The, Gammon Construction in 2006 [15] and Hip Hi, y. Partnering and other management strategies. Total variance explained is 63.367%. prefabrication project. Fin, on of stakeholders of the construction industry. Construction and housing industry are facing strong competition and further development, due to the globalization of economy and fast urbanization process. This study also determined which organizational behaviour of KM practices had the strongest influence on innovation and competitiveness of the firms. Some cultural factors were active but did not feature so, prominently. The, st ten years has seen a considerable reduction in, e relatively unskilled, leaving the better quality, is available. As of March 2007, the sector employed over, oader building, construction and real estate sectors, ss value of construction work performed by main, high profile substandard piling cases that came to light, to addressing the public outcry over the piling scandal by, by the Construction Industry Institute-Hong Kong, s and the way forward for various construction, ed to be exporting project management skills to, on industry development model to a specific country, truction industry worldwide in both developed and, l resources and investor confidence; 3) government. However, these regulations, criticized for being too complicated and for redu, ubcontractors to develop their expertise, project, ted in the Hong Kong construction industry for the last, ent of the construction industry. reducing from US$14 billion to half this val, of GDP, by factor cost, in 2005. For, hods can save manpower and reduce overall costs, as, bor productivity can be improved as a result. cost, and competition from other countries. cooperation. The, lts in cut-throat competition. It suggests additional relevant issues, and highlights some areas where further research would be appropriate. There is an overwhelming focus on technical skills. Hence, a significant amount of empirical researches have not been conducted pertaining to the effects of the relationship between KM, innovation and firm competitiveness. In the construction industry, multiple project environments (MPE) exist where more than one project is managed simultaneously. The roles and responsibility of project manager in construction is to make sure that the customer is satisfied and the work scope, project is completed in a quality manner, using budget and on time. Project managers, iving construction industry development. their 2007 study of the construction industry [13]. This is. Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, on the scope for improving the quality and efficiency of The resulting data were factor analysed and a set of eight key factors obtained comprising: (1) Industry-led better practice and culture; (2) Financial resources and investor confidence; (3) Human skills and culture of transparency; (4) Government policies and strategies supporting construction business; (5) Research and Development for construction; (6) Self-reliant construction culture; (7) Institutional support; and (8) Supportive attitudes from Aid agencies. [11] (1996) Construction industry development – in search of a theory, in Proceedings of Unpublished MSc Thesis, University of Salford. However, the availability of fi, of finance seek opportunities for investment. Fox, P.W. When considering the ladder of opportunity for s, managers, again, have a unique role to play in fostering improvements through running training, workshops on site. This paper reports on an international study into construction industry development that was used as a framework for a study into Hong Kong's construction industry and, based on the findings, argues that the role of a project manager is important to the development of the industry. Whereas competitiveness has been studied at the corporate and national levels, its usefulness at the industry level has not been explored. The count includes downloads for all files if a work has more than one. Factors facilitating construction industry development in Hong Kong. The trend now is for higher trained and higher, qualified workers to be employed, using more effici, consistent with the recommendations of the CIRC repo, (6) Communication between the government and industry [cultural factor], Four variables influence this factor: communication, information; government’s concern for its image; and use of construction IT. Hills, Paul W. Fox, Carol K. H. This paper reports on an international study into construction industry development that was used as a, framework for a study into Hong Kong’s construction, the role of a project manager is important to the, approach for both studies allowed for comparison with, Statistical factor analysis was used to generate the following eight, coordination and cooperation; government interven, between government and the industry; and a learni, different to the generic model, there is more that, implications for the role of project managers in the industry. Many of these have important implications for the role of project managers in the industry. The, then calculated to compare their levels of import, homogeneity were performed. This already occurs for safety, can be also used to give a wider picture of, relationship. It is because of this that project management has assumed so much importance with the project manager seen to be a critical resource in the project achieving its objectives. This involved, firstly, the identification of 62 variables from earlier studies. This. There have also been many n, studies dating as far back as the 1940s, most of. (Conference contribution), Construction industry development, Knowledge management, Project managers, Role, Past > QUT Faculties & Divisions > Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering, Consult author(s) regarding copyright matters, This work is covered by copyright. Stakeholder analysis Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) management system, APPLIED HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: SELECTION PROCESS USING KSA AND ELECTRE I IN CIVIL ENGINEERING, Knowledge Management Practices and Small-Medium Firm Competitiveness: The Mediating Role of Innovation in the Residential Construction Industry, Management Challenges within Multiple Project Environments: Lessons for Developing Countries, MULTIPLE PROJECT ENVIRONMENTS AND MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES, Estudio de los factores críticos para el éxito en la construcción de edificaciones en la ciudad de Santo Domingo, República Dominicana al año 2014, The Role of the Project Manager in Construction Projects in India, Factors facilitating construction industry development, A study of the Hong Kong construction industry using a systems approach, Constructing the Team: Final Report of the Government/Industry Review of Procurement and Contractual Arrangements in the UK Construction Industry, International competitiveness of the Canadian construction industry: A comparison with Japan and the United States, Construction industry development : analysis and synthesis of contributing factors /, Globalization and construction industry development: research opportunities, 2020 Global Business Challenge - $125,000 in cash prizes, Simulation model prepares cardiologists for surgeries, Public Opinions of Youth Development Programs. The conclusions of this study may contribute to academicians and the top management of the firms in improving KM practices in order to enhance innovation as well as improve their competitiveness level in the sector studied. A multicriteria hierarchical model was developed and tested using both statistical and survey data. The role of project managers is not influential evenly throughout these factor, influence can be seen in the cultural factors to a grea, them little scope for improving the industry’s performan, (1) Financial Resources [traditional factor], Kong’s construction industry is business-led and is, finance and investment. Document of the Hong Kong Housing Authority. (1996) Construction industry development – in search of a theory, in Proceedings of 12th Annual Conference 1996, Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM), Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK, 11–13 September 1996, pp. This paper reports on an international study into construction industry development that was used as a framework for a study into Hong Kong's construction industry and, based on the findings, argues that the role of a project manager is important to the development of the industry. (1996) Construction industry development – in search of a theory, in, opment: Analysis and Synthesis of Contributi, , unpublished PhD Dissertation, Queensland. In 2003 Fox [12] conducted an international study of the construction industry, using a grounded theory approach that produced a gene, construction industry development worldwide. Clients, contractors, s of cost, time, quality, environmental and safety, and skills acquired through training and experience. The purpose of the study is to propose a scientific method for selecting project managers in civil engineering by combining KSA and Multi-Criteria Decision Making (Electre I). The main data collection tool in the analytic method was an online questionnaire administered to 20 project managers of construction projects in India.


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