These oats are rolled by a heavy roller to force the shape of the oat groat to become flatter and are also steamed as well. These oats are also known to be chewier and have a rougher texture. • Categorized under Food | Difference Between Quick-Cooking Oats and Old-Fashioned Oats. In addition to having an abundance of soluble fiber which can help with the process of digestion, they are ideal for people who want to lose weight. Quick oats can also be easily ground into oat flour in a blender or food processor. The main difference between steel-cut oats and quick oats lies in the processing. She's the creator of, dedicated to family fun and delicious food, and released a book titled "More Than Pot Roast: Fast, Fresh Slow Cooker Recipes.". July 12, 2011 < >. They can also be used to make oat bread. Special thanks to, The secret to a gorgeous evenly cooked turkey is trussing. Seriously, the rolled oats take three minutes, vs. two minutes for the quick … Steel-cut oats and quick oats have decidedly different textures. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. These benefits are contributed by having inositol, a chemical compound, which has the properties of maintaining and regulating blood cholesterol. 3.Quick-cooked oats have less cooking time than old-fashioned oats thanks to having a smaller size because of the different processing method. Combine steel-cut oats with water at a rate of 1 part oats to 4 parts water. An example of this is that quick-cooking oats can be cooked inside a microwave for three to four minutes while old-fashioned oats are cooked for around five minutes. Pecan Pie or Pumpkin Pie: Which One Wins Thanksgiving? Oats are a type of cereal grain which are grown for their seeds. The nutritional value may vary greatly, depending on the brand, however. 1.Oats are a species of cereal grain and are considered as healthy food due to having a high nutritional value. |, 9 Baking Mistakes That Ruin Your Cakes, Cookies, Brownies & Bread, The Top Trending Fall Foods & Recipes, According to Google, The Best Places to Buy Baking Ingredients Online, Chowhound Christmas Gift Guide 2020: The Best Gourmet Food & Drink Gifts, The 20 Best ALDI Finds for November Are All About Cookies & Thanksgiving, 8 Easy Ways to Make Boxed Mac & Cheese Taste Like You Made It from Scratch, The Cookbooks We're Most Excited for This Fall, Ready or Not, Pumpkin Spice Products Are Back Again, 7 Helpful Produce Subscriptions You Should Know About, Meal Prep Containers That Will Get You Excited to Make Lunch, The Best Food & Drink Advent Calendars for 2020, Chowhound Christmas Gift Guide 2020: Best Gifts for Food-Loving Families and Parents, Why You Should Spatchcock Your Turkey & How to Do It, The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Mashed Potatoes. Other parts of oats are used for medical purposes. Rolled oats and quick oats can be used interchangeably, but do not use steel-cut oats in baking unless a recipe specifically calls for it. Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook; Beth Hensperger, et al. Steel-cut oats are oat groats that have been cut into two or three pieces, for a relatively unprocessed product. Eating three servings of whole grains, including steel-cut oats or quick oats, reduced the risk of having a heart attack or dying from heart disease by 30 percent, according to Harvard University's Nurses' Health Study. Nutritionally, steel-cut oats and quick oats are the same, with the exception of instant oatmeal packets, which often contain added sugar. Read the Old-fashioned oats vs. quick-cooking oats discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Oats food community. All of these minerals and vitamins are vital in maintaining the nervous system. In general, both contain 74 calories, 3 grams of protein and 2 of grams fiber per 1/2-cup serving, according to registered dietitian Leslie Beck, author of "Foods That Fight Disease." Quick-cooking rolled oats are quick, but instant oats … Please note: comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. Eating three servings of whole grains, including steel-cut oats or quick oats, reduced the risk of having a heart attack or dying … An A-Z Ingredient Substitute Guide for When You're Out of Everything, How to Make (Friendsgiving) Sugar Sprinkles, 19 Great Thanksgiving Desserts That Aren't Pie, How to Bake Three Amazing Pies in One Morning, How to Make Thanksgiving for One (or Two), Best Gifts For Fans of 'The Great British Baking Show', The Best Boozy Advent Calendars to Drink Away 2020. Oats are also known for having a high protein value matching the value which can be obtained from meat, milk, and eggs. Steel-cut oats and quick oats are high in vitamins E, B-1 and B-2. The 20 Best ALDI Finds for … What I don't understand is how the thinner rolled oats have a higher GI than the old fashioned oats… and updated on July 12, 2011, Difference Between Similar Terms and Objects, Difference Between Quick-Cooking Oats and Old-Fashioned Oats, Difference Between Poison Ivy and Poison Oak, Difference Between Steel cut Oats and Rolled Oats, Difference between Oatmeal and Cream of Wheat, Difference Between Chipotle and McDonalds, Difference Between Breastfeeding and Formula, Difference Between Vitamin D and Vitamin D3, Difference Between LCD and LED Televisions, Difference Between Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, Difference Between Civil War and Revolution.


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