FLUKE. Most hospitals have replaced them Years ago !!!! Since no thermometer is ideal, therefore we have a large number of thermometers. The Fluke 62 Mini non-contact thermometer is the perfect introduction to infrared (IR) thermometers for the professional. It has linear expansion property and has a temperature range of -35°C to +500 °C(with compressed nitrogen). The body temperature of a human, ideally, is 37 degrees centigrade. ... your doctor will use a standard clinical thermometer and check for physical signs. In babies and children, the average body temperature ranges from 97.9°F (36.6°C) to 99°F (37.2°C). An extensive range of medical thermometers for professional and personal use. The thermometer used for measuring the temperature of human body is called clinical thermometer. Mercury thermometers; mercury thermometer. All digital medical thermometers come complete with full instructions and batteries. With the best accuracy in its class, the Fluke 62 Mini offers quick and reliable surface temperature readings. A clinical thermometer cannot be used to measure high temperatures because it has been designed to measure only human body temperature which varies over a short range. An ideal thermometer shall have an infinite temperature range. The some of the newer electronic have a slightly wide range Who uses a alcohol thermometer for clinical purposes any more ???? Clinical thermometers are used to find out the temperature of a person. I am Interested. Human body temperature on the Fahrenheit scale is 98.4°F and in the Celsius … The range of a clinical thermometer is from 35°C to 42°C. Mini Infrared Thermometer with -30°C to 500°C Temperature Measurement Range and Backlit Display. (That would make -40F to 572F) The following range of healthcare clinical and medical products give quick and clear readings. It works on the principle: ΔL α ΔT Temperature Range: 32 - 45 Deg C II 94 - 108 Deg F: Model: O-01: Yes! I don´t know the real limits, but one of mine goes from -40C to 300C so at least that is possible, and I think that is more then enough. Small division on the body of the clinical thermometer represents the temperate of degree C. The range in terms of Fahrenheit on the body of the thermometer is between 94°C to 108°C. Ask for Price.


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