At the back end of the barrel, we see a coined edge that adds an interesting bit of texture to an otherwise smooth design. The Kaweco Sport ballpoint is a different animal entirely, as it’s a clipless click pen that accepts D1 refills and may honestly be too short for many people. It’s quite a thing to behold if you haven’t, and the change in dimensions threw me for a loop the first time I used this pen. I purchased this vintage Kaweco pen set from Maria, who sells through her Etsy store MaryMagicBox, which I discovered thanks to a tip from a member of our local Nashville-area pen group. “GERMANY” is inscribed below the scrollwork on one tine, while “since 1883” appears on the other. Beyond that, Kaweco mostly competes with itself, in the form of alternative versions of the Sport with metal components, or other Kaweco models like the Liliput. The Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen is a great pen. Pam: I would highly recommend the Kaweco Sport for those who enjoy a small/portable pen and a reliable German nib. Because I tend to carry this pen more frequently than other pens I own, I often find myself in situations where only cheap copy paper is available to me. Up to this point, I'd only used the Skyline Sport, and I really fell in love with that pen, so I couldn't wait to get ahold of some more Kawecos. I really wish Kaweco would reissue this classic design, even though the cost of the piston (and the gold nib, if they decided to go that route) would likely require a significant price increase, which I suspect is the main reason it hasn't happened yet. The Kaweco Skyline Sport is one of Kaweco's many diminutive fountain pens. The facets offer both style and substance, as the flattened edges keep the pen from rolling, while also adding some visual distinction. When pressed, the nib can give a very slight amount of line variation, but I would not characterize the nib as “springy” by any means. You have entered an incorrect email address! Despite being nearly 50 years old, it feels as sturdy and well-made as a modern Kaweco, though I likely won't tempt fate by using it for true pocket carry. I love how Kaweco retained the same script on its modern Sport series. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Depending on your everyday carry setup, you can find yourself with a scuffed-up pen, or worse yet, an inky surprise. Kaweco does offer a mini converter specifically intended for the Sport, which can be had for around $6. One nice surprise about the Sport is that, in addition to the standard extra fine, fine, medium, and broad nib options, you can also get a double broad (BB). The red-and-gold combination on this Classic Sport works quite well in my opinion, and the red hue in particular does a good job of masking the scuffs and dings that have formed over time. The original Kaweco (a contraction of Koch, Weber & Co) operated from the late 1800s until the early 1970s, and manufactured several models of pens in addition to the Sport, including the Special, the Elite, and the Dia, all of which you may recognize since the modern company, resurrected in 1994, has released pens under those names. The vintage Sport feels quite small in comparison, though when extended and posted for writing it's actually a touch longer than the modern Sport. At around 105mm capped, it’s extremely diminutive in the hand; even with my relatively small hands, the Sport barely spans the distance from my wrist to the base of my middle finger. So, my experience in vintage largely has been limited to purchasing already restored, nicer pieces that are ready for writing, as opposed to the more "completist" approach to collecting that you might see at pen shows. When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. to get it to work in a vintage Sport ballpoint? I did not experience that with this pen. Considerations on "Oversized" Pens, First Impressions: Montblanc 149 Fountain Pen. The Kaweco Sport seeks to buck that trend by offering a capable pen that’s also pocket-friendly. The plastic construction and airtight barrel ostensibly make the Sport a good candidate for eyedropper conversion, though I haven’t tested it myself. The ballpoint has aged better than the fountain pen, probably due to the fountain pen seeing heavier use. For those who enjoy the durability and heft of the aluminium, the Kaweco is a good, solid upgrade. Being a pocket pen, the Sport is likely to be exposed to relatively harsher conditions than more conventional pens, such as inside a pocket with keys, coins, or other abrasive items. What else is different? Kaweco actually made multiple versions of the Sport over the years, and the version I own is the last version made in the early 1970s before the original company went out of business. Size-wise, the TWSBI Mini and Pilot Petit compare similarly, but at completely different price points. It's part of a commemorative fountain pen and ballpoint set made for the 1972 Munich Olympics, complete with a leather case and medallion.


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