“Bar vitamin A, it’s not so much a case of avoiding ingredients, more a case of ensuring you don’t overuse certain types of ingredients,” says Ayodele. Derm Diaries:“I’m A Dermatologist–Here’s My Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Routine” Laura Scott, MD, is a Miami-based derm facing acne, hyperpigmentation, and a little one on the way. The only constant of pregnancy skin, it seems, is its unpredictability and how tricky it is to work out what it wants (your baby, when it arrives, is likely to have the same characteristics, FYI). Ghost Democracy Lightbulb Vitamin C Serum, La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, Eminence Organics Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream. “Hyaluronic acid is a safe, water-binding serum, and I began to use one twice daily and instantly felt relief.” This drugstore find will give your skin moisturizing, fine line-plumping benefits, and works for the most sensitive of skin types. Pre-pregnancy, Aguilar turned to a salicylic acid-spiked cleanser for sloughing off dead skin … Pre-pregnancy, Aguilar turned to a salicylic acid-spiked cleanser for sloughing off dead skin cells. Shop now: PCA Skin Pigment Bar, $46 Photo: PCA Skin. “I swapped for this toning essence, which is alcohol-free and has skin-soothing ingredients like chamomile and rose extracts,” she says. “My general advice to my patients, who are mainly women of colour, is not to start anything new or start experimenting with new combinations as the risk of inflaming the skin is higher when pregnant due to increased sensitivity. For "The Good Issue", Allure editor in chief shares how pregnancy has changed a few things in her life, especially her skin-care routine. “You’re never able to predict how pregnancy will affect your skin. “If you already suffer from acne, you may find that it worsens during pregnancy. “My stem cell moisturizer and eye cream were swapped out,” says Aguilar, noting that though there isn’t much research on the safety of using topical stem cells during pregnancy, “it’s best to avoid products you just aren’t sure about.” Instead, she turns to peptides, which are collagen-stimulating proteins that are naturally found in your skin. Aguilar had to change her go-to toner when she got pregnant, since her active ingredient-packed product started to burn and sting her skin. Ultimately, it’s about finding the products that work for you. The ACOG endorses glycolic and azelaic acid as safe to treat acne during pregnancy, in addition to topical benzoyl peroxide and topical salicylic acid. For your hormones, for your sleeping habits, for your ability to fit into your jeans... and also for your complexion. “I added a hyaluronic acid [to my routine] as my skin began to suffer extreme dehydration, no matter how much water I was drinking,” says Aguilar. Our editors independently select these products. But then, bam! Again, while I use all of the products mentioned in this post, it doesn’t mean you need or should go out and buy ALL of them. Read more: Bringing Up Baby: The Absolute Doozies I Have Made As A New Mother. Hormones also increase sebum in the skin, which can range from giving you a glow to full-on oily leading to acneic breakouts,” says aesthetician and Black Skin Directory founder Dija Ayodele. Arbutin and kojic acid are another two lightening substances that should be avoided during pregnancy,” she tells us. Though the one in her cabinet is by PCA Skin, this serum by Ghost Democracy uses a stable vitamin C derivative that works for all skin types, plus it contains bakuchiol, a plant-based retinol alternative. You might alight upon the perfect skincare solution, you might not. When you’re pregnant, you usually have to go nine months or longer without using certain active ingredients in your skin-care routine (farewell: dear, retinol). The former is considered safe at five per cent concentrations or lower and the latter at two per cent or lower and used as a spot treatment rather than all over the face.”, Read more: Bringing Up Baby: I'm Not Tired – I'm In Another Layer of Existence. But just because a few ingredients aren’t recommended to be used in your regimen for a while doesn’t mean that skin care has to fall by the wayside—there are plenty of barrier-boosting actives that are A-okay to use when you’re expecting. O f the many physical changes that happen during pregnancy, skin isn’t really something that people tend to talk much about. So how to tackle it? This can also be brought on by pregnancy or made worse in appearance, even worse for pregnant black women living in sunny climates and not using sunscreen,” she continues. But in the months before you welcome a tiny, noisy human who requires feeding all night long? “It’s a substance used for skin lightening and hyperpigmentation. “Typically it reverts a few months after pregnancy but there are a few cases where it can persist.”. I was worried about the common issue with hormonal acne since I used to have HORRIBLE acne in my mid to late 20s, but the worst I’ve had is an occasional breakout and some dryness. “I switched to using a rich, hydrating cream that contains plant peptides, which are proteins that help strengthen the skin’s barrier.”. Brilliant. A facialist’s pregnancy skin-care regimen 1. Switching out and avoiding certain regimens has led to … Advice differs from country to country, from brand to brand and even from doctor to doctor, but the best route is to consult an expert. Overall, Natalie Aguilar, celebrity facialist and dermatological nurse, had to swap out six of her daily skin-care staples when she got pregnant. To stay on the safe side in her beauty regimen, Aguilar swapped her chemical-based sunscreen for this mineral-based option. I’ve been really blessed to not experience many issues with my skin during pregnancy. Oral retinoids have been shown to cause harm to the unborn child and therefore should be avoided during pregnancy. Likewise, skin can go the other end of the scale and become very dry and flaky.”, Read more: Baby Boom: Vogue's Jessica Diner On Balancing Work And Parenthood, There’s also the issue of pigmentation, particularly for women of colour, which makes wearing an SPF more important than ever. Mama Mio, for example, has a No Nasties promise to ensure any problematic ingredients are avoided. My Pregnancy Skincare Routine. They carry three different types depending on your individual skin for normal, oily, or dry. Is It Maskne, or Rosacea? My pregnancy skincare routine + product suggestions. And I give a LOT of credit to having a good skincare routine in place long before I got pregnant.


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