Content and Picture are also nice. For example, if the lightfastness of the colourant is indicated to be 5 on the Blue Wool scale, it can be expected to fade by a similar amount as the strip number 5 in the Blue Wool test strip set. Therefore, to do related tests based on standards to decrease hazards for children. Different test options are applicable to textile materials of all kind. Such as, Dyeing, Packaging, Printing, Footwear, Inks and Textile, Automotive, Ceramics, Cosmetics, Foodstuffs, Furniture, knitwear, Leather, Ophthalmic,etc. Indeed, not all materials are affected evenly when exposed to a certain light source or to various environmental factors. Light fastness tester or color fastness tester is a laboratory instruments for color blind test technique to determine the color fastness to light of textiles and garments against sunlight. of all kinds of structures including textiles, paper, glass, metals, paints, plated surfaces, coated materials, leather and rubber. He has great passion in writing different articles on textile and Garments specially on Merchandising and Garment Washing. 2.5 Why is it wrong to say that “The xenon arc lamp used in the light fastness tester can continue to be used as long as it glows normally”? They incorporate state-of-the-art controls, including on-the-rack, radio controlled sensor technology for superior monitoring of light and temperature. This device tests colorfastness to dry or wet rubbing. https://" : " http://");document.write(unescape("%3Cspan id='cnzz_stat_icon_1262057754'%3E%3C/span%3E%3Cscript src='" + cnzz_protocol + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); To do color fastness to light and weather test in the color fastness test. This device is manual style and equipped with digital counter for counting. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Valid!from:!February,!2004! To determine colorfastness to perspiration, water resistance, seawater resistance, saliva resistance for various textiles with color. Measurement of colorfastness is a very important factor in textile industry because the resistance of any clothing to fading is what makes it outstanding. Among them, GB/T 8427 formally implemented the latest method GB/T 8427-2019 “Textile color fastness test color fastness to artificial light: xenon arc” on July 1, 2020. During this process, clothes are put in containers with detergents/cleaning agents and metallic balls for friction and then evaluated for colorfastness quality. Also available for coatings, paper, paint, paint, rubber, plastic, wood, etc. The Atlas Xenotest is a premium rotating rack, xenon-arc air-cooled weathering instrument with have an array of optional features to meet virtually all global weathering and lightfastness test methods. NO.13, WanJiang Industrial Street, WanJiang, Dongguan, Guangdong, China, textile testing ppt textile testing equipments pdf textile testing book pdf handbook of textile testing and quality control pdf, Since standards do change, if you want any files above or more documents about introduction to textile testing, please contact us via email If you don't see the email within a few minutes, check the spam/junk folder. T012 Dynamic Strength & 2m/s Tester is used test dynamic strength for wheeled ride-on toys. Of course, the light fastness test has been developing all the time, there may be mistakes and omissions in the article, welcome to your message correction.


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