The A1 Merc does cast a lvl 26 Inner-Sight (lvl 90 calc), so there is some Defense loss already. I pre buff with treachery. Regional Manager, Apartments in Waltham, MA with Pets Allowed, Apartments in Waltham, MA with Utilities Included, Apartments in Waltham, MA with Luxury Amenities, Apartments in Waltham, MA with Washer Dryer In Unit, Close to Bentley University & Brandeis University, On-Demand, Virtual Instructor-led Fitness Classes. Peg Barrows We get them built and time our average runs, key-torch. There's virtually no grass for them to walk on and there not allowed really anywhere besides inside apartment units. The Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) resolves labor disputes involving public and private sector employees by appointing mediators, arbitrators and fact finders, conducting union representation elections, determining appropriate bargaining units, and adjudicating unfair labor practice cases. I never have. Also odds of procing an Open Wounds goes down as that's a large chance of OW on the lacerators when trying to proc the Amp. Maybe I just wrote a word wrong in there. Merc: A1 Faith Merc. I'll even give you that fully decked out ones will perform better than this, I've seen'em come in and help people in situations I couldn't. THE GOLD SHOP…46 Main Street its fun and if u get the right revives it can compete with a smiter. Directions: 209 Main Street, middle of second block west of the bank, Directions: –    KCFC is on the corner of 5th and Park Avenue in downtown, Bremerton, WA. Also wanna swap a Death for a BotD to get that -25%D and other gg mods. About time someone posts a build besides me... :P. Ok so I'm not so great with the dmg calculations for all the bonuses, so i'll try to answer those as best I can. Directions: At the corner of 6th & G Streets in Downtown Davis. A player or Monster can only be affected by one curse at a time. Then there's the Crushing Blow which takes away 1/8 of Boss's remaining HP.& 1/4 of minion remaining hp. Arreats Also assumes level 15 Fanaticism boosting Damage and Attack Speed and I'm excluding Fortitude(see below Calculations)*, Ethereal Death Zerker does 47.5 x 1.5 = 71.25 average base damage, 71.25 x 4.85 = 345.56 average weapon damage, 345.56 x [1 + (243(level 30 Frenzy) + 163(level 28 Axe Mastery) + 144(level 15 Fanat) + 140(Strength... you hit 138 after Arreats so I did a nice round number))/100], 345.56 x 1 + 6.9 or 345.56 x 7.9 = 2729.924 <- I believe decimal is truncated. Directions: Rte 10 north (Lyme Road); opposite fire station (5,000 square foot food market), Directions: 2 miles from I-91 (exit 11); follow Route 5 north then Route 4 east to Maple Street, Directions: (The Park St. service center offers automotive repairs and Mobil gas). ANTIQUES. There is a great sense of community here.People are friendly and more than willing to engage in conversations. Overdosed Community Directions: 1 block north of the Central/Lowry intersection in NE Minneapolis, Directions: I-110 south to Garden Street (downtown), Directions: One block off Hwy 71; corner of 1st Street & Central Ave North. There is so much security in living here which makes me feel safe and secure.I do not have to worry about strangers wandering the halls.The security the elevators is phenomenal.Not just anyone can get to your floor.That is very reassuring. If you want. They still have some differences (or drawbacks) based around needing expensive gear and very relient on tap. I think I'm gonna go with something like that this time. As for calcing dmg, I'm not sure how to calc the glove ed, I think it rolls into the Fort and Skills ED so it's not a flat 350% to the dmg shown, Then the 1-3x double dmg bonuses (Approx) for crit, DS, and Amp. Thank you so much for your stamp of approval. Directions: Take Hwy 101 at the southwest corner of Hwy 5 and Great Plains Blvd. Perhaps I was just lazy in not looking it up. Plus if we're going for an inexpensive build for early Ladder... Fort on Barb and Merc will likely have to go(Lo is super expensive early on). Hence I would max Double Swing(Frenzy synergy) to boost its damage and then put remaining points into Shout for more Defense and duration on Battle Orders. The amp greatly increases your damage, life leech, and tears them up fast. Bulk of damage against Uber's comes from Open Wounds and Crushing Blow, hence if you opt to max Shout, it won't hurt you too much since you lose 152% Enhanced Damage on Frenzy(while gaining 190% Enhanced Defense and extending the duration of BO by 95 seconds). Directions: 1 block east of Main the heart of Great Barrington. Only thing BotD will give you is higher stats, Life Leech(which from Arreats and SoE Belt should be enough, if not go with Dual leech 20 IAS crafted gloves or VenomGrips(5% more CB AND LL. Directions: Exit 309A from I69; follow Goshen Rd to Sherman St.; turn right. The Merc Community Market & Deli. This apartment community was built in 2015 and has 5 stories with 269 units. There is no guest parking and they only built enough underground spots to provide 1 spot per unit regardless of the number of bedrooms. As for Fade(via Treachery), it gives 60 Resistance, which isn't bad from a pre-buff perspective but it's not enough to overcome Meph's Conviction. to venture further out, access to Downtown Boston is simple. It is noisy most of the time and their leasing & maintenance staff are sooooooooo rude and not helpful at all. I know several of the resident love taking their dog across the street to the beautiful common with plenty of grass to run and play. Merc's Inner Sight does have a big impact though.... gear or no gear. Maybe Mostly Preferences again, but this way seemed more efficient than doing 1 run between xfers making it worth the quick back and forth to juggle 2 torches at the end of trist. The Merc unisex cloth Face Mask is made with breathable cotton, is washable and reusable., OPTIMO CUSTOM HATWORKS…47 Main Street We take extreme pride to make each resident, experience a positive one. Within a few minutes walk or bike ride, you can be browsing local shops, enjoying a movie at Embassy Cinemas, or delighting in culinary creations on Restaurant Row. By doing this I can use a Nosterfau belt for added ias. I never hear dogs barking because of great insulation between the walls. I'm making such an Amazon on Hardcore so I might try her Uber effectiveness if I ever manage to fully gear her(leveling her won't take me long). Shout can only be overwritten by another Shout and raises your defense by x%. Do note its an Enhanced Defense debuff so if you had level 26 Battle Cry, it works against ALL targets except those who cast a positive buff to boost their defense(which are Hell Ancients(Shout) and Uber Izual(Chilling Armor). If you get 9 GC's and remove the point on Find Potion, you can hit max on Shout and Double Swing at 99 and still have a level 26 Battle Cry to remove Target Defense on all but Ancients and Uber Izzy :). Fort Strength: Enough to equip gear. All I do is drop the Btorch outside the portal when done, then retrieve the unid dropping it at wp. TieDyeT(OD), Open daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The darted 3-D shape, integral bendable stiffener along the top edge and the soft adjustable ear straps ensure a … Grilling in the summer is always fun and the fitness room is great. ). 5 Prerequisites(Howl, Taunt, Iron Skin, Bash and Double Throw), BO Sticks on Switch(for buffing and applying Battle Cry). 3 Main St, Bisbee, AZ “ At first the owner was a little bit smart ass, but given mine and my boyfriends smart ass sense of humor we rolled with it. If you're missing LW(sub Grief), Exile(sub Hoz), or tap charge wand, your odds of procing a tap go down.They're pretty limited on time in Trist with out it. The more hits, the better. I understand the parking situation because it is clearly stated. Another benefit of Lacerators I think gets overlooked is it casts terror as well, so anything that gets in way or spawns(particularly during Baal) and pulls your second swing might scare itself off so less need to Howl off while procing Amp/OW.   Pasted as rich text. They do plan events monthly to meet new people and get a bite to eat.There a a real sense of community and that is evident to me. Antique lighting, cabinet hardware, long gone fixtures, and more (520) 353-4235. Since I haven't tried Battle Cry Instead of Amp I don't know if the increase hit rate is worth the loss of dmg. Strip Center at 831 Main St is 0.4 miles away, and Strip Center at 869-879 Main St is within a 9 minutes walk. More guaranteed hits means more leech(if applicable due to drain effectiveness) and chance at Crushing Blow. I've made this Set-up for 2 seasons now and I love it. 7 Days 8am-10pmDirections: Hwy 12 In the Barlow Center. Lots of interesting pubs, bars and restaurants, and an atmosphere of 1960’s counter culture, have given Bisbee … Torch. Most of the local "luxury apartments in the area provide free onsite/uncovered parking for all resident vehicles and guests.


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