The vodka is triple-batch distilled in a 1200-liter copper hybrid still. Though, some places will add ingredients into shochu vats to infuse flavors into them. Japan has a boozy history that goes back thousands of years. There's a shochu distillery in my city. Like the McShake, this one is a bit of a fleeting seasonal treat, but really its limited release just makes it all the more special if you can get your hands on it. Actually there are two different varieties, the Okinawa and Kyushu area limited flavour one and the nationally available bake-able ones. Shochu is something I would love to try. This vodka is made from a variety of “virgin new potatoes” from Cape Bjäre, Sweden—potatoes picked early in the season when the skin has just started to form. #KitKat #SweetPotatoKitKat #SweetPotato #SweetLife #YamsEverywhere, A post shared by Melanie (@melonh2os) on Nov 8, 2015 at 5:42pm PST. The chips also literally melt in the mouth, which is again, quite a great feeling. We ship using USPS Priority Mail 2nd day air + Selling fee. Also, White liquor is different. One more thing dorky Japanese majors have to learn. EIKO means GLORY in Japanese. Wha? This vodka was first launched in 1992 and introduced to the US in 1997. #yakiimoicecream #satsumaimo #yakiimo #ice #icecream #sweets #food #foodporn #japan #oimomonaka, A post shared by Usagi Mochi (@blueblancer) on Mar 19, 2015 at 3:13am PDT. Specialised Kit Kat editions can, however, be a little elusive so expect to do a little hunting. This family-owned brand produces single ingredient vodkas with no flavored vodkas in their portfolio. But I wonder if I can find shochu over here in California. The shochu from Kagoshima can be better or worse, but depending where you are the prices can vary alot. Runtime: 0.586 sec (586 ms). Now, many of those strong drinks are spilling onto American shores. This naturally gluten-free vodka is bottled at 80 proof. You keep drinking and drinking, and you're just fine! Known as imo shochu, the sweet potato variety is a lot more flavourful than its contemporaries, making it an incredibly popular base for a number of mixed drinks, or pretty good just straight up. This is the number of comments. Japanese Purple Sweet Potato (1 LB)Excellent yields and flavor. Vodka and most distilled spirits are at about 35 to 45 percent alcohol. 44 North is named for the latitude that crosses through Idaho. shochu hangovers are the worse, but you have fun drinking it. From the world of Meiji, the creators of the popular Kinoko No Yama aka the Meiji Mushroom, these little cookies are as addictive as they are cute. #sweetpotatoshochu #sakeittome, A post shared by MY (@gulpandgrub) on Feb 25, 2017 at 11:25pm PST. Luksusowa, Polish for “luxury”, is a vodka distilled from potatoes. 냠냠 #오키나와#베니이모타르트#자색고구마타르트#OkinawaTart#Beniimo#Tart, A post shared by 램프의 요정 수지니지니지니 (@sujinneeeee) on Sep 12, 2014 at 3:11am PDT. I forgot Sugar-cane! Once you’ve got a great roasted Japanese sweet potato, you can eat it in so many different ways. Japanese sweet potatoes are a rich source of a variety of vitamins essential for optimum health, including vitamins A, C, E and B6. Though in many other countries they’re relegated to the overlooked, under-appreciated snack your grandparents may have stowed away in their pantry, in Japan they’re a sign of good luck. As a result, everything from the mashing to the bottle labeling is done on-site. Sometimes a little mirin is added for flavoring. Shochu? It's a really good social drink, lots of buzz without knocking alot of stuff over. First off, Canadians can actually retire, For your Turkey Day pleasure: Marvel Comics' Thanksgiving Parade performance from 1989. Vodka for Plantation Brew Co. originates from Gold Sweet Potatoes grown in the prized volcanic soils of Eastern Queensland. Like many interesting snacks in Japan, their release can be a little more dependent on season, but if you’re in a convenience store, they’re definitely worth searching out. =^. The vodka is copper column-distilled and rectified before water is added to bring it to 40% ABV. If nobody told you it was a distillery, you'd still guess from the very obvious fumes around it. Here are five of Japan’s best boozy offerings to add to your drinking repertoire. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”, Kejora Japanese White Sweet Potatoes - 5 LBS, Kejora Japanese White Sweet Potatoes - 10 LBS, Japanese Kit-Kat Mini Autumn Sweet Potato 11 bars chocolate.


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