13; literally, "Had I not believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living...") The sentence is unfinished. The records of all nations afford a thousand remarkable instances of the effect of this principle, both on individuals and on bodies of men. So patiently and persistently, he continued to pursue opportunities. (Psalm 61:3) The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence. Browse Sermons on Psalm 27. Enemies, enviers, slanderers, persecutors, I defy you; if I love, I shall triumph over your attacks. If a … What, too, of the immense hosts of the Spanish Armada? Though war should rise against me] War is a complex evil, and is, therefore, called so by a specialty: Isaiah 45:7, "I make peace, and create evil," that is, war. It may be supposed to be addressed first to himself, and so, indirectly, to the people of God generally. David too was up against many odds. https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/tbi/psalms-27.html. All rights reserved. He infers from his former experience, as I have already mentioned, that whatever adversity may befall him, he ought to hope well, and to have no misgivings about the divine protection, which had been so effectually vouchsafed to him in his former need. In this will I be confident] In this? "Stand but your ground, your ghostly foes will fly. (b) Salvation (ver. On the other hand, firmness of mind is the parent of tranquillity. 1865-1868. The man of feeble and timorous spirit lives under perpetual alarms. and of conquest rest secure. PSALM 27. love will no base fear endure;Love Jesus! “In this”—viz., that Jehovah is my light—“do I trust.” Rosenmiiller refers it to “the battle” just mentioned, in ipsa pugna. My heart will not fear; Without this temper of mind, no man can be a thorough Christian. Secondly, David referred to God as “Light and Salvation.” Since he was in a period of darkness he needed to see his way clear. God had shown Himself superior to the power of hostile armies, and the psalmist felt assured that he might confide in Him. And can faith ever dread this? GET YOUR FOUR FREE SAMPLES! Though a host—See Psalms 3:6, on same occasion. If I am resolved to suffer all, and if I think I deserve all the outrages ye can do me, ye will only give more loftiness of spirit to my love, more brilliancy to my crown. 4. 3. He would be protected and secure. In fact, the deck was abuzz with talk that he set a new record for getting a destroyer under way. "The Adam Clarke Commentary". The whole psalm is one of responsive faith; though that response may be sometimes a plea, or a sigh, yea, even a groan, and at other times a shout of song as with trumpet-power. In this will I be confident—In spite of this, or for all this, I will trust. 1, 5; Psalm 91.) But God is all-sufficient. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. It is an infinite mercy to hear the sweet whisper of God to the heart, "Seek me." Verse 3. 3. For false witnesses have risen against me, Do not abandon me nor forsake me, "Commentary on Psalms 27:3". Temples of vice are more crowded and longer open than Christian churches. To take a Christian stand is to expose oneself to ridicule and to danger. The struggle seems to be a hopeless one, both against the evil without and the evil within. How can we know we can stay on track? David was confident that God would give him the same gracious protection a host offered to his guests. Producing the richest results, glory to God, etc. The thing most to be dreaded is the hiding of God's face, and being cast off by him. There can be no true courage, no regular persevering constancy, but what is connected with principle, and founded on a consciousness of rectitude of intention. 1599-1645. in this — that is, then, in such extremity. I sensed that she was afraid and finally asked her what she was afraid of. Note: (2) The individualizing care of God. God had shown Himself superior to the power of hostile armies, and the psalmist felt assured that he might confide in Him. We must trust God’s timing and expect His intervention when we face life’s trials. Reader, this third verse is the comfortable and logical inference from the second, confidence is the child of experience. 4. Because of my foes. "Commentary on Psalms 27:3". “Though an army encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war rise up against me, yet I will be confident.” David was convinced that the Lord would not forsake him. (Psalm 46:1) THIS psalm is one of those which have been called "composite"; and certainly it falls into two parts which offer the strongest possible contrast the one to the other. : or as othersF6Some in Aben Ezra in loc. His own son was out to get him. Read Psalm 27:3 commentary using The Treasury of David. We should seek God’s face so that we can face our problems. She was also working part-time, to pay the bills. (e) Jarchi, Kimchi, & Aben Ezra in loc. None are so truly courageous as those who are truly religious.


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