I thought that was awesome. Based on this experience, I would not shop there again. Bought a great looking office chair from Structube in North York but upon bringing the chair home and putting it together with the arms it does not fit the standard desk height. I jumped in and loved it. We paid in full and we got them on-time as they said without any issue. I believe mine is fairly loaded with features. Looking for Furniture pros in North York? I actually gave up and referred to the instruction booklet when setting up the adjustments. Structube — # foster office chair S SteveLand Jan 09, 2020 I should have known in the first few weeks of buying this chair, that the design and engineering of this product was going to give me … The Aeron chair definitely rises high enough for that. Low reputation means there has been review tampering or a company request to remove a review. I love this feature. 12 years ago (I still remember) I was strolling through IKEA with my soon-to-be-wife when I saw the barrel IKEA office chair. I emailed their customer service department-they did not reply. My hope was that the Aeron chair would fit the bill. I splurged on a small sofa as well so that I can get work done somewhere else than the desk.Over. Selling two office chairs since I am able to bring home my ergonomic chair from work. 21 reviews of Structube "Went in looking for a specific office chair from their website. It was finally time to “invest” in a chair that is both good for my spine and comfortable. Steve Landry, I really hope the President of Structube sees this and responds, you can't reach anyone at Structube on LinkedIn, By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions, libel by an internet troll, hooligan, well known alcoholic and shoplifter, Money taken from my credit card monthly without authorisation, Racist skinhead bullies exemplifies corporate culture at optum. I had already paid for a matching table and I asked for a refund. He then tried to tell me that double mattress and full mattress are two different things. Return to store, call the store, they give you replacement screws and tell you to check the installation guide. Let’s take a stroll down my office chair memory lane…, Related: Wingback Chair is in Style Again | Foyer Chair Ideas | Types of Adirondack Chairs | Types of Patio Chairs. That was pain because I had to wait another week for just the frame to arrive. My initial experience with Structube was positive, the quality and design of the furniture were great for their price point, and their store staff were polite and helpful. I went back to Structube and the manager tried to convince me that the mattress is supposed to be in the middle of the bed with at least 1.5 inches space from each side (because according to him it's supposed to expose the BOTTOM woden frame). There’s an adjustment for your lower spine to push into your lower spine (increasing seated curvature) or relaxing the curve. I do prefer high-back chairs but didn’t have the option where I bought my chair. The bed in THAT STORE and on the website doesn't have any space between the mattress and the sides, NONE (plus his argument makes no sense). Seriously, how can he even use that argument when the bed in the store is fine? It’s been around for 20 years, offers a 12-year warranty and more or less very positively reviewed by many people for years. Worst is, the frame of the legs did not fit the width of the couch. I called the BRICK and put them on speaker, they confirmed standard mattress sizes for full beds. So far so good. I commend the staff at the Yonge street branch on their knowledge and excellent customer service. Since I was dropping so much on a new office chair, I decided it was time to get better office furniture. Being in my mid-forties and finally having a few extra bucks, I decided to invest in the chair. Help me please. It’s been good for my back. They delivered at the time they said they would, hey set-up a rather complicated dining set and they did all of this with a smile on their faces! A few years ago, while sitting in my $160 IKEA office chair, I read about a guy who claimed to have spent over $1,000 for a Herman Miller office chair. Fortunately, the instruction booklet is short and to the point so I figured it out quickly, but I was confident I could figure out all the knobs and controls on my own. I want to support the store because I like their products so I am hoping the return policy has or will change. Fortunately, I had the fortitude to buy very reasonably priced furniture from Structube and Wayfair. I like office chairs that elevate the seat high enough so my knees are at a 90° angle. I can also adjust the armrests in, out, forward and back. The four sets of screws that hold the base to the chair are either not long enough, because we have tried three sets, or the engineering behind the chair works against the strain of sitting on the chair as the screws continuously fall out. I took a quick look at the Herman Miller website and didn’t see such options. This score is also impacted when we do not have enough information i.e: low number of reviews. #4: Standard-issue office chair (provided by my office landlord), What I like most about the Herman Aeron Chair, 19 Types of Fireplaces for Your Home (Buying Guide), How to Get the Lakeside Collection Catalog (and Why You Should), Mega Checklist of the Different Types of Office Equipment, The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs ($1.5M Tops the List), Why I Stopped Working From Home and Leased an Office When So Many People are Switching to Working from Home. I've shopped there once and will most likely not return. It seems to fit snug and perfect. I went from cheap used office chair to the Rolls Royce of office chairs. What really annoyed me was the constant delay, week after week, of my couch. The double mattress I have is standard and looks like its floating in the middle of the bed with about 2.5 inches empty space from each side, exposing the inner frame. I spent over 2000$ at that store. As you can see in the photos above, mine is grey and black which is fine but it would be fun to have some colorful options – white, red, orange, blue etc. Fast-forward several years and literally thousands of hours sitting in a variety of office chairs I write this sitting in my new $1,275 office chair. Nevertheless I plunked down the $160 CAD and became the proud owner of my first IKEA chair. He loves penning the perfect introduction or clever description of a particular design. Who would spend so much on an office chair? I bought a double size Madison Bed. A few years ago, while sitting in my $160 IKEA office chair, I read about a guy who claimed to have spent over $1,000 for a Herman Miller office chair.. It’s like eating real food that costs a bit more for lunch instead of fast food or some packaged process meal. Fast-forward several years and literally thousands of hours sitting in a variety of office chairs I write this sitting in my new $1,275 office chair. As for the TV cabinet. They have never taken my complaint seriously for this ongoing issue with this defectively designed product. Back then it was expensive having just graduated school with a load of debt. How well a company responds to Service Requests and Reviews. Why do they not have current availability information on their site and for their staff? All the staff t the store do is make promises and send you away. I did not recommend this store to my parents for their new home. Why is the customer forced to wait indefinitely for a refund due to Structube's own supply level errors? I would have bought it years ago, but that meant going into debt for it. My couch was delayed for a full month. More recently, over a few weeks in my home office, I did an additional round of testing three sub-$400 office chairs: the HON Convergence, the HON Ignition 2.0, and the Fully Desk Chair. I couldn’t find it on IKEA any more but it looked like the following with wheels in black: Coming in around $300 CAD I thought this was a beauty. This indicates how long it's been since the last review. Can You Use a Condo or Townhouse Solely for Your Business Office?


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