There is no other Villager in the game that’s this good as a friend. His house has a kiddie theme and has lot of toys. Eric has never been in the top tier for Animal Crossing New Horizons and this is the first time he’s been voted on top tier. Zucker's house is really adorable, it resembles an outdoor vendor, referencing how takoyaki is associated with yatai street food stalls. She’s actually the focus of a lot of challenges that players undertake to see how quickly they can find her on a Nook Miles Ticket. In a year ravaged by one of history's most widespread and disastrous pandemics, humanity took solace in games. She’s one of the few Villagers with an appearance that’s based on food. She’s always got something nice to say to you and will find the bright side in all situations. Marshal has maintained a high status among Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans since the game released in March 2020. Placing such a devious look on his marshmallow-like body makes him irresistible to many players. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Tabby rose through the ranks of the Villager popularity tiers last month, and is now placed just outside of the top 3. There are some brand new entries, and even some unexpected movements that have seen some Villagers drop right down and out of the chart. He can probably put this down on his tax exemptions. Sandy is an orange ostrich with blue eyelids and yellow legs. Players are having their say, and as Autumn closes in, their tastes are changing completely. But he’s started to dim a bit and the audience kind of moved on, but the audience still adores Raymond, the community is all in on Raymond. If you'd like to have your video featured here, email us! Whether that’s because of his pink skin, or tie-dye shirt, I’m not quite sure. He looked to be heading out of the top ten last month. Animal Crossing: New Horizons remains as popular as ever, with the franchise clocking in over 26 million copies sold. The LGBT+ community of Animal Crossing: New Horizons picked him as their mascot for Pride month. To top it off, she’ll water the plants on your island, and she’s happy to do so. Our lovable moose Villager is sticking around in the top ten! A recent study has determined which Animal Crossing: New Horzions villages are the most - and least - popular. Click here to check the full list of Animal Crossing villager popularity and vote for October’s poll. Ankha is the sphinx Villager, though she’s actually a cat. Having these villagers move in gives players the chance to befriend them, gift them items, care for them when they’re sick and a whole lot of other interactions that give the game its wholesome charm. The popularity is compiled into 6 tiers, with Villagers in the top tier being the most valuable/sought and worth between 15-20 million ACNH Bells, or 1,000 Nook Miles Tickets. He topped the chart last month, and players clearly still find him adorable. We now know exactly which villages are the current 10 most popular for the month of October in Animal Crossing New Horizons, do you agree or is your most adored Animal absent? Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Here we are going cover the top 10 most loved & popular villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons for October 2020 and ACNH Villager tierlist with values. Comment. He’s a big hit among cat lovers, and that’s the most likely reason for him to be sticking around just inside the top 10. S-Tier: Super popular. None of that really matters though, because these Villagers are worth a lot if you're willing to sell them. Sherb has been falling slowly down this list over the past few month, but now he seems to be sticking firmly around the top 10. At least in the US and EU, the name for Audie shows that the developers are aware of what their games mean to players. It’s not possible to pick this Villager up with an Amiibo card, meaning you really have to work to pick him up and get him to stay on your island. I'm not enjoying Nier Automata. The reason for that is her eyes. You’ll never find this Villager getting stressed out, which is something I suppose most players aspire to. The bonus with Marina is that she’s pink, and she’s not shy about it either. "Getting together with our pals isn't possible in the same way right now, so we wanted to find some small way to get dressed up and have fun," Liang said in a press release. Sign up for our daily newsletter. The New York-based creative partnered with Paige Rubin, head luxury buyer at What Goes Around Comes Around and fellow Animal Crossing enthusiast, to make versions of Sandy Liang designs in the game. This cat scratches anyone she cares to. He’s been a consistent part of this list for months now and shows no sign of disappearing. Calling him Lucky is just the icing on the cake. Thank You For Participating In Our Survey!


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