As I was pondering my problem with skipped stitches, I remembered how my old serger would stop skipping stitches when I used thicker, high quality thread in the needles. Follow the instruction manual to clean and lubricate the machine… - Adjust the upper tension of the thread. When this happens, you have to open up the stitches and start all over again. Skipped stitches are every sewer’s nightmare! Before you start berating your high end sewing machine, you should know that skipped stitches … This is absolutely the first thing you should do if your machine is skipping stitches. I use these threads in my household machine (1300 SPM) and my industrial machines (3500 – 5000 SPM); and, I’ve never had an issue of them melting in the needle due to friction. Be sure your sewing machine is clean and lint-free. remember 80% of the time the issues is not caused by the machine. Follow the steps below if your machine is skipping stitches. I also remembered a relative complaining about how her expensive, high end sewing machine … ... Had lots of skipped stitches sewing … A sewing machine simply cannot form a stitch with a dull needle and there are so many variables that can cause your needle to become dull. 1. Upper tension is too tight. Residual finishes can cause skipped stitches, so always preshrink before sewing. I suspect the biggest issue might be breakage of a 15 tex core spun in a high-speed coverstitch machine w/out lubricant. The upper thread is threaded incorrectly. There’s really nothing quite as annoying as being half way through a project and your machine starts skipping stitches. 3. Sometimes a needle can become dull even after a few minutes of sewing if the wrong needle is being used. 2. If a machine skips stitches, frays and breaks thread, has a bad tension etc. In summary, quality sewing machines are designed to stay in timing and balance, and only in rare instances do we see that machines are out of timing. Check to be sure you are … Incorrect machine threading can be another culprit–be sure the bobbin is inserted properly.


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