Most people will start on the internet to find fast fixes to close a knowledge gap, e.g. This is the stumbling block for communities that rely solely on chats and posts. This is a combination of good governance of the CoP site, good recognition from superiors and peers. stream endobj Innovation that works – in every sense of the word. So for CoPs, you need to return to their area of interest over and over again, and make sure that learnings derived from the information exchange. If there’s no knowledge management repository to structure the knowledge that is exchanged, the information will be hidden under a lot of superficial talk. That’s because such a group is the trust basis one needs to share successes, failures and learnings. If there’s no clear scope, conversations may end up explain the universe, instead of solving the problem at hand. 4 0 obj 6 0 obj � ��^�*N�*={�bEv#�b%���eR�Zu{>ǩ�gN��Wߞ�u(���,�1i�凞�ݱŖ:���@� V"�*�6�E�SneV�@Z���"Q�[�:8 ?D8�?�4�� +����l�����W�1Xo�`�*V`�����˝��� P�i2�&wiF �b�b9�Q � ��]N �@6�N�1�_��*��TKȐ��B�|�~�E�q�Lmh�!�K06��>)b�T��Gjc� �_��o�`�0���3�þ �ȒΩI;�@���$j��Ѐ��}L�g�2p���O8�V*�s�U <> Turning your brilliant ideas into working innovations that make life better is our drive and our deliverable. © Koninklijke Philips N.V., 2004 - 2020. Before diving into the details, let’s refresh your memory and understand how CoPs work. To make sure people can find each other in an online community, a clear scope and a shared overall goal are paramount. @tX[a���v��a�5XKd��?�e~G�A��;����;]ʽP!��*E���j�C��+��p������sb�_=P:Y~�_Ooi����6������c�\TGUN�]t���6�"T$��T��^�zy��pE��j��rm��1s�E�q��F=u�^*�R�8FuǪ��W���S����REMn�8�֒z�ij��X,�XiØκ��y�;�.~bTHeF��*������g���������{��!��&���Tq��nsB7����ϸA��]Ky'i�F���� �������M9l�GuUj�5�JnP͋�h�_��*��fyA5/Q}Ψ��q�_a�ˊ��GE��a(�U�f�PmKTG�j[���7�-�8z$�',U�^�R*d�/SJ�Ņ��&� = U�^�S4(��C�*���^�#}�p���V���%�4���ꏣ�S1ߎj_J�rQ�-m��q�+U\�3��L/���S���0U�EW��r|*�t���PeU���՛0Tr��Ȟsժ�v���Ok��i�D�Т��Fןj[x%\��5���=������ ZW��q|4pS>!o�i=�j��S*��Iٛ!�b�bS��>T�����/�7,��Vp�r�`���B=�E�`jL���,0]x3e�w"��q%3b^5w����!�1�C���7��\KZ̤x`�S�����cX]訩�L�,���X��nj���=���^fT�-�F���d#��Ӆα6�u �g x�.N5����� _}��}ZY���z��d0lK�yq_DTP�H��� ��s�q���KGP�1�G�?�3� All rights reserved. �����@�v {cWv�]Z�/՞'kX�~��P%DNQ�E�P_*靅�5��5��i�&�+5��*ޏ�O\MDϏ�U�R�w õ:�b1�g�ɋ�*/8Ԫ�r��{+�,��^{�r�X��n��Z����T3. So not too much overall superficial remarks, but straight to the point. There’s also often no accessible place to store the information. They need to feel they really can connect on a personal basis. The information in the community needs to be relevant to the daily job. contact information) to get back in touch with you. %���� 0 Such a taxonomy will make the information accessible and searchable. ;���ꎶ7O{�P���B4A�Tb:(T�Q̊�1�O�}�5*.�@hZb�mß*=���!�(���T9)����S��B�I�QW�~R)ʽ��@6�6��.�ib2�[��@,�,�������� ���:���3*�u���ۀ�ߖ���~�Q �.�(��w>�ldT*c��6D�� Building a Successful Community of Practice Dr Richard Miller, Miller-Klein Associates Ltd A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of individuals within an organisation who band together to share their knowledge and expertise, to learn from each other and to build their capabilities. A  CoP needs to be embedded in a context where contribution to the knowledge is explicitly valued. It’s therefore that corporate companies rely heavily on IT when it comes to knowledge management and connecting people to share their knowledge. Creating Successful Online Communities of Practice Page 4 Unlike apprenticeships, brown bag lunches, or other informal methods of CoP collaboration, online exchanges allow knowledge to be captured, tagged, and categorized to easily search for later use. A second challenge is to tap into personal databases for knowledge (e.g. ������Kg�ן�M�HX��!T`���a�ݲuʔ�Z� Deconstructing Communities of Practice. These nine success factors come from a study by the Warwick Business School and the UK Knowledge and Innovation Network (of which I am an associate), which was based on a major survey of CoPs in many companies. The result? Philips innovation Services has been involved in preparation, design, start-up, and roll-out of multiple Communities of Practice. This is where good governance is needed: the CoP needs to be embedded in a clear structure: a sponsor that emphasizes the importance, supervisors that encourage and explicitly prize active participation, and last but not least: making sure that colleagues can and do share their appreciation for good contributions. <>>> <> 8 0 obj In innovative environments, however, it is people connecting in (virtual) teams that make the leap forward. �DX�?���|4��Q�a��AN�IqLI�|�\��y���qM6����[�[�ݷöji�b(���p�,[�F#Au�U�R����Y�i�w�n�ú����y1���b���u�,�_��S�)�`��"t����'զ�0/�X�������%Ű��;�d�.��ê����Y��n��͸^�t~��NQ �*�گV_���n�xZgώ�8�W� ө��>v,.���j]�2��W����hT�5��8�f�Z2��_�E]���8?�ʎ�. One of the big challenges in building online Communities of Practice for big groups is that it takes substantial effort to build a mindset where people are happy to share their expertise and also are inclined to ask for help. If you want communities to play a role in the development of new knowledge, you will also need to pay specific attention to the WIIFM: What’s In It For Me. If there’s no clear scope, conversations may end up explain the universe, instead of solving the problem at hand. endobj They collaborate regularly to share information, improve their skills, and actively work on advancing the general knowledge of the domain. What can you do to help develop a lively, open, asking-and-sharing CoP that adds real business value? 5 0 obj You can look people in the eye to make sure they do not misuse the knowledge you share with them. %PDF-1.5 %���� To make sure people can find each other in an online community, a clear scope and a shared overall goal are paramount. �n��P�-z�ê�I=mrE�b�|�5ܾ2�R2�wgwP����ۗ��`�ˎ� How? A CoP, therefore, needs to be part of a total knowledge management system that drives the translation from tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge and provides the tools to do so. 7 0 obj 66 0 obj <> endobj Passion for the domain is key. There are 3 clusters that are at the heart of success: Focus, Connect and Share & Re-use.


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