He jokes that being handsome is like breathing. She understands humans will die when the time comes. His coworker takes a phone call. Love, your Bride.” Kim Shin smiles in pleasure. The drama shows how angels took people’s lives by picking up those they thought were near death by looking at the people’s life cards. But all in all, I’m very satisfied with this series. Eun Tak walks through the door to the other side. Everything is wonderful at work. They agree to take the room. A glimpse of a gray wig just before she opened the door to the tea room would’ve been a nice bit of editing continuity. You know there’s only one more loose end to tie up…. Yes folks, we’ve come full circle. He offers Kim Shin the scroll with Sunny’s portrait he painted as King. . Wang Yeo says she promised not to contact him. Wang Yeo tells Kim Shin to come to the tea house. Wang Yeo agrees life is beautiful. It really was a fantastic show. That satisfied my desire for Eun Tak to have a shining moment. That didn’t even cross my mind! In the drama the two men lived in the same house, and there were many silly exchanges between them that would make us laugh, but there were also scenes that would amaze us because of their cohesiveness. Thanks Kelli, I went back and watched it. Awk! There are many funny scenes in each episode, but there are also episodes that make us sad, make us afraid, make us angry, even make us surprised. ( Log Out /  Kim Shin wishes someone would tells them they’ve done enough and their retribution for the past is over. Go Eun looks lovely though the costume designer’s choice in her gown seemed a bit simple. The next morning Wang Yeo’s coworker gives him his last death card. She smiles. He tells him the apples are cut into rabbits. @Tasneen – I, too, missed that we didn’t get to see a 50-year old Duk Hwa. The man she loved was killed. I don’t believe this couple was known to us before this episode. Nevertheless, I will definitely be watching it again someday. Sunny gives the key to Wang Yeo who is pretending to be her stylist. Ah, Kim Shin’s future vision! The children and teachers see the dump truck. Were you listening to a... Once, there was a person. He frames her face with his hands, and kisses her forehead. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. No wasted time getting to know each other. Eun Tak and Kim Shin try on wedding attire. She declares everyone says so. Yeah, he is. And I am crying again. Later that night, Eun Tak sits on the roof and tells her mother in heaven that she’s going to get married. Glad you enjoyed the series. It was great our OTP had their loved ones,sans Sunny, for the celebration of their marriage. Tears fill his eyes. The wedding dress was perfect in the wedding scene along with the bouquet and head wreath. One last lovely vista from Quebec. The attractive owner of a chicken restaurant who is constantly confused by the Grim Reaper’s constant social awareness. She promises to return quickly. Wang Yeo gives them privacy. She asks what life he’s on. thanks to you kjtamuser, for providing us the recaps and a place to vent our questions and ideas He looks at his hat and says he won’t need to dry clean it again. The mythology was so well done, great actors, great characters, gorgeous cinematography, great OST. One of the reasons for their exceptionally long lifespan is that they acted upon the world with an almost geological slowness. She apologizes. Change ). That’s why she loves life and lives like every day is the last one. And I know not for everyone. His self realization is satisfying. Her eyes are probably amazing with mascara and eye liner but left as they are, she’s spookier than Christinna Ricci (back when she was a child actress). A good-looking, cynical, yet humorous character who is the guide to the Goblin and his bride’s reincarnations or afterlives. The cast had a lot of popular actors, including Gong Yoo as Kim Shin, Kim Go-eun as Ji Eun-tak, Kim Dong-wook as Grim Reaper, Yoo In-na as Sunny, and Yook Sung-jae as Yoo Deok-hwa . Take care of my big brother. I will rewatch it but will concentrate more on the scenes and just glance at the subtitles once in a while! It’s Wang Yeo and Sunny!! Wang Yeo sobs in his room. I checked, it’s true. At work a coworkers reads a love letter a viewer submitted. Awk! Recurring question in this series. So much to like. Thank you Kelli. Kim Shin looks around the draped and empty house. I was a bit surprised that Kim Shin did not come inside to say goodbye. She was Goblin’s sister in her previous life as Queen and the Grim Reaper’s wife. I was surprised to find out Aunt Stank was a ghost. it feels like its not a fantasy, well i hope so…. The location was perfect considering their history and that was the first portal he took her through. Kim Shin heads out for a walk. There’s going to be a bus accident with children. Corpse pillaging  is what this is. First Sunny and Wang Yeo, and than The Goblin and his bride. Wang Yeo says this is her third life. He winks at her. She realizes if she puts herself between the dump truck and the bus, the children will be saved. Episodes 15 and 16 were aired in a row, which made the audience very happy and impatient with the ending of the drama. . Sunny declares this is their first official day together. Granted – They reconnected in the next life. This was your best work to date. The production was superb. That the aunt never repented for her dreadful treatment of Eun Tak was fitting. Eun Tak tells him that Sunny has left and she remembered everything but kept that a secret. He urges her to forget and live by atoning and guiding the dead. Eun Tak thinks she’s crazy but she must sacrifice herself to save the children. She gave me a full and complete script chock full of relevant meaningful plot points. He’s been waiting for Duk Hwa to mature and asks adult questions. Wang Yeo takes her hand and says he heard nothing. Every one of Goblin‘s episodes was full of twists and surpises, right to the end. The field of buck wheat flowers is the perfect place for them to marry. But since some shows will never get subs, like the My House Appearing show (a new show on JTBC–about totally rebuilding a home in Korea for a needy family—which will have an episode in the future with Jang Hyuk) I find it a very useful place to see these shows. I’ve been crying/weeping this entire time, this was gut wrenching BUT one of the most meaningful and touching deaths I’ve seen. * I want the final episode to make sense and leave me happy. Kim Shin brings Wang Yeo a tray with food. One woman says that the woman that sacrified herself must be an angel. Does anybody know where I can watch it since I missed the live broadcast? He tells him to be strong. The Terminarch is the most spry among them, relatively speaking, and they deal with matters requiring the most urgency. An optimistic and bubbly high school student and the legendary Goblin’s bride. Now on to the VOICE! Duk Hwa, Grandfather’s assistant/CEO, Wang Yeo, Eun Tak and Kim Shin have dinner together at the house. perhaps they were rendered infertile epochs ago, and only managed to get along by abusing a nonrenewable ritual resource plus borrowed time. Eun Tak asks why he wanted to see her. The show’s end was a big surprise. It cannot be easy to keep up with the 3 dramas you are currently recalling. Irked, with his powers he snips the straps of her purse which falls to the ground and the contents spill out. Kim Shin gets a goofy grin on his face and thinks “married woman…that’s what she said.” Kim Shin is adorable in love!


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