Ppcocaine Songs/Career. Lilliane "Lily" Diomi (born: June 1, 2001 (2001-06-01) [age 19]),1 better known online as ppcocaine inc (or simply ppcocaine, also known as Trap Bunnie Bubbles) is an American rapper and former sex worker2 known for her sexually explicit rap songs, several of which have gained popularity on TikTok. About. Name: PJ Ppcocaine Date of birth: 2001 Birthplace: Santa Monica, California Genus: Male Nationality: American Occupation: Singer Age: 19 years old Condition: Single Net value: $ 100,000. Talking about her birthday, we don’t have any information about her date of birth and place of birth is said to be inside the United States. Ppcocaine came into the limelight when she released the Daddy Dawg Little Girl (DDLG).This video went viral, and she became an internet celebrity practically overnight. However, the artist takes this into her life as part of the orientation. Ppcocaine Age. On assuming her age, she seems to be currently at the age of late teenage. PJ is a popular song by ppcocaine | Create your own TikTok videos with the PJ song and explore 503.5K videos made by new and popular creators. Some of the most popular celebrities on TikTok, such as Charli D'Amelio and Annie LeBlanc, have used her songs in their posts.She is also known for her ppcocaine inc YouTube channel, which has accumulated over 310,000 subscribers. She has released other famous songs, including Catching Feelings, That Bitch, For That Cash, and many others.Within a period of a few weeks, she has become a household name in the rap music industry. Name: PJ Ppcocaine Date of Birth: 2001 Birthplace: Santa Monica, California Gender: Male Nationality: American Occupation: Singer Age: 19 years old Status: Single Net Worth: $100K. Rapper and singer who is best known for having multiple singles go viral on TikTok, such as "3 Musketeers" and "DDLG." But ppcocaine sells her tracks like "Pj" with such punky verve and ad-libbed agility that it’s hard not to root for anyone using them to terrorize their parents during quarantine. Lilliane Diomi, professionally known as pretty pink cocaine or ppcocaine, is a rapper from Santa Monica, California. However, the artist is taking this in her life as a part of the limelight. Pccaine era. Lilliane Catherine Diomi, known professionally as Ppcocaine, is an American singer and rapper, who first gained popularity in mid-2020. Pccaine Songs / Career. She gained fame for her song DDLG, which is just one of the many sex-positive songs to go viral through TikTok as many popular TikTok stars have used her songs.She also has a YouTube channel, which has over 310,000 subscribers. Ppcocaine is the famous American rapper whose songs are TikTok trendy songs and she is growing every day. ppcocaine started getting attention on TikTok for her loud and


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