Find latest 2020 name list of cute and modern baby Girl Names, Hindu. Hyma is an attractive Indian mythology name. Devina is a good bet for such parents. The popular name Ura has been enticing many modern Hindu families of late. It is also a name that means ‘Goddess Parvati’. The modern Hindu names for girls are perfect for your little one. It means ‘Earth’. What is it that you wish for your child? It means ‘First Power or one of ten Durgas.’. Today, many Indian parents are opting for the name Riya for their darling daughters probably due to the glamorous Bollywood star Riya Sen. Little babies are cuddly and adorable. Unfortunately, Hindu baby names have become increasingly unpopular. Prarthana. A beautiful name for a beautiful little girl! Your daughter changes your world so much that you see things in a new perspective. Another popular name from Bengal, Kakoli means ‘Art’. It means ‘Shadow’ in Hindi. Your daughter is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. If you are a nature lover, then you can name your child Tiya. Then, Jignasa will be the perfect name for your baby. Do you want your daughter’s name to reflect your love for art and literature? Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names With Meanings: 1. But you have a beautiful star of your own now! Nabah = Sky; Nabanipa = A new flower; Nabhi = Central; Nachni = dancer; Nadia = The begining; First; Nadira = pinnacle; Nagalata = Creeper of snakes; Nagashree = Snake goddess; Nagina … Your little princess has filled your life with light and joy. It is a popular name in The Southern parts of India but has universal appeal. Karabi means ‘Flower’ in Hindi. The other meaning of Anaisha is ‘unique’. Ninarika means ‘Misty’. If that is your life philosophy, Udyati will be a great choice. Check out MomJunction’s amazing latest Hindu baby girl names and decide for yourself! Shivani is a powerful name for girls. Yutika means ‘Flower’ in Hindi. It means ‘bird sound’. It is a variation of the name Jiva, which means a living being. It means ‘One who has taken refuge in the Lord.’. A modern name, but steeped in culture. Vedika is a traditional name with modern charm. Jivanta is a regal Indian name for girls. It means ‘Academic curiosity’. [ Read: Goddess Saraswathi Names For Baby Girls ]. Check out MomJunction’s amazing latest Hindu baby girl names and decide for yourself! Your daughter is the apple of your eyes and your family’s pride. A rather uncommon name, Dyumna means ‘Glorious’ in Hindi. It means ‘Girl’. Menaha means ‘Celestial damsel’. Charvi is a lot more distinctive name than its derivative Chavi. Indian girl baby names starting with N list, Hindu girl baby names with letter N. Please Click on the name to Save it to Favorites and View Saved Names later. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. If you are not looking for a name with a deep meaning, this one will fit the bill. Udgita means ‘Hymn’ and is derived from ‘Bhagvad Gita’. Ishanvi is a modern variation of the name Parvati. It means ‘Like a goddess’. It means ‘A river’. A short and sweet name, Akshi is the name for you if you want an easy to spell and pronounce the name. A pretty little name for your darling baby girl! Eila means ‘The Earth’. It means ‘Goddess Lakshmi.’, A simple name with a powerful meaning, that’s Adhya for you! The name is easy on the ears but has an amazing meaning. In Indian mythology, Jhanvi was the daughter of Yaksha, the wise. There are several modern Hindu names that are unique and beautiful. Looking for a latest Hindu girl baby name that reflects your culture? It means ‘grace’. Aaloka is the perfect name as it means ‘Lustrous.’, Was your daughter born in the spring season? Nima was the name of the mother of Saint Kabir. The name Anjali means ‘offering with both the hands’. Tiya means ‘bird’. Eva means life. Finding a name with the letter ‘I’ is often difficult. Looking for an uncomplicated name for your daughter? Hindu names, especially Hindu baby girls names need not be old-fashioned and outdated! A name that is delicate, colorful, and feminine, Henna means ‘Mehendi’ in Hindi. light ... of Sanskrit origin and it is ... an unusual baby name for girls ... Prabhavati. Veda is a name with religious resonance. Like all parents, you too want your daughter to become a good human being, above all else. Some can simply be an ode to your child’s beauty. Or to browse baby names using the finder tool below, just choose your religion from the drop-down along with baby’s gender, and you would see a large list of unique hindu baby girl names … It is a little difficult to find good names with the letter E. But here’s one that is perfect if you are looking for a short and sweet name. It is a short and sweet name for your darling daughter. It was the name of many ancient Indian Queens and is still very popular. A down to earth name, Mritsa means ‘Good Earth’. Mahika means ‘Earth’. Hara is one of the 1008 names of Lord Shiva. One of the options you can try is Idika. A modern sounding name with a traditional meaning! If you want a name that is drenched with spirituality and wisdom, this is the name you should pick! It is a good name for parents looking for a historical name for their daughters. Yashashvi means ‘fame’. It means ‘Knower of Vedas’. Life is all about moving ahead, rising from one’s circumstances to reach for the stars. Among all Pr- names, Presley (English) was the most widely used, with a ranking of #206 and a usage of 0.0805%. It is an interesting option if you are looking for a name with the letter I. The name means cheerful or light-hearted. Rishima means ‘Moonbeam’. Mahi means ‘The world’. Anusha means ‘Beautiful morning or a star’ in Hindi. It sounds pretty and has a beautiful meaning, just what your daughter deserves.


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