsets: -5, +10, +18, +25 3. Center profile and lip depth will change in relation to vehicle specific fitment. We have a team of wheel specialists and in-house experts Pretty solid we must say! By entering your details, you are agreeing to BikeRadar terms and conditions. 7. Hailing from Melbourn, Tuff Cycle has taken an open mould, toroidal rim shape and produced a wheelset that in reality is much lighter than many hoops of a similar depth from the likes of Zipp, Mavic and Campagnolo. AutoCraze aims to be your one stop shop for all things that are related to your Tuff wheels 4×4 for sale and the one place you come to for Tuff Wheels Review. In keeping with the times, we know how important it is to you to have the proper tyre pressure sensors fitted onto your new tyres. Sizes: 17″ No matter what vehicle you have and if you purchased online or in-store, upon request, we can provide for you genuine tyre pressure sensors. Quite often these brands aren’t particularly up front about their rims coming from an open mould design, and for that matter haven’t done much design work at all. Tuff Cycle has picked a proven rim shape and the brand’s layup has stood up to everyday riding.


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