By clicking Subscribe, I agree my data may be used for marketing purposes including email communications and third party marketing. Expedited options are available on checkout to receive your order faster. The American Vintage Series was originally developed in 1982 during the last years of CBS management with the '57 and '62 Reissues. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Informujemy także, że korzystając z serwisu, wyrażasz zgodę na przechowywanie w Twoim urządzeniu plików cookies lub stosowanie innych podobnych technologii oraz na wykorzystywanie ich do dopasowywania treści marketingowych i reklam, o ile pozwala na to konfiguracja Twojej przeglądarki. Yet just as He Of High Trousers can spot the spark that elevates the exceptional from the mediocre, so it's obvious to any serious Strat fan that the new range of American Vintage models elevates things yet again. Bridge pickups don't sound puny, the in-between sounds don't fall away to nothing, and so it is here. Super Sprzedawcy. Wyrażając zgodę, otrzymasz reklamy produktów, które są dopasowane do Twoich potrzeb. The '56 certainly has the most mid-driving, old-school Strat sound of all of the new American Vintage models. Zebrane CeneoPunkty możesz wymieniać na nagrody rzeczowe. We've tried every combination of Strat spec and materials over the years, and it seems that the thin finishes, correctly selected timbers, the right hardware and electronics genuinely do all play their small yet crucially important roles in getting that classic, big-but-clear sound. Please check the fields highlighted in red. The fat, single-piece maple neck and 'board may have something to do with that - rosewood tends to have a different midrange character - but the pickups were also more urgent-sounding on the early guitars, something that Fender has done well to recreate here. There was a problem. Currency: United States and many other countries About This Listing. Coupled with small frets it means the eyebrows-to-the-sky moment as bigger bends choke out. Frets are I great shape! Zobacz inne Gitary, najtańsze i najlepsze oferty. For instance, beneath the pick guard, the '56 is unshielded. Available on checkout. od. Fender American Standard Stratocaster 2008r. To some people (weird, unhappy people), all Strats look the same. When it comes to the guitars, however, there are no embarrassed downward glances, much less any mouth-grasping gasps at the sheer awfulness on display: Fender's 'bad' days are over. Fender American Vintage '56 Stratocaster MN Black – sprawdź opinie i opis produktu. When it comes to the guitars, however, there are no embarrassed downward glances, much less any mouth-grasping gasps at the sheer awfulness on display: Fender's 'bad' days are over. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program. Oops, looks like you forgot something. 10. Some people can't deal with it. Have a question or need assistance? American Vintage "Thin Skin" '56 Stratocaster. Follow this Product. In any case, it all looks right here, from edge bevels and screw types, to sizes and positions. It's worth remembering that big string bends were far from the norm, certainly in the 1950s. Frets are I great shape! Player Grade Vintage Guitars; Fender Bass Guitars; Artisinal Acoustics; Collector Grade Vintage Guitars; Selling Resources; Pedals and Amplifiers. We know buying new gear is a very personal decision. If you're a fan of old guitars, it's hard to see how you wouldn't prefer this to a new square-edged 'board. Fender american vintage stratocaster 56 Blonde. Learn More, Jagged Offset Electric Guitars - Guitar & Bass - Luthier Tools. Others (ahem) suffer nightmares about incorrectly contoured bodies, the wrong number of pickguard screws, wrong logos and - shiver - a 22nd fret. Fender American Vintage '56 Stratocaster (bridge) You've seen more new Strats in the last 20 years than Simon Cowell has auditioned hopeful starlets. Of course there are playability compromises, but Fender has succeeded in its mission to create the most faithful reproduction of a vintage Strat yet - these tiny spec and finish details really do add up to a fundamentally different playing experience. : Sell One Like This; Price Guide. Fender American Vintage '56 Stratocaster. Za wystawienie opinii otrzymasz 3 CeneoPunkty. Thankfully as far as we're concerned, Fender has completely reshaped the neck to better reflect the original guitar. © Price Guide Estimated Value. 10. Visit our corporate site. This model replaces the '57 AVRI model. sold guitars for Steve Miller, held performances by major artists like Steve Vai, built thousands of customer relationships, and helped countless enthusiasts find just the right instrument. By continuing to use Reverb, you agree to these updates, and to our cookie policy. Buying Guide. z o.o. It's faithful design means it's not the most playable of the new 'old' Strats. The '54 to '59 single-ply guards never went green, and it's interesting to note that Fender is using something on the '56 that looks more like the old, pre-1957 ABS material (often referred to as Bakelite), which was being phased out around that time. To reflect our commitment, we updated our terms and conditions. Fender American Vintage '56 Stratocaster MN Black, Specyfikacja: korpus: lekka olcha gryf: klon, profil soft-V, Vintage-Style Heel Adjust podstrunnica: klon, radius 184 mm siodełko: kość, szer. The guitar is in very good condition, with a few deep dings on the t Buying Guide. There is a meaty fullness and depth of tone in a vintage-style Strat with all the right bits, that is pretty much non-existent in the entry-level models. Choosing a Stratocaster.


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