(n.d.). [8]. This temple was not really excavated as it was standing when it was found. This page was last modified on 15 August 2020, at 01:22. The "helicopter hieroglyphs" of the Temple of Seti I. Olek95 (Creative Commons) The Temple of Seti I in Abydos … While in the military, he earned multiple titles, like troop commander, vizier and head archer, and this made him to be considered a powerful man throughout Egypt. Sharpe, Inc., 01/01/2013. Abydos, Temple of Sety I: The famous "Abydos helicopter" First Hypostyle Hall. Retrieved December 6, 2015, from, https://www.brown.edu/Research/Breaking_Ground/bios/Caverley_Amice%20Mary.pdf, http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/setiabydos.htm, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helicopter_hieroglyphs, http://members.tripod.com/~A_U_R_A/abydos.html, http://www.ancient-wisdom.com/egyptabydoss.htm, http://www.fakearchaeology.wiki/index.php?title=Temple_of_Seti_I_Helicopter_hieroglyphs&oldid=1463. Since his father only reigned Egypt for 2 years, people claimed that Seti was the real founder of the greatness of the Ramessids. Did Ancient Egyptians use Aircraft in Battle? [EGYPT 29851] ’First Hypostyle Hall of Seti I Temple at Abydos.’ The roof of the First Hypostyle Hall of the Seti I Temple at Abydos is supported by twenty-four papyrus-bud columns. The inscription itself is actually in the dark recesses near the temple roof, and is in fact almost impossible to see with any degree of clarity from the ground. [4], Egyptologists dismiss such claims, and regard the Abydos inscription as a simple case of a filled and re-carved titulary, something which is commonly seen in Egyptian temples.[5]. She headed to Egypt in the winter of 1928/29 to photograph and draw everything in the Temple of Seti I, by herself. He battled in northern Palestine and Syria, but ended it with a peace treaty that may have established the frontier at Kadesh on the Orontes River. The main focus of this temple was to draw it out to figure out where everything was placed and to take photos. 1 Dec. 2017. World Monarchies and Dynasties. When people see the corresponding entryway to where the helicopter was found, there would be no trace of a helicopter there. The plaster is clearly eroded and it doesn't match the other symbols located on the opposite side. With all things considered, we could call the Temple of Seti I at Abydos a temple … The cemetery was used throughout this period and records show that all the 1st dynasty pharaohs, as well as some of the 2nddynasty pharaohs were buried at Abydos. [note 1], It is also claimed that the inscription in question depicts various advanced technologies, such as jet aircraft, UFOs, helicopters, and even submarines, although no effort is ever made to explain the practical use the latter would have in the Nile, the most important waterway to the Egyptians, notable more for its shallow depth and sandbanks than its abyssal depths and submarine warfare raging beneath the papyrus skiffs of the commoners. [7]. It was a mistake made by earth's elements. At Abydos, in the ancient temple built by Seti I, and his son Ramses II, on a heavy stone slab supporting the ceiling are hieroglyphical writings, which are illustrated by a most eye catching, and thought provoking scene - an array of four futuristic craft. Narmerwas among the pharaohs from the first dynasty to be buried in Abydos in addition to other pharaohs of the second dynasty. Seti I not only revived the traditional Egyptian art style, but his artisans implemented it with a beauty and grace never seen before or since. During his reign, he led his army northward to restore Egyptian prestige. Deconstructing this Pseudoarchaeological Narrative. First, the cartouche in the Abydos-temple is carved into the typical … The famous "Abydos helicopter" a illusions produced by: "a process of re-carving and filling in the stone to … The architectural monument supporting the roof of the First Hall of the Temple of Seti I in Abydos is decorated with hieroglyphs that recognize the figures of modern technology, such as a helicopter or a … Perhaps the most famous image from the archaeology of ancient Egypt that is offered in support of ancient alien visitation and influence is the so-called “Abydos helicopter.” The name comes from a set … the Abydos Submarine, the Abydos Jet Plane, the Abydos UFO, etc.) The widely accepted Egyptological solutions to the mystery of Abydos Helicopter (like the one Lumir G. Janku gives) seem … The Temple of Seti I was constructed in memory of the 19th Dynasty and it was completed by his son, Ramesses II. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by. Usually what would be seen in the west wall, archaeologists would see the same images on the east wall and it continues on for the north wall matching the same symbols to the south wall. The temple was not completed in the lifetime of Seti I, but was completed by his son, Ramesses II, early in the reign of the latter. The place and the set where these controversial hieroglyphs are engraved can be found in the first column room of the temple of Abydos, approximately 500 kilometers from Cairo. 225-239, Abydoss: The Osireion. El Gamili, M et al (1999), Geoelectric resistance scanning on parts of Abydos Cemetery Region, Sohag Governorate, Upper Egypt, Archaeological Prospection, Vol 6:4, pp. Later in the week we will enter the temples of these two Pharaohs in Abydos. He reigned from 1291 to 1279 BCE. [4]. Over time, the temple started becoming popular amongst archaeologists that they began to excavate it. Most Egyptologists took her word for many things because she mentioned things that were not found yet. This page was last edited on 1 December 2017, at 03:02. 225-239. Archaeologists and Egyptologists had quite the eccentric journey after meeting Dorothy Eady, also known as Omm Sety. Zeppelin - … Out of the four images found, the helicopter stood out because it looked more recognizable than the others. As archaeologists continue to shake their heads, people who sit and listen to what is coming out of the mouths of psuedoarchaeologists should actually check out the temple in person. 1 Dec. 2017. Submarine or USO? Psuedoarchaeologists don't like to show the show, they just seem to question and not understand what they are personally saying themselves. The Temple of Seti at Abydos was a strategic building project on the part of Seti I in order to bolster his family’s claim to the Egyptian throne .


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