Before there were Gods, there were these God-like anthropomorphized concepts. Remember the thousands of water babies Tethys had with Oceanus? Ain’t No Tragedy Like An Ancient Greek Tragedy, When We Thought Radioactivity Was Healthy, When the US (almost) Nuked North Carolina. The Greek Mythology Family Tree with all Relevant Gods. The mythical accounts are based exclusively on ancient sources. God of War He’s a sneaky one. “I’ll just list all the Greek Gods,” I said. I’m losing count. Just some of the biggest, most important ones. Literally every story I know about him involves him getting mad at something and trying to kill it. He also went to Tartarus, also until Zeus let him out. I don’t know what happens in Greek mythology if you’re physically unable to end a pregnancy, but it probably isn’t good. Seriously, more or less every story about her starts with Zeus messing around (with or without consent) and ends with Hera taking revenge on she-with-whom-Zeus-messed-around. Poseidon and Athena were in conflict pretty frequently, actually, including practically all of the Odyssey. Mnemosyne invented language and words. There are a lot of stories about her, but I think my favorite is the one where she got so angry that she made a girl named Myrrha fall in love with her own father. Sometimes he’d heal people, sometimes he’d kill them, sometimes he’d even cause plagues. What else? The only reason she’s listed here is because her grandson is Hermes. Compared to his brothers Zeus and Poseidon? Just save the image on your computer and print it. The detailed study of this family tree is in page “THE LINEAGE OF DEION: ODYSSEUS, PATROCLES AND TELEMACHUS”. All-around cool lady. Primeval Goddess of the Earth Titan God of Intellect It was only after Dionysus got him drunk that he relented and let her out. He was practically cuddly. -Actor “the one who guides” or “the right movement of opening consciousness to the spirit” had a son Menoitios who works for “what is accessible to the spirit”. Mother of Dionysus UPDATE 11/23/2015: I made an updated poster version, with like a dozen extra gods! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. « Cheerios Learning: Shapes, Patterns & Letters. Sister/wife of Hyperion. I mean, sure, there was the time he kidnapped Persephone, but that at least started as a misunderstanding. Oh! Other Greek Gods trees: from Edith Hamilton's Mythology • by Jimmy Joe • on Wikipedia Doing homework? Oh, but there’s also a great story where Artemis defends Mount Olympus from two giants. He also had crab claws on his head for some reason. With any luck, on Friday you’ll get to see Potato III: Attack of the Clones. My favorite by far is Momus, God of Blame and Insults, who was kicked out of the clubhouse for insulting (among other things) Zeus’s sex life and Aphrodite’s squeaky sandals. A comic about mostly history, maybe science, and probably some other stuff, too. The descendants of the other Aeolus children appear in family trees 11, 12 and 13. Another time Perseus turned him to stone. If you’re interested enough to want more than my rambling descriptions, there’s a whole lot at But won in the end. Your teacher has already seen this. So, count with me now: incest, murder, castration, “foam,” incest again, pedophilia, and we’re only three gods in! Goddess of the Hunt The family tree of the ancient Greek gods is depicted here in a large series of charts which include a short summary of the main gods, an illustration of Hesiod's Theogony, and a comprehensive eight-part set sourced from a broad selection of ancient texts. Titan Goddess of Memory But then Persephone eats a pomegranate seed and ends up in a split-custody arrangement between Hades and her mom. Greek mythology, as in other ancient cultures, was used as a. Titan God of Ocean, Streams, Water The latter is the father of Patroclus “the glorious ancestors”, that is to say “the achievements of the past”. Click a name for its Wikipedia article. Oh but that penis? The mythical accounts are based exclusively on ancient sources. More like unstoppable, inexorable entropy that grinds everything you’ve ever loved into dust. The image is 26 cm x 17,54 cm in 220 dpi (which is … I LOVE teaching! Site built with Wordpress, Frumph's Comicpress theme and a lot of tweaking. THE LINEAGE OF DEION: ODYSSEUS, PATROCLES AND TELEMACHUS. Seriously, he even non-consensually “seduced” Medusa, although that was before she she got snakes for hair. Seriously, Hermes stole his first cows before he was one day old. Use at your own risk; Greek mythology is ambiguous. First off, she wasn’t born – she burst, fully armed, from Zeus’s head. You might also remember him as the one who de-penised Uranus, but it gets worse. Queen of Gods, Goddess of Marriage I had to cut it down, and cut it again, and even then I didn’t finish in time – sorry again, by the way. Fed Kronos a rock dressed like a baby. He made her a beautiful throne that stuck to her when she sat in it, and refused to unstick her. ~Korwin Buy it here! She never married, just cooked food, lit fireplaces, took care of travelers, and basically just chilled out at home. And she only got cooler. Patroclus is the close friend of Achilles of which he is also the cousin (Cf. She turns into a deer and runs between them, and they both miss her and spear each other. Oh, and one time someone challenged him to a music contest, and Apollo won and gave the guy donkey ears. Includes a brief section on Norse mythology. -The other son, Cephalus “the head”, is most likely the father or grandfather of Arcisios “the one who endures” although no reliable source has come down to us. Disney’s Hercules did Hades a real disservice, because now everyone thinks he was some fast-talking cartoon supervision. He usually succeeds. Family tree 10 and Family tree 7). Name, Pseudonym, Homonym, and/or Honorary Title: Everything © Korwin Briggs. If it was sexable, Zeus sexed it. It was also the reason she got snakes for hair – Athena wasn’t pleased that the “seduction” had happened in her temple. He threw lightning bolts, defeated the titans, resolved disputes (kind of, sort of), and was powerful enough that he could get away with more or less anything. Most of what I’ve read about Artemis has her shooting things with arrows. Zeus also “begot” Leto some babies, and Hera got so jealous that she followed her around just to prevent her from giving birth anywhere. Family Tree Chaos Hestia Hades Poseidon Zeus Demeter Cronus Rhea Hera Zeus ebooks sheet music pdf Hera Zeus.Greek Mythology is a wonderful literary vehicle with which to integrate forms of en. Wife/sister of Coeus, grandmother of Artemis and Apollo. Privacy. Lucky for Leto that she eventually found a place to hide. Arcisios is the grandfather of Odysseus, the hero of the Odyssey. Goddess of War and Heroes Titan Goddess of Intellect It landed in some water, and produced “foam” from which emerged Aphrodite. God of Healing, Sickness, Music, and Prophecy And if you’re in the market for a Greek God Family Tree poster, feel free to check out the store! Animals, Episode 1. His son was the sun, but I don’t think that’s as punny in ancient Greek. This shows the Greek Mythology Family Tree and Generation in Greek Mythology including the description of the 12 Olympians and their children. This is why you don’t talk to gods. Address: About, Email.


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