SM003-02. Sarracenia minor is known as the hooded pitcher plant. The following thumbnail images can be clicked to view the full size photgraph of the plant. Growing Sarracenia from seed is a fairly easy process. minor. You'll need some sphagnum peat moss and either perlite or sand as soil, along with a dip in the fridge for a 30-day stratification, but you should see quite good germination rates. The pitcher consists of a green tube or trap which expands gradually from base up towards the hood; then, in an unbroken line, the hood arches smoothly, closely and protectively over the orifice of the trap. Sarracenia minor David Fefferman 2020-01-01T21:23:44-08:00. ... A picture of some seeds of Sarracenia minor. Below the thumbnails you'll find a list of seedlings not yet photographed. The outside of the capsule is very rough, appearing like peaks and valleys. Sarracenia minor hybrids grow list. The pitchers are 12 - 35 cm tall, with a wing running the length of the pitcher and a strongly curved hood covering the opening; lower pitcher green; hood and upper pitcher reddish with white, translucent patches; pitchers persist through the winter. The Hooded Pitcherplant, native to the bogs of NC, SC, GA and FL, is a smallish pitcherplant, 8-16 inches tall. Tinted bronze or pink in full sun, the hood hides the opening of the pitcher and prevents rain to be collected in this species. Project Description . Carnivorous Plant Seeds; Growing Supplies; Carnivorous Plant Art; Carnivorous Plant Accessories; News; Sarracenia minor. Sarracenia minor. We offer a beautiful and vigorous clone of the classic pitcher plant Sarracenia minor. SM013-01. SM003-03. Description. Remember to keep these bog lovers moist as they grow. Hooded Pitcherplant. Sarracenia minor grows in boggy areas in openings among pine trees in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Photo by Cure Nursery . Resembling the California Cobra Lily, Sarracenia minor (Hooded Pitcher Plant) is a carnivorous perennial prized for its upright, yellow-green pitchers topped by an overarching hood. Sarracenia minor is a perennial, terrestrial, rhizomatous, herbaceous, carnivorous plant with leaves modified into erect, tubular pitchers. The dry fruit (capsule) has cracked open and is about to release the seeds, which are about 3 mm long. Sarracenia minor.


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