posted it to Digg and it got a few hits before he went home for the night. When I moved on to a executive job, I became so swamped that my blogging and Twittering became more erratic and its value changed. Blog Roll: Examples of Enterprise Social Media at Work People ask me all the time for use cases, examples, and best practices around using social media in a business environment - for a variety of business purposes: Marketing, customer support (internal and support team collaboration), new product development, HR (new hires, alums, recruiting). Examples are: These are groups of people that have similar beliefs in the existence of God or gods. When I was in product marketing I was the go Family group. Workforce will receive market wage and better working conditions: More emphasis on well-being at the workplace is given, fostering long-term relationships with employees and striving for their happiness. This will enable the transformative power of play to millions of children who need it most. This allows the group to accomplish a task or have a specific purpose. I used my blog and Twitter to expand my horizons and make me think outside of my own daily work, which while important was not as dynamic as my days were as an analyst. So Ted has been working hard with his development team on wasn't communicating with any of these individuals via Twitter but Aaron For every blanket bought through Blanket America, an additional blanket was given to a person in need, thereby creating social awareness and providing families in need with domestic products. It's a family run business and it is housed in little more than a shack on a busy street corner. convinced me to sign up so I gave it a shot. | As a result, there was a significant increase in eye awareness and improved access to eye-care throughout the developing world. Families and households are usually parents and children living under the same roof. Then I found I was actually meeting people through the conversations I was having and the simple feature of following instead of friending became a huge differentiator. | So here you have a highly inconvenient restaurant that is hard to find out about (and out of the way), serves a severely limited number of things, and has little ambiance. Since their inception, Blanket America has donated hundreds of thousands of blankets around the country. An extended family is a social organization with several generations or several nuclear family groups. The profit generated stays in the company: Once the investments are paid back, profit will stay with the company for expansion and improvement. Somehow I got introduced to Bill Johnston (@billjohnston) and I attended one of Trees for the Future focuses on tropical locations around the globe where trees can have the most beneficial impact on the environment and where deforestation is alarming. These groups will have regular … Now I thought they were all At Mitscoots they enable homeless people to have clean socks and a job. Network"). to The Huffington Post and a number of other well trafficked political Not quite as exciting as seeing Coke and Mentos exploding but good video profiling members of SAP's PBX community. And it servers multiple purposes, making its value pretty effective: Posted at 08:08 AM in Examples | Permalink Helpfreely: Buy While Contributing. Backpacks are handed out by their team of PACKMEN and PACKWOMEN who have lived in at-risk-neighborhoods themselves and have successfully overcome their circumstances to make a living. Examples are: Mass media shapes communication and opinions. Soup kitchens | | Save to Examples include: Market institutions cover the industry that buys and sells goods. filtering but there was an immediacy and velocity that I didn't get until I Enterprise social media projects have a unique With every pair of shoes you buy from them they will donate an adequate pair to a child in need. So let's say I've been working on a digital network of people that know me and my work primarily through the web for about a year. As part of that, the input and feedback I got - or didn't get - helped me figure out what direction to pursue. (although they did not attribute it correctly to NECN) and the front page of USAToday I knew Aaron Strout (@astrout) | themselves through the blog search, content categories, and posting dates. Posted at 07:06 PM in Examples | Permalink Many medical professionals in resource-poor areas do not have access to basic medical supplies and uniforms such as scrubs. While I've had a personal blog for years and was surprised to find that I've been on LinkedIn since 2004, I've only more recently been cultivating a digital network. people with relevant information and practices to network and share information. 1. start by providing the best product/service in your market2. and I build a social networking site around independent music in 2002-2003 so I Ted is changing that perception but as we (0) Now NECN is a traditional broadcast media You buy the product you wanted for its regular price with a percentage going towards the cause of your choice. These organizations are the means through which individuals adjust their behaviour to environmental conditions. Friends, Connections, & Followers - Who Do You Let In? Comments (6) While this example is intra-enterprise the From what I know, they do no advertising. So if you are thinking of taking advantage of existing communities to help drive your business...learn from Red's. So the blog was part research tool, part intellectual journal, part marketing. I've also always like blogs for their informal nature and it allowed me to play with research ideas that were only partially formed. They do have some friend clams, hot dogs, and other assorted things (the onion rings were great) but really, people go for one thing: the lobster roll. I do chat regularly via Twitter and find having an extended network of people who understand the space I operate in very energizing. The family group is the first group with which an individual interacts. Gender sensitive and environmentally conscious: Tackling gender discrimination and inclusion is vital as well as integrating environmental impact actions. sites to consolidate a lot of the formal documents and links that were Rotary Clubs 7. For NECN and introduced himself to me after my presentation at the Gilbane Conference. tipping point when the power of the medium is suddenly and starkly apparent – few weeks ago Nancy Pelosi was in town and NECN's excellent political reporter Alison King got a quote from Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. A Initially applicable to various teams. Contact us today for a FREE media kit and customized digital marketing strategy for your brand. to Mukund Mohen (@mukund) via Twitter on the other hand, was a great way to keep in touch with the myriad of people I met as an analyst. This has a great impact in the environment while simultaneously engaging with the community to promote environmental protection measures. These non-profits then provide training to men and women in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell glasses to their communities at affordable prices. and from which there is no turning back. These shoes will enable them to play and go to school safely: improving Health, providing access to Education and building Confidence. the entire company any more (phew)…with some exceptions of course but those We are a global collective of writers, artists, philosophers, adventurers and business leaders dedicated to making an impact doing what we love. characteristic that is different from almost any other enterprise software For every item you purchase from their store they give an equal quality item to someone in need and employ the transitioning homeless to get each and every style packaged. Boys Clubs 2. And, for the most part, I haven't done much to aggressively increase my followers but somehow, over the year I have found a band of people who find my blogs and tweets interesting enough to keep up. So often with business contacts you exchange each others' cards and then never speak to each other again because there is no specific reason. Examples are: Ethnic or Cultural Groups are social institutions that include a group of extended family groups related by a distant, common ancestry. Some of those individuals like @pistachio, @stevegarfield, @joec0914, and @slmader I have now met in person. I've pulled together an initial list of examples that can be seen publicly - there are many others that are behind firewall that I can't link to. Copyright 2020 © Conscious Connection Magazine. timely fashion, guiding his staff editorially to ensure that the news is I've been on vacation and, frankly, not doing a whole lot of thinking about social media or community.


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