I joined Gateway Real Estate some 15 years ago. Discover the best lake front listings - properties, land, and acreage to build your dream lake house, cottage or cabin on. Lake Combie is rural in feeling and density. The lake is approximately 3/4 mile at it’s widest spot. The water temperate can get up to 75 to 80 degress in the lake which makes for wonderful waterskiing, wake boarding and general floating around!!! Located in Nevada County, California. Find waterfront real estate here. I felt that trying to cover all areas of real estate in an area this large I did not benefit my clients. Lake Combie Homes For Sale: Looking for lakefront homes for sale on Lake Combie? Above the fog and below the snow, Lake Combie sets at the perfect elevation of 1605′. Lake Combie is a 360 acre lake that is … Lake Combie is located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills between Auburn and Grass Valley. There are several fingers and coves along the shoreline. After working for two years I decided to specialize in one segment of the market. Lake Combie is above the Sacramento Valley fog and below the Lake Tahoe snow line. At this point, I decided to focus all of my attention on Estate and Lakefront properties.


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