i go to the spot itsays to switch to old facebook its not there very unhappy, I CAN’T STAND THE NEW DESIGN and it’s not letting me go back to the classic. Here is why! Just think how facebook has a Like button for posts, but not a Dislike button. For me, the answer is simple. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu. Speaking of Duplo winning over Lego; well they did need to keep their technicians in India worth keeping right! To solve any issues that may need sorting Not on a fancy new looking facebook. And where the hell do you log out? I do not like change. I do NOT like the new layout. With that in mind, even if the latest Facebook algorithm change does lead to a downturn in your Page’s organic reach, there is no reason to lose your cool. It’s like a cesspool for narcissists and other mentally ill personas. What do I do?? Go to the drop-down menu and select “Switch to classic Facebook.”. I don’t like the new setup at all. My wife tried the new version, hated it, clicked the drop down menu and got the option to switch back. What is wrong with Facebook? When this is all there is, I will quit using facebook! When I typed the word Georgia, a tab popped up with the name of my friend Georgia. Review the new buttons and tabs for your Page and click Apply Template. I hate this! I really need the classic back so bad!!! mind doesnt say switch back to old facebook which is bs i want old facebook but they wont let me im thinking of finding another site i hate new facebook. Not a happy camper with the new Facebook format I found on my desktop when I signed in after a week not being able to get to it and when I click on the down arrow the option to revert back is not there, now what – I need the old format back. how to get back to old facebook 2019, I’m in some kind of testing, and I can’t switch back.HELP, HELP, I read all the comments, but no solutions. I can’t revert back also, I don’t have the option. Follow us on social media. Here’s a quick guide on where to find the option. Since I have not been given the option to switch back to the old classic version of Facebook, I have no choice but to leave Facebook for good. People need to leave FB en masse or they just don’t give a toss. Completely agree it stinks. It happens to all of us. When I click on photos, I am automatically taken to my activity log and can not see all of my photos. There are so many issues to note. You can follow Martin on. I was suckered into “trying” the new format but was not advised I was making a permanent switch over. any way to forcer this new look without the invite ? This one’s garbage. Click Settings on your Page. ( Australia ), Nevermind, i , i see it now . Fb always asks our thoughts and opinions, but I don’t see the point because we don’t matter. I was aware that others had tried it and were allowed to return to the classic. horrible! :-). The new layout doesn’t work all the time. It gives me a headache just looking at the screen! My biggest complaint is I can no longer share photos or videos as nothing will load.I’m on a laptop don’t know if that matters but why have Facebook if you can’t share anything.This never happened with the old format. as then cldn’t see the forest to get out. Brash and too massive set out very badly they instead they spent time having proper customer service, and being able to contact live people when we need to. I still have classic on my computer but as I don’t use computer much facebook isn’t much use anymore. This was not a change for the better. I used it on Chrome and it worked instantly after I installed it. No one except you enjoy being dictated to. This has pissed me off enough to finally quit fb. This is horrible. Read next: Does anyone know of a way to contact Facebook and tell them to return to their old look? They can easily post all day long, in their permanent attempt to make everyone’s life as miserable as their own. It looks horrible, how to go back to the old one? My bank already does this on the desktop side of things and it’s infuriating to have to click through several large menu buttons just to get to something that used to be a single click on the home page. Funny that I can have classic on one device but not the other. Most comments here seem to have missed the point. Maybe it’s a good thing; so much time wasted on FB. There you should see a "Switch to Classic Facebook" option.


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