You'll find instructions for how to mix Dream Whip on the side of the box, but I'll show you how right here…. Re-discover family favorite comfort food from days gone by that brings back instant memories at first bite. Speaking of Jello cake, this whipped cream makes a great topping for a 4th of July poke cake. Empty 1 envelope of Dream Whip mix into a. Dream Whip, on the other hand, has to be whipped and made. So when your whipped cream thickens, you should be able to hold your mixer paddle upside down, and the whipped cream stays in place. 2 envelopes Dream Whip topping mix1 cup milk1 teaspoon vanilla extract1 small box instant vanilla pudding mix. What's the secret ingredient in these cakes? Like I mentioned above, I love making this blueberry delight recipe with Dream Whip and cream cheese. How much cool whip do u use to replace 1 pkg. Join our community of 201,250+ other members - browse for a recipe, submit your own, add a review, or upload a recipe photo. Refrigerate cake while preparing topping. Total Carbohydrate We are all about tasty treats, good eats, and fun food. I’m Mel Lockcuff, the creator and writer behind Adventures of Mel and Flour on My Fingers. And I have a few recipes and ideas for ways you can use Dream Whip. While they both make a good dessert topping, they are not quite the same, and I've had better luck making my no bake desserts with Dream Whip rather than Cool Whip. As far as I can tell, both Dream Whip and Cool Whip are gluten-free. I kept the cake in the fridge for the most part {even cooling it down now and then when decorating}, until it was ‘cake time’. Believe me, when I first started to use Dream Whip, I wondered if I'd even still be able to get it. I don't stop at blueberry, though. But I'll bet you've never made or tried frosting made with Jell-O packages before! There's not much to dislike about it, after all—there's a type of frosting for every person. I like to think of it as angel topping or cloud topping because it's so light and fluffy. Dream Whip. Add the pudding mix and beat well. Cool Whip is pre-whipped and ready to go. In short, I buy it at Walmart. And my store has it placed in the baking aisle right above the Jello mixes and marshmallows. However, it's quick and easy to mix up and use same day in any recipe. It comes in powdered form, and you mix it together with cold milk and vanilla extract to get the final result. Frosting, for many, is the best part of the cake. So many ways you can use this yummy whipped cream. Ohhhh, you can also dip strawberries in Dream Whip, add a dollop to your favorite flavor of Jello, and top pies and Jello cake with Dream Whip. It adds tremendous flavor (and convenience) in all these recipes. But they are not dairy-free. One thing I like is that it's made with sugar and not high fructose corn syrup. im making 2 pies and thought it would save time. Prep the night before and enjoy a warm, comforting meal in the morning. You can also dip strawberries in Dream Whip, add a dollop to your favorite flavor of Jello, and top pies and Jello cake with Dream Whip. Over the last couple of years, I've fielded a lot of questions from readers about Dream Whip… Like where to find it, how to mix Dream Whip, can you substitute Cool Whip for Dream Whip, and more. Patricia, this is fine so long as you adjust the other ingredients accordingly. Then you mixed the dream whip & 1/2 c. milk till thick, then the pudding with 1 1/2 c. milk, just till slighty thick, and mixed them together. All Rights Reserved. And my store has it placed in the baking aisle right above the Jello mixes and marshmallows. I also make cherry yum yum, strawberry delight, and pumpkin delight. Dream Whip, on the other hand, has to be whipped and made. Bake in 9"x13" pan. The only change it to Cool Whip from dream whip to save a step. I MAKE A WATERGATE CAKE AND PUT IN INSTANT PISTACHIO PUDDING. This post may contain affiliate links which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase. I found this 45 years ago. Cake Jello Cake With Dream Whip Frosting Dik Dik Zaxy November 21, 2020 no Comments . No one will know your secret ingredient! combine ingredients except the Cool Whip in a medium bowl and beat on low until well blended, about 1 minute. I mean, yum, right?! I also make cherry yum yum, strawberry delight, and pumpkin delight. Or is it better to make 1 at a time. And my store even runs out sometimes. CRAVING MORE DELICIOUS RECIPES? This is the original recipe for the Jell-o sheet cake frosting from the 1970's. You'll also notice soft little ruffles, or peaks, in the topping. One thing I like is that it's made with sugar and not high fructose corn syrup. Dream whip used to come in a 4 pack, and it had the recipe on it, now if you can find it, it only comes in a 2 pack. If you’d rather skip all of my Dream Whip recipe tips, important info for this recipe, and similar recipe ideas – and get straight to the actual recipe – just scroll down to the bottom, where you’ll find a printable recipe card. So many ways you can use this yummy whipped … And it has a slightly sweet taste, perfect for topping a bowl of Instant Jello. Learn how your comment data is processed. Read my privacy policy here. So that tells me that Dream Whip is still living its best life. Prepare the Dream Whip by mixing the whipped topping mix, milk, and vanilla in a large bowl with an electric mixer on low speed. Let stand for 5 minutes before frosting the jello cake. For instance, I made a castle cake for my oldest {circa 2007} and used this Dream Whip icing, with the extra packet of pudding. So, I don't recommend it. Easy. I love making this blueberry delight recipe with Dream Whip and cream cheese. Pudding mix. If you love this recipe as much as I do, please write a 5 star review, and help me share the recipe on Facebook and Pinterest! They're all family favorite desserts that are perfect for a crowd. You can also click the buttons below to share on Pinterest or Facebook. 10.6 g EXCELLENT GREAT HIT AT THE OFFICE. Mix Jello with 3/4 cup boiling water and 1/2 cup cold water. Sure enough, I had no problem finding it. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. Cool Whip is pre-whipped and ready to go.


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