How to post? Delivery yg pantas dari estimation time. Children can just eat at anytime after they return from school, the food is kept warm (24hrs). So far im happy with the purchase. Only thing is they didn't wrap the box. Before I bought Philip pressure cooker, I used to cook chicken herbal soup by other slow cooker which I need to prepare in advance before i went to work. MORE INFO You can get more info about this machine at Philip Malaysia’s website. - May". So carefree! While the pressure cooker aspect of the Philips All-In-One Cooker is a revelation, the low and slow method is still my favourite method of cooking. Nothing tastes better than slow cooked. 3. I bought this slow/pressure cooker on June 25th, 2018 and I've only used it maybe 2-3 times. You can be assured of safety and quality with a Philips product! Thanks again. In this article, we make a short list of the best readers for philips pressure cooker hd2139 review including detail information and customer reviews. This review is written from a point of view of a person who is new to the idea of using a pressure cooker and have used it less than ten times. prawn, chicken through YouTube Taiwanese channel by using this pressure cooker. They can cook anything that can be made in a pot or rice cooker such as rice, congee, stew and meat. HOW TO USE Assuming it’s not the first time you’re using it, you would already have the inner pot in the machine. Already tagged. Rebus daging, masak rendang, seekor ayam bakar, rebus kacang, rebus nasi impit, masak bubur dan mcm2 semuanya menjadi mudah. Its home appliances are used by millions around the world. Save lots of time in cooking, just put what ever I want to cook inside the pot, select the cooking function mode then press "Start", and I can leave to work. There’s also a function for cake which we have not tried. Share with us how you like it or any recipes you’ve tried. Of course, I can slow cook in the oven and have done so many times. With a variety of cooking program, Philips electronic pressure cooker help to tenderize tough materials in minutes. WHAT CAN IT DO Pressure cookers are designed to cook food quickly. 13. I had a stew cooking for 7 hours, and the meat was like rubber bullets; no amount of further cooking could have done anything to resurrect it. Produk ini dijual di Lazada. Smart and fast cooking. PRODUCT REVIEW: Philips Electric Pressure Cooker HD 2136/ 2139 6 Comments / Food, Home / By Sara Pressure cooker is an appliance less commonly seen in the kitchen as compare to, say, rice cooker. Philips HD2139 Pressure Cooker Electric 6.0L. Soft stewed chicken within 20+ minutes from start to finish! It worked prefectly within 20 mins as well without soaking the bean in advance. Easy to operate. 4. 5. -Mel. Philips pressure cooker save me a lot of time for cooking soup. Already tagged. 21. Wait for a bit. Philips HD2139 Pressure Cooker Electric 6.0L - I cooked dimsum yestarday and mutton curry today the cooker worked perfectly. Didnt even put any drop of oil. 2. VERDICT If you often make food that requires a lot of time to cook over the stove, want to spend less time in the kitchen and space is not a problem, this machine might be a good investment. Finding your suitable readers for philips pressure cooker hd2139 review is not easy. I tried to use it to cook red bean soup. Thank you Lazada. Already tagged. Here in KK the same philips model cost about rm430. WHAT DO YOU GET. Nutritional baking feature brings cripsy taste Nutritional keep warm keeps rice fresh for 12 hours 0-59 mins adjustable period to keep pressure. Already tagged. We never grew up seeing it in the kitchen. Overall Rating / 5. The ultimate in convenience. Public. The pressure cooker is very easy to clean too. - Rayzam. 3. The only point of the invention of the machine is to reduce cooking time tremendously. Cuma masukkan bahan dan tunggu ia masak dlm masa yg singkat. Learn why these electric pressure cooker suit your needs. There is an automatic release of pressure once cooking is done. We never grew up seeing it in the kitchen. The last time I used it on slow cook low, it literally boiled everything. It can be bought at most electrical stores such as Harvey Norman and ESH. is a Malaysian indexing website. 3. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Received my order on the 3rd day in good condition by Ninja Van. You may need consider between hundred or thousand products from many store. The safety feature on the cover is good, it won't allow you to open it if there is pressure kept inside the cooker. Already tagged . We can't wait to try this. Tips: Don't set the "Keep pressure time" too long if you you don't eat so soon, it become too soft. Already tagged. Nice design. Received my order on the 3rd day in good condition by Ninja Van. 11. Wow that's cheap. Already tagged. With this pressure cooker, I can cook the soup within 20mins after i returned to home. Having a problem? The pressure cooker is so easy to operate: just throw in the ingredients, press some buttons and it's done! Nothing to complain since it is free delivery. Produk yg bagus. Very cheap and quickly delivered by Poslaju. For first time user, if you have selected the wrong cooking function, press the "Warm/Off" button to cancel selection and re-select the correct function. Updated about 6 years ago. DISCLOSURE: The product is a prize won at Philip’s media event. With a variety of cooking program, Philips electronic pressure cooker help to tenderize tough materials in minutes See all benefits. I bought this pressure cooker for RM329 with free delivery offer. Electric pressure cookers like this Philips Multi-Cooker are equipped with multiple fail-safe functions. Suggested retail price: MYR565.00 . Reviews Reviews; More taste less time. Discover the electric pressure cooker. Received item in good working condition. Here's a list of delicious and mouth-watering recipes for you to try with the Philips Electric Pressure Cooker! Now i am learning how to cook other Chinese cruisine, e.g. Pressure cooker is an appliance less commonly seen in the kitchen as compare to, say, rice cooker. Love this item as it keep my kitchen clean and less smell because the vapor and smell are kept inside the pressure cooker, the pressure will slowly release by it self after the "keep pressure time" is over. Contact web admin When I have the time, a Bolognese, curry, or slow-cooked meat is a dream come true. Reviews Reviews-{discount-value} Images ; Viva Collection ME Computerized electric pressure cooker HD2139/62. Terbaik... - Zahra Abdul. Already tagged. What this pressure cooker can do can be done with pots over the stove, rice cooker or thermal cooker. All package comes with warranty card and a recipe book. 1. For first time user, if you have selected the wrong cooking function, press the This product qualifies for VAT relief. Let’s find out which is your […] Also, Philips has an impressive track record. PRICE & WHERE TO BUY The electrical pressure cooker retails at RM 499. JewelPie is a personal finance & lifestyle blog by Sara Khong, owner of a small cooking school: New Malaysian Kitchen. I am working adult. This is so much easier and safer to operate than the traditional gas stove pressure cooker. - Pui Ying. I placed order on 25th April 2017, and i received it on 29th April 2017 and I'm in Kota Kinabalu. Compare, read reviews and order online. Any place used for relaxation, recreation, attracting visitors for holidays, hotels, lodging or place for vacations is listed here. No need to manual release of pressure which scares us! Walaubagaimanapun, setelah membuat pelbagai carian dan membuat pembelian sebanyak 3 kali di tempat ini, kami sangat-sangat mencadangkan service yang dilakukan oleh pihak syarikat ini. Step by step Preset-timer for 24 hours. To all of those who wants to order this, wait till they give free delivery offer. Just throw everything inside. Are you considering buying this machine or have you already got one? Well done.


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