The 58A has an On/Off switch while the e835 doesn’t. i've compared two common dynamic microphones for live vocal-application. Artists in live shows and recordings are professionals who need the best equipment possible for purposes of recording their work, and a shoddy microphone is the last thing they need on the set. The e835 is heavier at 11.64 oz. The e835 has a 350 Ohm impedance vs. the 150 of the Beta 58A. The e835 is a bit more affordable than the Beta 58A at retail. When comparing the Sennheiser e 835 to the popular SM58, it's a better microphone in most situations. Impedance. Frequency Response. I read some opinions/comments on this topic in this forum as well as other forums. the shure sm58 and the sennheiser e835S (the one with the on/off-switch). On/Off. vs. the 58A at 9.92. Been looking at the Sennheiser e835 as a replacement for the SM58/57 mics. September 21, 2018 by Jessica. Users of the e835 say the mic has great gain-before-feedback and a smoother high end. Sennheiser e835 vs Shure SM58. Shure Sm58 vs. Sennheiser e835S Shootout hi there, so this is my first gearslutz post. The e835 is more prone to feedback than the Beta58A. Re: Sennheiser e835 vs SM58 « Reply #13 on: June 18, 2011, 01:05:57 pm » It's obvious you really know and love the heil line, as you are always posting they are the greatest thing ever. Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone This mic has a wider frequency responce than the sm58 (also $99.95) and a smoother eq curve so I sound more natural. Weight. Feedback.


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