Waiting for the Light Rail at Central Station, images of Japanese train travel pass through my head (not that I have been to Japan). A plaque reminds visitors that the Pioneer’s Memorial Park, was formerly the Balmain Cemetery. There are shops selling Italian goods as well as Italian restaurants lining the streets. The current exhibition has a range of styles from recognisable more traditional Aboriginal artwork to more modern pieces. The generous serving of passionfruit gelato is a fitting end to my Leichhardt discovery. They produce original patterns and print using traditional screening methods to create textiles, wall papers and clothing. Publisher Textiles is a surprise find. Norton Street, Leichhardt, in the 1980s. There is yet another mural at the Leichhardt North Light Rail Station. The first surprise (by Helen Proctor & Laura Ives). This is happening in Leichhardt. But I’ll make do with Leichhardt until I get to Italy one day. All three Sydney suburbs known as “Little Italy” deserve the title. People crowd around the doors and push their way into the jam-packed carriages. An older man looks around under the bushes, collecting small branches, possibly for firewood. Home; Menu; Instagram; Contact Us; Functions; In the News We’re a proud community made up of different cultures, ideologies and experiences that define us. The Italian Forum is designed like a piazza with restaurants line the square and the balconies of the units above looking onto the scene below. Of course, there are Australian wines too. All rights reserved. Let me know and I will update the information. Subscribe to the news topics of interest to you. Leichhardt is often claimed to be the “Little Italy” in Sydney because of the Italian community and the culture associated with Italian emigrants. This shop has had to diversify – besides the masks, there is a range of accessories and clothing items. Copyright © Joanne Karcz 2020. CI DOVREBBE ESSERE A LEICHHARDT ANCHE LA SCUOLA D’INFANZIA (CHILDHOOD SCHOOL) SAN FRANCESCO, dove la pittrice di FORLI’ (iTALY) HA FATTO UN GRAFFITO. Dogs run free in the leash free area, mums push their toddlers on swings and others read or just take in the sun on the grass. Five Dock is different again. Two semi-detached homes “Louisa” and “Maisie” stand side by side. For media enquiries, contact Elizabeth Heath, Media and Communications Coordinator, 2 9392 5334 or Elizabeth.Heath@innerwest.nsw.gov.au. Leichhardt in Sydney’s Inner West is 5km west of the Sydney CBD. 5 affecting 436 Marrickville Road, Marrickville, Mayor slams State Government’s ‘unfair’ rates changes. Yes, Jenny, yours is the authentic experience. Occasionally the loud drone of an aeroplane overhead disturbs the peace. Thanks for your feedback. Council will apply to the Geographic Names Board to have a precinct including Norton and Marion Streets designated as Little Italy. You can contact find them by doing an internet search for COASIT Sydney or call them on Tel. Italian phrases reach my window seat table. War Memorial Park seems like any other park with children playing and adults relaxing on benches. Great to read about the differences and similarities of the three areas. |, Leichhardt: Exploring a Little Italy in Sydney, Boomallli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative. Leichhardt’s reputation as Little Italy began after WWII, when migrants began moving into the working-class suburb. The little cottages in James Street vary. They also print designs by indigenous artists and have a clothing line using these designs. Living in Leichhardt provides you sweet blend of Italy and Europe on every corner, without having to pack your life completely and travel thousands of miles away. Leichhardt North Light Rail Station (art by Phibs). Why choose Inner West Council building certifiers? Our public transport really does do a good job getting people around. Before researching Leichhardt, I never knew this museum existed and will have to return with my little grandson whose early words include “Bus”. Italian community organisations have their home in Leicchardt. “Leichhardt is recognised across Sydney, Australia and even across the globe as Little Italy.” Council will be working with the Italian Government, Co.As.It and Italian organisations and businesses throughout Leichhardt to bring new public art, prominent signage and events to the old neighbourhood to celebrate it as Australia’s own Little Italy. Thanks to waves of post-WW1 migration the suburb become well known as “Sydney’s Little Italy” due to the number of shops and businesses being run by Australians of Italian descent. The external wall murals draw me in, but it’s their story that interests me.


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