Mol. But the observed effect is the opposite, and this is because of phase separation of polymer from the reactive solution. Acad. (Reproduced with permission from Reference 68; copyright 1975 American Chemical Society.) Under microgravity, bubbles can be trapped in a frozen solid. study. Author: Lauren Zarzar - Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering; Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Zhang, ... F.P. The moments are disordered in the absence of an applied magnetic field and ordered in the presence of an applied magnetic field. Biochim. Acta 1989; 980: ical structure of phospholipids in pseudobinary systems. [Adapted, by permission, from M.V. Glass Transition Temperature Vs Melting Temperature At the molecular level, at Tg, the chains in amorphous (i.e., disordered) regions of the polymer gain enough thermal energy to begin sliding past one another at a noticeable rate. Most membrane lipids have two dif-, saturated; most common are the glycerophospholipids with a, mixed-chain phosphatidylcholines are summarized in, headgroup of ditetradecylphosphatidylethanolamine (reproduced with, of the phase transition temperatures of dihexadecy, (reproduced from (33) with kind permission of Spri, dimyristoylglycerophospholipid bilayers (sup, permission from (67)); (f) pH dependence of the gel-fluid (circles) and lamellar-hexagonal (squares) phase transition temperatures of, didodecylphosphatidylethanolamine; the dashed line indicates the appe, It is evident from these data that altering the lipid chain length, and unsaturation modulates the lipid phase state in very broad, membrane adaptation to large fluctuations in the environmen-, tal temperatures (see the section entitled “Membrane ada. (e) Monotectic phase diagram of the DEPC/DPPE mixture. In the low-temperature phase a distinct succession of the phase diagram types was observed according to increasing chain length differences of the PEs: complete miscibilty (C12/C14; C14/C16), peritectic mixing behavior (C12/C16; C14/C18), eutectic mixing behavior (C12/C18). Ferroelectric materials' polarization is subject to hysteresis (Figure 4); that is they are dependent on their past state as well as their current state. U. Kahle M, Wente F, Kaatze U. Compressibility of lipid mixtures. H�ԗ͎�F���)���]?�#! The DTA results are believed to be non-equilibrium due to slow kinetics in the melting of Al6Mn. The left left marks the temperature and pressure combinations in which the substance will melt (1). [32][36], The angular momentum of an electron is either +ħ/2 or −ħ/2 due to it having a spin of 1/2, which gives a specific size of magnetic moment to the electron; the Bohr magneton. Biochim. Chem. 0000011201 00000 n The cladding material is austenitic steel, CW15-15Ti (Seran et al., 1992; Maillard et al., 1994). The temperature-dependent coupling factor, k26, for various ReCOB crystals is presented in Fig. Figure 3.5.17. One common example is putting water in a freezer to change it into ice. diacylgalactosylglycerols; Mal, dialkylmaltosylglycerols; N-Sph PC. If the first-order freezing transition occurs over a range of temperatures, and Tg falls within this range, then there is an interesting possibility that the transition is arrested when it is partial and incomplete. Therefore, the separation by the chain length (shear-induced fractionation) can proceed due to a difference in the migration speed.131 The effect is weak and it becomes important for very long chains, primarily for biopolymers. Figure 3.5.14. [Adapted, by permission, from A.Ya. This is relatively clear for nanocomposites, especially for core–shell structures, e.g., HMX/Al [216]. Lamellar-nonlamellar phase transitions are shown to be the result of geometrically frustrated competing free energies associated with a spontaneous tendency for lipid layers to bend and with the hydrocarbon packing configurations in the core of the lipid layers.


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