at the same time. I spoke to the Shop from home manager a little while ago. As I described above, the delivery window is rarely met - and I even experienced a cancellation on the day of delivery - you have to plan on a longer time than they say... double check your order, when they are rushing, more mistakes and broken eggs... Why doesn't anyone hire local people to do this chore for them? Good one Stranger danger. I can't figure out how to do it on the new format. I requested a 3-5 pm delivery time and they showed up at 3:05 pm I checked everything and all items I ordered were there and correct. So TWICE I was given grossly understated time estimates. Been using the new app and it still sucks. They took that feature out and their email didn't tell me they were putting it back. I had issues with the last updated app and stopped using it when ShopRite said there were issues and they weren't using it. So from now on I need to compare coupons and de-select digital if I have paper coupon. Someone did call before hand to clarify a few items. Neither the old or the new work for me. I never shop weekends. I commented on how great it was and I had even saved myself money due to the fact I wasn't able to do any impulse shopping. Called and spoke to many ShopRite Managers, even Legwood. The day we stopped utilizing them my wife waited 30 minutes at the pickup area multiple things were wrong on the bill. Wifi only doesn't fix anything. JRT, unfortunately, in my experience, that is the norm rather than the exception. Nope, it still sucks, as in broken, and will never be sufficient even if when fixed. I have the app on my phone but can't use it without the network downloaded. I plan on using the original version as long as I can. It took over an hour to individually type in each selection and complete my order. I used the on-line address and it worked ok this past week. I said to him how are they doing. View our latest news, promotions, competitions and much more. Items ordered were missing or wrong product altogether or beginning to decay. I used to get something in the bakery, every time I go. Thanks rleaf.....I will give them another try, but if it continues to happen I guess I will just go back to doing it myself after work. When it does start then it dies and will not shut off. The above table reflects the uptime history for Note, payment options may have changed to accommodate this service. Couldn’t sleep trying to online shop . I wound up calling to see if they could hold it till the next day since an hour delay was really going to screw up my evening....and before I could do that the guy said "Oh actually it will be on time". (meanwhile, I had planned on that delivery for guests that evening)... bottom line, you CANNOT count on delivery time. Well, I live a half hour from the store so it doesn't make sense to go home. They should of never taken down the other app. This week it seems like they've been starting the digitals where they also are limit 4 just like the sale item. But clearly designed so it will not work without a connection. Exactly my point GC..make sure the app is set to use cellular data. If your business model is so bad you are locked and loaded with gift cards to field all the complaints it is time for some model reevaluations. It was an A+ shopping day for me! Not necessarily problems with digital coupons but small things that did not seem to work so well. Can you use digital coupons more then once? Worse IT department ever. • Multiple coupon offers cannot be combined to purchase a single item. This area is reserved for members of the news media. Why? Paper list still cumbersome to create, they did add a text-based print, but still not stripped down to basic text; two many things like pictures and crap to even use. There are a bunch of other grocery store chains using the same thing. Or just a fluke? 30% off (6 days ago) Load Digital Coupons To Shoprite Card. Many things I always bought, I now find empty spaces. Troubleshooting If is up but it's not working for you, you can try one of the following tips below. Normally takes me about 30 to 40 minutes Just not ready to cross that chasm. Once you clip they fade, also having to navigate back and forth from shopping list to clip coupons is a pain in the ass. Well, another app that should have been left alone. MB, maybe there's increased demand because Shoprite has waived the online pickup shopping fee for the next few weeks if you spend $150 or more? It's annoying. If it was wifi only and there is no wifi then it's dead. I am going to shop rite later to investigate the issue with a manager. I’ve witnessed the owner going in and just being nasty. Packaged goods will be next for me. It used to be that was almost always just one item even if the sale price had a limit of four. PDF circular version only shows 4 of 14 pages. We did delivery from Byram for a year then pickup from Washington for 6 months but stopped both due to consistent 30 to 60 minutes delayed and always missing or wrong items. Shoprite Digital Coupons Download - Best Coupon Codes 30% off (14 days ago) download shoprite digital coupons app. You can get the number from Mansfield ShopRite. Or do I have to wait until Sunday to add those things? Now I've been weary to download the new version. We have stepped up our rigorous protocols and remain vigilant about regular cleaning and sanitizing of food contact surfaces as well as cleaning restrooms and public areas with a special focus on checkout stations and conveyor belts, credit card keypads and other surfaces regularly handled by customers.


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