the armor bearers bible wants them in fashion as jewish law, wounding him through, it was no need. The purpose of an armor bearer in the Bible was to be by their king’s side during dangerous times. There is One mentioned literally in the old testimate. Armour bearers must also protect their leader in every way possible. The first one mentioned, but unnamed, is in Judges 9:54. Joseph to fulfill the examples of armor bearers the truth we bear the faith. No Other bearers are mentioned in the "old" and "new" testimate. I. Armor bearers were chosen by kings because they were supposed to be known as very brave people. Behold, I am with you heart and soul." Examples of Armor Bearers in the Bible A) 1Samuel 14:1-15 Verse 6& 7. We are Fruit Bearers, Image Bearers, and Armor Bearers. It feels a little like the question on the quiz…. Armor bearers did not show up in The Bible until Israel demanded a King. Our success as warriors in the Kingdom of God will be determined by our skill at using the weapons and equipping provided by God, our ability to follow God’s leading, as well as, the effectiveness of our armor bearers. I understand the concept but my question based on scripture is what is in the name. These individuals were chosen by kings and generals, and their main purpose was to protect their leader in times of danger. This philosophy is where the duty of submission was developed. There is also a armor bearer mentioned in Psalms. The title of this blog, 'The Armour-Bearers', is in reference to 1 Samuel 14:7 from the Bible: And his armor-bearer said to him, "Do all that is in your heart. Saul's armor bearer is mentioned. Jehovah (ESV) Just as Jonathan's armour-bearer was inspired to lay down his life to… All warriors of distinction had such an attendant. which one of the three do not fit. The first named armor-bearer mentioned is David (1 Samuel 16:21). ARMOR-BEARER ar'-mer-bar'-er (nose' keli; Greek uses a phrase, ho airon ta skeue, literally "the one carrying the armor"): One who carried the large shield and perhaps other weapons for a king (1 Sam 31:4), commander-in-chief (2 Sam 23:37), captain (1 Sam 14:7) or champion (1 Sam 17:7). Armour bearers originate from the Old Testament in the Bible. in the chronicle of David. Do as you wish. Company is the sake of armor bearers in the bible and at desert streams church and who god reminds them from the door. Saul and Jonathan both had them. The modern day armor bearer is usually a confidant and in many cases a prayer warrior and minister's minister.


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