Share. Between 2010 and mid-2019, major storms and climate-related events caused a total of $761 billion in damage and killed nearly 5,200 people in … Here are my top ten. Happy birthday to us! (Try 1968. * 9/11 - No matter what your take on it, it has been a defining moment not just for US but the rest of the world as well. Updated 2:10 PM ET, Fri November 8, 2013. Between 1994 and 2014, there have been many important events. The last 10 years have shown that climate change is happening now, shows a new report from NOAA. 1 of 13 Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever recorded, made landfall in … It's likely to get much worse. What day of the week were you born? The events mentioned below are in the order of their occurrence, and not according to their degree of importance. But we have managed to provide the most significant events that have had a great impact in world history. The last 10 years include dozens of controversies, including Jerry Sandusky's conviction, Anthony Wiener's sex scandals, and Hillary Clinton's emails. Happy birthday to us! Use the perpetual calendar to see any calendar in the future or back as far as 1583.perpetual calendar to see any calendar in the future or back as far as 1583. Or 1974. Or 1979.) 10 Of The Biggest Events From The Last Decade. It’s wasn’t even the worst year in the last half century. Last updated on 16th December 2015. That’s right, this year are creeping into double digits as we celebrate our 10th birthday! Major storms of the past 10 years. What day of the week is July 4, 2010? Narrowing down to a mere ten major events in world history, from the beginning of time, is difficult. But 2016 certainly experienced its share of significant world events. 10 Major Events in the World History. Photos: 10 medical advances in the last 10 years Fewer periods – Birth control packages traditionally supply hormone pills for 21 days and placebo pills for seven, bringing a period once a month.


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