OldGamer. You will see All Anime Characters and Marvel much more famous series. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. The King of Fighters Zillion MUGEN; Dragon Ball Z: Extreme MUGEN; Naruto Rise of a Ninja MUGEN; One Piece GBA Screenpack; Jump Ultimate Stars MUGEN; Katekyo Hitman Reborn MUGEN; One Piece Pirate Battle MUGEN; Naruto Shippuden Ninja Generations MUGEN 2011 (1) November (1) New Screen Pack for All the Jump Ultimate Star's Mugen Fans. On the screenshot you are seeing Lite version Characters. By OldGamer, August 1 in [ WORKS IN PROGRESS ] Share Followers 1. This Screen Pack is made for you. Game Features 121 Characters 60 Stages Arcade Mode (obviously) Vs Mode (obviously) Semi Mode (2v2 Battles) We could say that it's a work in progress. I prefer JUS (Jump Ultimate Stars) chars, so that's why I started with a JUS char. Mugen Stage & Novice Screen Pack Creator; Creator; 395 538 posts; Share ; Posted August 1. Jump Super Stars - Jump Ultimate Stars Bardock by micheal2200 Bardock - Moveset A Dash + A B Down + B (And Air) C Down + C (And Air) Lite version have 50 Characters and full version have 190 puls Characters. The game features characters from DBZ, Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, OPM, And many more! It also features what if charcters such as God Piccolo, Black Vegeta, and more! All Characters have original anime attacks with his English sounds effects. os animes que esse jogo tem são Dragon Ball, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Saint Seiya, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Ho, Full Metal, Alchemist, Noragami, Sword Art Online e etc. Tudo isso com chars JUS e uma ótima jogabilidade. Anime Jump Ultimate Stars Battle Um jogo mugen com personagens 63 e mais de 30 cenários diferentes, todos com musicas de animes em 8 bits. This Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen Apk have 2 Versions, Lite and Full version. OldGamer 395 Posted August 1. Jump Ultimate Stars Reborn is a fighting game made on the Mugen Engine. This is my first char, I know it has some issues, but I hope you guys enjoy it and give me some tips in how to improve her. Most of the Sprites I got from a upload of "RanieleCDZ", who says that the real author is "LK-sixtyfour".


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