Pruning pomegranates – The magnificent pomegranate shrub (or tree if you want) reminds me some times of a rose bush. Once the multiple trunks are selected, prune away new suckers as they appear. Make a cut which is like a slope by making use of a knife on the scion and the understock. Save Print Email. Read on to learn more about pruning/trimming pomegranate trees. Pruning and Training Young Grapevines Grapevines can be trained with a single or double trunk. Why shape pomegranate trees? The thorny stems, the strong red color of the fruit… but never mind that, that's just me. • Training vines to a single trunk is the most common and simplest method. What are the general objectives of pruning? Trimming Pomegranate Trees. As part of pomegranate grafting, follow these steps. Pomegranate trees are actually multi-trunk shrubs that are often cultivated as small, single-trunk trees. The below information is for pomegranate grafting, pruning, and training. In the second and third year, select well-spaced lateral stems to train as scaffold branches. When pruning your pomegranate as a shrub, the main thing to keep in mind is to do most of your pruning after the plant has gone dormant for the winter, and not to prune too much at a time. Grafting Pomegranate plants: Grafted Pomegranate Plant. Pomegranates are a must in every garden, and an absolute must if you have an edible garden. Tweet. Pomegranate trees can grow to 18-20 feet (5-6 m.) high. 1. 2. Cut the scion which is of length 2 ½ inch along with three buds. PDF | An ideal training system is one that gives an annual production of high sustainable yields of good quality fruits. Selectively removing branches 1. develops a strong tree structure that can support heavy crops without breakage, and 2. brings a young tree into production at an early age. 30,536 views 1 Green Thumbs Up You Rate It: Thumbs Up. • In cold climates or with marginally adapted cultivars, training vines to a double trunk is often preferred. How to prune pomegranate? For shrubs, hedges, bonsai or topiary, prune as needed to get the shape you want, and no further. Pomegranate can be trained as a multi-trunk shrub by allowing five or six suckers to grow into permanent trunks. Eliminate or reduce those tree parts that bear poor quality fruit.


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