Royal Doulton mugs are made to stand out from other Toby Jug makers. $395.00, Special Price $145.00, Regular Price: The 1920’s had already seen Doulton’s new take on the traditional toby jug, but it was these new Character Jugs that really caught the public’s imagination. At the very end of the aisle are collections of Flambe' jugs, two handled and two-sided character jugs, and rare two-sided teapots. $59.99, Regular Price: Unfortunately, as part of the Waterford-Wedgwood-Doulton group, recently emerging from bankruptcy, the company has announced that its last production character jug will be 2011’s Jug of the Year, Barrack Obama. $139.99, Regular Price: $350.00, Special Price From shop Docsneedfulthings. $125.00, Special Price They all carry the signature Royal Doulton stamp on the bottom, which has a lion and crown crest. $19.99, Special Price Novelty coupled with practicality became the theme in the 1930s and several character jug subjects were adapted for use as tobacco jars, match-stands, ash bowls, teapots, sugar bowls, book ends, liquor containers and musical boxes. Joined in the 1820s by John’s son, Henry Doulton, the company enjoyed growth in the 1830s and 1840s, branching out into terra-cotta products and garden ornaments. It was so successful that by 1846 the Lambeth factory was leading the sanitary revolution in England as the major supplier of stoneware drainpipes. Inspired by London since 1815. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Copyright © 2020 - Pascoe & Company. The artwork was created by Caroline Dadd. All rights reserved. They were revived … Toby Jugs have been around since the early 18th century. A unique Doulton introduction in 1934 was the Character Jug, the early examples were designed by Noke himself. Browse FREE Royal Doulton Toby Mugs Price/Value Guide - Appraisals, Valuations & FREE Sale Advice. This certificate increases the value of the mug as well. The "Sleuth" 1972 Royal Doulton toby mug mint condition no chips or damage of any kind large version. Something went wrong. By the 1930s Royal Doulton was known world-wide as a leading producer of fine china, as well as for its popular line of figurines depicting pretty ladies and other colorful characters. Noke’s second jug was Old Charley, which together with Sairey Gamp’s fifty years became the longest production run in Doulton’s character jug history. (1-877-862-9687). You can choose from a vast selection on eBay and pick the ones that your friend will like. Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like, Beswick Toby Jugs In Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs, Royal Doulton Williamsburg Indiana Royal Doulton Character & Toby JUGS, Compleat Angler Indiana Royal Doulton Character & Toby JUGS, Royal Doulton Pitcher In Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs, Royal Doulton Alice Indiana Wonderland Indiana Royal Doulton Character & Toby JUGS, Royal Doulton Rare Indiana Royal Doulton Character & Toby JUGS, Staffordshire Toby Jug In Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs, Royal Doulton Anne Boleyn In Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs, Royal Doulton Father Christmas In Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs, Toby Cups In Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs, Royal Doulton Cavalier Indiana Royal Doulton Character & Toby JUGS, Vintage Royal Doulton In Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs. Phantom of the Opera (1995): This Toby Jug was created by artist David Biggs, and only 2,500 were ever made. The Doulton Pottery was established in 1815 in the Lambeth area of London. and by appointment, please give us a call ! For instance, in 1933 Royal Doulton commissioned artist Charles Noke to create a series of mugs based on famous historical or literary figures. You can find Royal Doulton jugs with faces of famous personalities like Winston Churchill, Henry V, The Viking, and more. Examples of all of these very rare and hard to find early 20th Century stoneware pieces may be viewed Royal Doulton section. Doulton’s most famous figure modeler, Leslie Harradine, created a number of character jugs in the first decade of the 20th Century, including Theodore Roosevelt, Mr. Pecksmiff and a Highway Man. Some of the most notable Toby Jugs that feature famous characters include: When collecting Royal Doulton Toby Jugs, there are some items you want to look for before purchasing as they increase the value of the mug over time. Henry VIII - D6648 Shop the Official Royal Doulton® USA online store today and discover ceramic dinnerware, serveware, glassware and gifts. At first, founder John Doulton, made useful wares in salt-glaze stoneware, a resilient, practical material suitable for bottles, jars and jugs- as well as drain pipes. $9.99, Regular Price: In the late 1930s modeler Harry Fenton, re-introduced the full bodied Toby Jug tradition with a succession of colorful characters, the full production of which is on display in the Museum. By the 1860s, Doulton was making the traditional style of Toby Jug in brown glaze-stoneware, including in 1863 a convivial toper sitting astride a barrel marked XX. These one-to-four of a kind jugs may be found in two cabinets facing each other in the corner of the Museum. We are the leading dealer of current and retired Royal Doulton collectibles in the world. $199.99. All Rights Reserved. Doulton celebrated the launch of its first character jug in 1934 with John Barleycorn, the personification of malt liquor. The complete range of these derivatives are also on display. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (2008): Only 100 of these Toby jugs were ever made. By this time, Henry Doulton had established another factory in the town of Burslem in Stoke-on-Trent, the heart of the British Potteries district– and the birthplace of the Toby Jug 150 years earlier. There will also be one or more registration marks under the crest. Both the Lambeth and Burslem factories grew, producing a wide variety of products and displaying over 1500 different items at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Doulton received the royal warrant from King Edward VII in 1901, with the right to use the name Royal Doulton. Oftentimes Toby Mugs depict fictional characters that an artist created. Oftentimes Toby Mugs depict fictional characters that an artist created. Browse through eBay and enjoy shopping for Christmas from the comfort of your home. Winston Churchill (1992): This was Jug of the Year in 1992 and was created by Stanley James Taylor.


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