If you are looking to work with celebrity influencers, you almost certainly need to approach them through an agent. Consumers taking such extreme measures to avoid advertising makes it increasingly more difficult for brands to keep up with the digital landscape. But just getting an influencer to promote your content or messaging isn’t a sign of success. It’s also worth noting that YouTube isn’t the only platform worth investing in for video. Without one, you will struggle to scope out a plan for approaching these. Enter your website or the URLs of websites you know have the audience you want to reach. You often hear platform-specific influencers talked about, be that Instagram Influencers, YouTubers, or others. Target influencers who have an engaged audience who frequently like and comment on their posts. That content generated 70,450 online engagements ranging from clicks and likes to comments and shares. Influencers are also teaming up with brands on discount codes, which are just as easily tracked and even easier to embed in graphics, videos, and share through mediums like podcasts. Success from influencer marketing campaigns looks like different things to different businesses, but regardless of what this ends up being, you need to ensure that you are using SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time-bound). In recent years, many smart marketers have realized that there is a lot of value to be had in leveraging 'normal' people to promote their products and services. Defining your goals in the early stages of planning will help you shape a consistent strategy throughout your campaign, and it will also give you an idea about the metrics you should track and monitor to measure your success at the end of the campaign. 1. The tool will even auto-follow-up for you. Disclosing relationships has caused a major disruption in the industry since the FTC sent out letters in April 2017, officially warning brands and influencers to more clearly disclose their working relationships. Fueled by caffeine. Download the free worksheet and use the rest of this post to craft a killer influencer marketing strategy from start to finish. Clicking through the backlinks will give you an idea of what types of content they publish, including guest posts and mentions, so you can form a plan for outreach. The exposure allows the brand to get in front of their target audience in a positive, natural, and meaningful way. That’s partly because they aren’t investing the necessary resources to properly test it as a viable channel, and partly because they don’t take the time to set clear goals and determine the proper metrics that need to be tracked to meet those goals. By using this website you agree with, The Influencer Marketing Statistics You Need to Know, Understanding the Different Types of Influencer, Effective Platforms and Formats for Influencer Collaborations, Why You Should Be Investing in Influencer Marketing, How to Build a Solid Influencer Marketing Strategy in 6 Easy Steps, between 1,000 and 10,000 engaged followers, Businesses are making $5.20 for every $1 they spend on influencer marketing. The real success is determined by if you’ve reached your influencer marketing goals. Don't forget that you can be very specific; you don't need to, and probably shouldn't be, trying to target your whole audience with one campaign or collaboration. Building a successful influencer strategy is all about being goal-oriented. Working with this type of influencer makes it easier to reach large numbers of individuals and associate your brand with big-name stars. Tracking ROI and compensating influencers for affiliate marketing is easily accomplished with custom URLs and unique discount codes. Choose a Type of Influencer Marketing Campaign. In your influencer marketing strategy, you should strive to only partner with influencers who align with your brand. The company wanted to boost brand awareness and lift sales of its guacamole and other dips. And thanks to stats from WebFX, we can reveal these to be: Once you have a budget set, you can figure out how to use it most effectively. I am obsessed with creating content people love, Nick Cave, and Italian films. Another option is to use Alexa’s Content Exploration tool. How many influencers do we want to work with? This information shows that the site is probably worth exploring for your influencer marketing strategy, as it has already built connections with other brands like you. GOODFOODS is an all-natural and environmentally-friendly food producer known for its guacamole dips, snack dips, salad dressings, and drinks. Affiliates get paid only when a sale is made; influencers are paid regardless of the outcome of a campaign. While a celebrity is used in this influencer marketing strategy definition, influencer campaigns don’t always have to rely on celebrities. You can start by analyzing hashtags and determining who your competitors are working with, but the most effective way to find the right people to work with is by using a dedicated tool that has been created to help you do just that. If you’re looking to find an influencer and trying to figure out how to use influencer marketing to market your own product. Provide a unique promotional code for each influencer. Influencer marketing typically involves an incentive (financial or otherwise) given to the influencer by a brand. Others prefer to work on an affiliate basis, receiving a commission for any products or services sold from their referrals. – Buffer. Another handy tool is Influencer Marketing Hub’s Instagram Influencer Earnings Calculator, which breaks down the user’s follower count, number of posts, number of likes, number of comments, estimated earnings per post, and the extremely helpful engagement rate. Brands work with these individuals (known as influencers because of the influence that they have over their followers in the social-first world that we live in) to reach their networks of followers to promote their products and services. Within the first few days, Jérôme’s post on Twitter was reposted 83,000+ times and was liked 58,000+ times on Instagram. On the competition side, an easy way to drive even more engagement is to include engagement instructions as a stipulation for entering the contest. By accepting this information, regardless of whether it is accurate, the person is subjected to social influence. Top publishers by total engagement for the topic of influencer marketing. Like many other big name brands, Bigelow Tea is in the fight to retain customers and hold its brand position in this highly dynamic marketing mix that has become the new standard. The sweet spot for maximum engagement is to find an influencer who has between 10k-100k followers. Set Your Campaign Goals. It’s also no secret that the larger the influencer, the lower the engagement. Click & Tweet! Instead, focus on segments of those who will be highly engaged. Just figure out that reason and construct your strategy according to that. This can differ significantly depending upon the goals and purpose of collaborations. The tool will report back with dozens of other websites that share a similar audience. Work on cultivating a rock-solid relationship with them and leave room for them to be the genius creators they are at their core. Sujan Patel is a partner at Ramp Ventures & co-founder of Web Profits. In fact, in 2017, the #1 platform for influencers was Instagram, with a staggering 92% share. . Buffer created the following graphic to showcase a typical pricing structure via Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat: How Much Does Social Media Influencer Marketing Cost? It’s about working with people who have the right audience so you can make connections with the people most likely to further connect with your brand. BeRush allows affiliates from all different sectors, from webmasters to agencies, to earn a commission. If you need help with defining your audience, download our free buyer persona template to help you through the process. It is not uncommon to see influencer marketing confused with affiliate marketing, especially because both incentivize third-parties to promote an offering. The smart move would be influencer marketing. They buy relations, stories, and magic.”. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The primary goal here is discovering influencers based on topics of influence and audience demographics, who can deliver on all the vital engagement metrics. Before we jump into looking at how to put together a solid strategy, here are some of the standout influencer marketing statistics you need to know: Influencer marketing is a big deal, and as a marketer, you can no longer ignore it as a tactic if you are not already using it.


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