If the event is small, put your speaker on a small, custom-built stage. You can choose lighting and A/V trusses, rugs, ramps, tables, and even temporary stages from this menu. Get detailed with the A/V, selecting from a wide array of options, including A/V cart, screen + projector, electric, uplights, and lighting truss. 10. 9. Skip heavy lighting fixtures. But when it comes to designing stages for events—3D design tools rock. The site impacts your stage design. Is a jazz trio performing, or a seven-member wedding band with two singers? Staging Concepts’ concert stage designs start with the fans in mind. Beyond the stage location itself, the ceiling height of the event space will influence your design. What this means will vary on the size of the event. Some venues will have permanent stages or multiple locations designated for temporary stages. 3. Event stage designs we love and our collection of inspiration. See more ideas about concert stage design, stage design, concert stage. For the large stage, create a proscenium arch printed with a bold image of the product and the company name. If your client has interactive elements planned, you may need to include a seat for an ‘event’ host. Bright lighting, smooth surfaces, and an open composition suit the keynote speech at a tech summit. How they get to their places, and move around will vary significantly. Where possible, grab elements from Social Tables’ rental catalog featuring items by company (e.g., Cort, AFR Furniture Rental, Crow Works) and broad event types (e.g., holiday, outdoor, production). For example, for a non-profit event for an animal rights organization, you should create a 3D rendering with bold backdrops featuring wild animals, along with a more subdued option. Think of dynamic speakers who pace and move through the space like dancers—give them plenty of room on the stage and keep an extra sharp eye for trip hazards. Monday Motivation: The 4 Keys to Better 3D Stage Designs for Events, Focal Points for the Best Event Stage Design, How 3D Stage Design Tools Improve Your Events, How to Build a 3D Stage Design Using Social Tables, the complete audio-visual check list for events, ← Friday Finds: 5 Emerging Event Planning Job Titles You’re Not Hiring for (But Should! CEO speech at a business conference. Large music festivals call for bolder choices, such as dramatic backdrops, colorful light displays, and branded banners. Talk with your clients to clarify the event objectives. For the tech summit, consider featuring futuristic, clear chairs and tables in your 3D stage design. The curtain colors are wrong? If the venue has a large stage, use decor and lighting to draw the eye to the conversation, perhaps anchoring with a rug and a large item of decor like a plant or a floral arrangement. Goal: Create an intimate, insider’s experience. 4. Making big events feel personal is a challenge, but keeping it simple and incorporating technology can help. Or, do they need to connect with a small audience? Concert Stage Design. You’ll either place it where the permanent stage goes, or choose the best location for a temporary stage. Add vertical interest with varying heights in the backdrop, columns, or inflatable elements. 3. Do they prefer a standing mic to a podium? The venue decor: Of course, the aesthetics of the stage decor should match the venue. Other venues offer a bit more flexibility, letting you decide the best location for the event you are planning. Stage design is just one element among a million for event planners, but it can be particularly daunting because there are complex, technical elements to get right. Your staging needs to be resilient to survive for years to come and requires a simple design for fast production set-up and take-down. In Social Tables’ event layout design tool, you can add drapes and customize the color to the exact shade they want. Aesthetics of stage design have to do with basic artistic principles, including line and shape, mass, texture, color, and composition or arrangement. Determine the layout and dimensions of your stage by measuring it yourself on-site or requesting the measurements from the venue manager or stage rental company. Take... Gatsby Themed. Concerts and theater: Entertainment-focused events offer so many options for aesthetics. Perhaps they are trying to convey a story, inspire, or make a lasting impression. Goal: Wow and connect with the audience. Jake Massey from Dunn’s Creek in San Mateo, Florida brings us this cool LED tape logo for their stage. Add obstructions, such as permanent columns and side-stage curtains. And include one on-stage element, such as a column or a sculptural lighting array over a section of the stage. Discuss with your client whether the CEO prefers speaking at a podium or moving around the stage. Or use digital stage banners (many smaller display screens tiled and treated as one big screen) to create an unusual visual impact. The projection structure measured…, Mirror Mirror, a recent commission by the Alexandria, Virginia's Office of the Arts, is a reflective semi-circular structure which hides a prismatic array of mirrors at its center. When setting up the stage, make sure to inspect it from all potential viewing angles to ensure maximum visibility for the crowd. Not having the power sources you need exactly where you need them is a problem you don’t want to cope with on event day. With a detailed digital representation, you can move elements around, spot obstructed views and trip hazards, and troubleshoot needs like a stage extension or simply having fewer people on the stage. Are there obstructions, or can all audience members see the action on stage? Watch for objects that impact stage movement, including drum sets, microphones, speakers (if speakers are on tripods, include ample space to move around the entire footprint of the tripod), panelist tables, podiums, plants, sculptural additions, and branded signs. Once space and sound are all set, you can add decorative flourishes. If the pre-existing stage is large, create intimacy with drapes, columns, and plants. A cabaret performance might call for more substantial mass, velvety or opulent texture, and warm lighting. The design of both stages should draw the focus of the audience to the product, so your best bet is to keep it simple. The multi-colored panels are placed at sharp angles within the round sculpture, and refract dazzling, geometric pattern, Set Design,Interior Design,Visual Effects,Autodesk 3ds Max, Colossal | Art, design, and visual culture. Our designs offer flexibility and ingenuity that seamlessly integrate with the venue and artist to offer the fans the best show possible. They can manage the dynamic tech, such as live audience polling, and curate social walls showing questions or comments tweeted from the audience.


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