Facilitated groups of employees to define job competencies and write performance measures for all competencies, in an effort to revamp the performance management process for a non-profit client. The list of ideas is big. Following is the list of charitable organizations. Reviewed and provided feedback on strategic plan. So, this is an excellent idea on local areas scale. Over the past few years, the social media craze has been very high. You may also like project action plan examples. Let’s know about non profit organization ideas and the fields in which you may get started. Evaluated effectiveness & provided feedback during videotaped presentation segments. Funds used for operations, new programs, outreach, training and website development. Initially developed communication plan and roll-out strategy for all U.S. & Canadian locations, and then revamped strategy when initial roll-out produced diminished results. Co-designed and co-facilitated a personality and spirituality program as part of the offerings from a religious non-profit organization. What would be the primary responsibilities of a charitable organization? Initiated and managed the development process/project for a fundraising-driven 3-D model DVD video. Worked with task force to redevelop direction statements, strategies, objectives, communication plan and organizational measures for assessing effectiveness. Facilitated a strategic planning process with a faith-based organization, including board members & senior staff. These are some of the best ideas for charitable organizations: In conclusion, nonprofit organizations, aka non-governmental organizations, are significant. Sadly, it’s also privilege that not … Worked with staff, provided coaching to resolve issues. (for non-profit projects see further below) Re-engineering & organizational change related to automation; knowledge management, curriculum & certification process for operations Provided job analysis, re-engineering strategies and recommendations and organizational development across several years to a pipeline client to support their company-wide automation initiative. Taught business and entrepreneurship to disadvantaged populations and MBA students. Hey there, we are happy you are here! Nov 2014 6 . If the sole purpose of this organization is to raise social awareness, then this organization is deserving to apply for a request for a proposal on regards to the funding of their non-profit organization. Provided executive coaching to drive performance improvement. For other clients, wrote a number of state training grants (5 states) and obtained $2.5MM in total funding. Non-Profit Project Examples Fund raising campaign Organization move IT upgrade Awards dinner Process improvement initiative Advertising campaign development What other kinds of projects do you undertake? This is one of the most needed welfare work in a lot of cities in the world. Even providing clean water would change the lives of many in North Africa. Started/directed a social entrepreneurship program. Also facilitated a strategic planning process with a newly acquired company of this client. We have lists of cool name ideas for aspiring businessmen who want to excel. Facilitated sessions. Provided career advising services to MBA students on a short-term basis to cover a staff member on leave. Program was developed as part of a change process to transition supervisors and managers to a more effective style of leadership. Facilitated international senior leadership team through strategic planning process to refine vision, develop strategies, and develop objectives, timeframes and responsibilities. In addition to your strong commitment, you need to be a visionary leader who leads by example. Developed initial strategy and action plan for training/learning function for national social service membership-based organization. Action plan developed with timeline and key objectives for 18 month period, in addition to strategic plan. Developed/facilitated process for Spanish-speaking leaders. However, you must keep in mind that a non-profit business or startup offers no return on investment. However, it is advised to work on your field on interests and skills. Center has been able to attract community leaders for mentors and businesses for funding. Provided consulting support to develop program structure for a non-profit supporting organization, two non-profits and four for-profit organizations centered on eco-tourism, youth development and cultural continuity in Ghana. As we all know a non-profit organization differs from a profitable business in several ways. In this table, we have charitable organizations list, and it includes the top 100! Assessed the culture of a newly acquired business unit and provided recommendations to executive group. Designed and facilitated a leadership & management program to approximately 90 supervisors and managers of a publications client. We are listing all the plans for starting an NGO. Pursued USAID grant. Conducted a performance assessment of the organizational processes, culture and leadership of an international yacht. Provided feedback/coaching to staff. Developed and facilitated outdoor leadership training programs for two organizations. Founder and project manager, obtained funding and built capacity for a state-wide industry partnership that crosses all 10 of Pennsylvania’s priority industry sectors and focuses on the development & learning for specific occupations focused on physical security, cyber/IT security, emergency/disaster preparedness/management, continuity planning, fraud, forensics, safety, law enforcement/fire/EMTs. Facilitated a strategic planning and governance/bylaws revisions process with a benefits related association client. Discussed current performance management practices and provided recommendations. These are the best ideas to work on. The idea should be clear and well organized so that you get people together with you. Designed interventions to drive change including – restructuring processes for selection, evaluation, development, including tools. Provided consultative feedback to CEO of hospital regarding foundation and development. Also provided learning opportunity to employees regarding problem solving & decision making. Developed and facilitated Preventing Sexual Harassment program for employees at multiple locations.


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