Nerve impulses, Question 23. Epithelial tissue always has an exposed outer surface and an inner surface anchored to connective tissue by a thin, non- cellular structure called the, 15. The thickening of cell wall is due to deposition of cellulose or lignin or both. This forms the several-layer thick cork or the bark of the tree. In contrast to plants, growth in animals is uniform. Simple permanent tissues are further classified into the following three types: (ii) Complex permanent tissues: The complex tissues consist of more than one type of cells having a common origin. What happens to the cells formed by meristematic tissue? It also anchors the muscles and serve as storage site of calcium and phosphate. A group of cells having a common origin and performing similar functions is called (a) Cell (b) Tissue (c) Organ (d) System. Smooth muscles do not work according to our will, so they are also called involuntary muscles. Xylem: Xylem is a vascular and mechanical tissue. What stimulates the movement of muscles? Cutin is a chemical substance with waterproof quality covering the aerial parts of plants. 7. 1. These MCQ Objectives are helpful in the revision of chapter as well as clearing the concepts also. 2. A group of cells having a common origin and performing similar functions is called Answer: Lignin makes the cells compact and leaves no intercellular spaces. (ii) Complex permanent tissue Differentiate the following activities on the basis of voluntary (V) or involuntary (IV) muscles. Question 10. (b) connective We cannot start or stop them from working by our desire. (a) Phloem is made up of four types of elements sieve tubes,companion cells,phloem fibres and phloem parenchyma. This is because a plant or tree grows from its tip (stem or root) not from the point at which it joins the ground. Download CBSE Class 9 Science Animal Tissues MCQs Set A in pdf, Science chapter wise Multiple Choice Questions free, Animal Tissues 1. Parenchyma containing chloroplasts are called, Parenchyma containing large air cavities are called. A nail is inserted in the trunk of a tree at a height of 1 metre from the ground level. (b) Tissue None of these. A) Xylem parenchyma cells are living and they store food. Tissues Class 9 Extra Questions Science Chapter 6 Extra Questions for Class 9 Science Chapter 6 Tissues Tissues Class 9 Extra Questions Very Short Answer Questions Question 1. Types of permanent tissues include parenchyma, collenchyma and sclerenchyma. They divide for the growth and reproduction of the plants. Class 9 Chapter 6 Tissues – MCQs. The axon: It is a single, long, cylindrical process of uniform diameter It carries impulses away from the cell body. Xylem is composed of four different types of cells: (i) Tracheids (ii) Vessels (Hi) Xylem parenchyma (iv) Xylem sclerenchyma. (d) Branches of a tree move and bend freely in high wind velocity. A thick waxy coating of cutin is present in desert plants to prevent excessive loss of water during transpiration. Smooth muscles occur as bundles or sheets of elongated fusiform or spindle-shaped cells or fibres. Question 7. Name the […] Draw well labelled diagram. What is a goblet cell? (b) Pumping of the heart Question 10. Following are the differences between xylem and phloem: Question 3. Describe the structure and function of different types of epithelial tissues. (c) xylem Answer: It provides shape to the limbs and the body. 1. Cells of Schlerenchyma tissue is dead and hard due to deposits of. (a) epithelial Cells possess a chemical substance ‘suberin’ in their walls. MCQ Questions for Class 9 Science: Ch 6 Tissues. Blood flows and transports gases, digested food, hormones to tissues and waste materials from tissue to the liver and kidney. Name the muscular tissue that functions throughout life without fatigue. Question 6. Answer: 2. So, the tree will grow but the nail will remain at the same place on the tree trunk. (c) V Bone: Bone is a strong and non-flexible tissue. They are held together by loose connective tissue. (c) Higher reproductive potential Answer: Sclerenchyma Question 2. Question 26. B) Xylem fibres are elongated dead cells with lignin that provide mechanical support. Where are they found? It helps in repair of tissues after an injury. Collenchyma, Question 6. (a) Inability to divide (d) muscle. Movement of food in the alimentary canal or the contraction and relaxation of blood vessels are involuntary movements. Which of the following is not a feature of skeletal muscle? Functions: (ii) Dense regular connective tissue: It is a fibrous connective tissue, characterised by ordered and densely packed collection of fibres and cells. Together, both of them constitute vascular bundle. Thus, it floats on water surface. Impulses are the passage of electrical activity along the axon of a nerve cell. Answer: Which tissue forms a barrier to keep different body systems separate? (a) Squamous epithelium This is glandular epithelium. (a) sclerenchyma 16. (b) IV Branched involuntary muscle fibres are found in, 11. It has a liquid matrix called plasma, in which the red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs) and platelets are suspended. : 01 Chapter Name : Introduction to Biology Book Publisher : Punjab Text Book Board Lahore MCQ from Text Book : 41 Exams conduct By: Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Punjab Note : All MCQs questions must be taken in Annual and Suplimentary Papers from these MCQs. Areolar tissue. Differentiate between voluntary and involuntary muscles. Write a short note on blood. (i) Areolar connective tissue: It is a loose and cellular connective tissue. Lignin is a chemical substance present in the cell wall of plants which acts as a cement and hardens if. Class 9 Biology Chapter 6 Tissues - MCQs . Why are voluntary muscles also called skeletal muscles? Question 18. Question 4. Which type of cells are shown in the picture below? Very little matrix present in both tendons and ligament ,abundant white and yellow fibres forms compact layers. They also protect the body from viral or bacterial infections. B) Xylem fibres are elongated dead cells with lignin that provide Name the different components of xylem and draw a living component. MCQ quiz on Tissue multiple choice questions and answers on Tissue MCQ questions quiz on Tissue objectives questions with answer test pdf for interview preparations, freshers jobs and competitive exams. Answer: (b) Sclerenchyma cells have lignified cell walls which makes them compact and leaves no intercellular spaces. Draw and identify different elements of phloem. Question 7. An epithelial cell often acquires additional specialisation as gland cells, which can secrete substances at the epithelial surface. Xylem mainly consists of dead cells (except xylem parenchyma). What is the composition of the cartilage matrix? Answer: Free PDF Download - Best collection of CBSE topper Notes, Important Questions, Sample papers and NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 9 Biology Tissues. Permanent tissues are classified into the following two types: And if the roots will not grow, proper absorption of water and minerals will not occur. Answer: (b)In multicellular organisms there are millions of cells. Parenchyma is a type of Answer: Question 3. It is characterised by the deposition of extra cellulose at the corners of the cells. In an emergency, which tissue helps in making quick decisions after analyzing the situation? Answer: (a) Simple squamous epithelium Correct Option is : 1. It is also called the suicide bag of the cell because: 4. NCERT Solutions for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, Extra Questions for Class 9 Science Chapter 6 Tissues, Question 1. It includes blood and lymph. Smooth muscles contract slowly but can remain contracted for a long period of time. Questions :-1. It is a conducting tissue. Q2: The growth is plants is (a) limited to certain regions (b) uniform in all parts (c) limited to top region (d) limited to roots only. Question 5. How are they formed?


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