I have a living room/dining room adjacent to a large opening to the kitchen. And let me tell you, this magical little number is going to save your life, or at least the small thread of sanity you have left after trying to find the ever-elusive perfect paint colour. I see some pink in the Modern Gray. Or would I need to guess by the feel of the sample on the wall? Here you can see how low the Navy blues are. I think it’s around a 57 LRV. Check out my E-BOOKS and Online Colour Consulting Services! You know how sometimes you get on Pinterest to search for a specific subject and before you know it, three hours have passed and you’re looking at completely unrelated information? There are a LOT of things to consider when it comes to choosing the COLOUR for your room such as…. Next, I would take the paint to SW and talk to them about shifting it to cut a bit of the gray out. In the next few months I’ll be putting out an e-book on the ‘5 Key Rooms/Home Staging’ that you and your clients might find helpful! You don’t need a giant budget to create a lovely home. Without even looking it up, I knew that my beloved Galt Blue was lower than that. Gray is made from white and black, so most grays have low LRVs. So many of your photos all show the colors on walls, along with white trim. Hi Helen! Extra White seemed a little gray but I am sure it would read “white” once on trim. Please just ask if you would like to borrow any of my images (with full credit) and I’m sure that I’ll be happy to oblige. Online decorating and e-design, e-decor consultations. Game-Changing Advice for Picking YOUR Best Paint Colour. I painted the kitchen island iron mountain by BM, along with some built-ins nearby. You’re right, I would try to land myself somewhere between 40-55, depending on how bright the room is. I made the painters stop painting until I figure out what to do. If you’re interested, they are affordable and fun! and the rooms are small so this is the greatest info I have found yet! But I am still loving that SW High Reflective White with Rhythmic Blue and Big Chill. I don’t think this condo will get a lot of light since there is a huge tree that is blocking a lot of the light to the only 3 windows/sliders of this condo. When you go to the paint store and ask them to mix your Wythe Blue 25% lighter, the sticker on top of the can should show the adjusted recipe, not the original, so you can have it handy if you need more down the road! Should we adjust our LRV if we are working with wooden (maple) trim in a west or north facing room? The super dark rooms, the super bright rooms. I have been thinking about a Grey or Greige tone. Interior Color: LRV provides a reference as to how light or dark a color could look and feel once up on all the walls. Your email address will not be published. Naval has an LRV of 4, which means is sucks up all of the light in the room. By purchasing an item through an affiliate link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. It’s under ‘Tips and Ideas’ . Yes, it does help. Well, you can read the above article links or check out these quick images…, Sherwin Williams: On the back of the fan deck…, Benjamin Moore: In the index of the fan deck OR on the colour’s info page on the inter-web (such as here), Having done many thousands (for real) of e-design/colour consultations in the last five years, I’ve seen the same things time and time again. If it’s SUPER bright light coming in, that will really lift things up (particularly in the middle of the day) and you may want to stay slightly under 50. Agree, I love it as the day / light changes – good choice. With its LRV of ALMOST 64, it is a great choice for MANY rooms and exposures. Ooo, interesting at that it would pull pink, as more often, it pulls green! It has an LRV of 58, which seems a bit low, but I OFTEN recommend that it’s lightened by 25% which really takes the edge off (but can slightly alter the undertones). My problem being my countertops are a dark blue quarts and my fireplace tiles are dark blue. It goes with everything. My home is very bright a south facing exposure. I am in process of having my open floor plan home painted. HOpe that helps! E-Design and Online Paint Colour Consulting, LRV is a great way to choose a paint colour, Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, Paint Colour Review: Benjamin Moore Collingwood, Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Big Chill. https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/product-category/interior-paint-palettes/. It seems we are picking the same paint colors! The 8 Best WHOLE HOME Warm Neutral Paint Colours I use lots of blue and turquoise accents, it seems that all the greys have a green or purple undertone, which I don’t like. Without seeing your home, that’s the best I can think of! This whole time, I have been thinking that the green of the trees was reflecting weird and making the paint colors look dark. Looks like we will be repainting. Read more:  Colour Review of Benjamin Moore Gray Owl. I had been mostly looking at Ben Moore colors but I will check out Anew Gray . https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/product-category/interior-paint-palettes/. But I wanted to ask if you have tried adding a little blue paint to white for the ceiling? I’ve been painting rooms for a while and I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about paint and choosing paint colors. The iron mountain color is staying so I have to figure out how to proceed-I was thinking edgecomb gray to try to stay in the gray tones and work with the iron mountain but now that I have all this Sherwin William paint I feel compelled to have to try to find an SW paint that will work . You might have to look at the greige range to cut that back a bit, but still it’s a risk! Remember LRV runs on a scale of 0% to 100%, 50% would be a mid-value paint color. And if that doesn’t work? Hi Kylie, your website is amazing. But, the first floor of my house is painted in Benjamin Moore Galt Blue and Wickham Gray. I have been using this little number to help me choose colors for quite a while now. I live in the forest, surrounded by trees. When you fill out the questionnaire, let me know it’s you, from the comment gallery! I wanted to share my experience with LRV so it might help someone else. Gossamer Veil is similar on my paint color sample board to Agreeable Gray, although Gossimer Veil has less blue and more light gray/green tint to it., where AG is Blue.


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