The whole point of the Good Samaritan parable was to point out to the "religious nut" who our neighbor really is. That's the only way that this parable really will mean what God intends it to mean for you and me right now. Jesus is for all creation -- is the firstborn and in him, all things are created in heaven on earth. The pope made his first official trip outside the Vatican, outside Rome, and he used the trip as a means to draw attention to a continuing humanitarian problem while chiding the world for its indifference. Have compassion; reach out in love at this moment now. Then a pastor and a lawyer pass by on the other side to avoid getting involved. It’s one of the most told and retold parables in the entire Bible. They're leaving situations of desperation -- sometimes violence, but mostly economic desperation -- and we've responded, as Pope Francis says, with what he called "the globalization of indifference that is widespread among too many others. Sign up here to receive an email alert when the latest homily is posted. A Good Samaritan can be any benevolent person believing in the Biblical description of a good Samaritan. "He is the head of the body that is the church, for God was pleased to let fullness dwell in him. So the author of this Book of Deuteronomy speaks as though he is Moses speaking a second time now and putting new emphasis on the law. Follow the example of Pope Francis and give up our indifference or even our antagonism; turn to our brothers and sisters with love. I think it is time to integrate! He is before all, and all things hold together in him. The transcripts of Bishop Gumbleton's homilies are posted weekly to You don't have to go to a far, distant land. But now after many decades, they were in a sense overly familiar with it, took it for granted, and didn't let it really challenge them. The parable of the good Samaritan is known to most of us: a traveler waylaid by bandits and left for dead is bypassed by countrymen and clergy able to help, but too concerned for their own safety or affairs. Enter your email address to receive free newsletters from NCR. It is already in your mouth and in your heart so that you can put it into practice." Then he tells the story, updating it at this point. Listen to God speaking to us now, making the law something real for this present moment. Two well-respected men, separately passed by the wounded man. He's asking them to begin to have a new fervor about the law, but also to really see it as something that's internal to them, in their hearts, "It's something very near to you, already in your mouths and your hearts, not far off," as the author put it. A Good Samaritan Law Example: Pinned By a Tractor-Trailer. The Good Samaritan Effect (Definition + Examples) If you grew up going to church, the phrase “Good Samaritan” might ring a bell. How do we make this story of the Samaritan something real for us? Open our arms; allow them to be healed and given a chance for a full human life. All is made through him and for him. The good Samaritan lesson actually comes from a Bible parable. These are examples of people being a Good Samaritan and doing the right thing, as a normal person would do. The McCarrick Report is Out: Read Our Full Coverage. But now we must bring it down to our own times, our own day. The first lesson today really gives us a very good context in which to reflect on our Gospel reading today and the letter from Paul to the Colossians. So the author wants to update the law, make it applicable for what's happening now, and also wants the people to accept the law with a new kind of interiority; let it enter into their hearts. Through Jesus, God willed to reconcile all things to himself. Those are the words of the pope. We begin to hate these people and push them back, not just ignore them. It was very common in the time of Jesus for the very thing to happen which Jesus describes in the parable. But then Jesus tells the story of the three people -- one a priest, another a Levite, a religious authority also. Hear what Jesus tells us; look deeply into our heart where God is speaking to us. However, would you believe these people were punished for doing so? It's in our hearts: God is living in our hearts, trying to guide us, and so we must seek out a new kind of interiority. In the Bible, Jesus tells his disciples the story of a man who was robbed and left for dead on the side of the road. anon324819 March 12, 2013 . The parable speaks of a traveller who was robbed, beaten, stripped and left half dead alongside the road.


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