1 b. 2018/2019 The following effects are fundamentally electrical in nature: a. tension in a spring – this is due to the distortion of bonds in the spring, which are electrical in nature. Physics 2 (PH 202L) Uploaded by. ����A�1�Zk|H�)���j�>��%��'>v����� � ��ZȚ�nL�`��4�`鸂�\9�;��P� � >��/_H��.��`��q5�����L���ل���L�s��e �SGCN�q=�q�.~��"�)GF(��LB�{���q`�� ��ԅh�m�� p0l9d�!�(p�� \E���#�g����#1�b M�1�{'U8������R�����h��F�>L�P�?�@��B���fq����ē{ �@���r%/օ��59� &�����3���.e{��`��. Electric Current and Circuits Example Problems with Solutions. Electrons are free to move in a conductor. <> Course. Find the change in the resistance of conductor in first and third intervals. University of South Alabama. If we connect them in series, R eq = 300Ω. “crackles” when you take clothes off – this is due to buildup of charge on the garment x��X�nG`0,���C.��v���o���7�����-�b$��K9�s�]��M�HQ[6�luשSU�z����\c�{X�8]|�Cj���x���6�sZWQ~��༵,~|ڼ]P#��ߌ{9��ů����.�-�;1y����W}��/N�o���bc�Y��.2�RN͊��mC��9�جOKj׿b��� y������8����RK&�엗ە5)q�����������KDnym\���m"k�/?��_|��P �\Rh���L�ŏ`�F���� ���.���*�Xl��֛�����[`#��/o��-ު�D����l�����H.�,&��ʙdK"D'K�e�i5e�,p@)>��m@@�=����E��Գ������Qk�w�}>�ű`!�w�'�����=꠻Xa�����@� 5 0 obj SOLUTIONS: PROBLEM SET 3 ELECTRIC CURRENT and DIRECT CURRENT CIRCUITS PART A: CONCEPTUAL QUESTIONS A. Problem: The discharge of the electric eel can transfer a charge of 2.0 mCin a time of 2.0 ms. What current, in A, does this correspond to? University. Academic year. In this problem Q = 2.0 x10-3C Time = 2.0 x10-3s Current = ? stream SOLUTIONS: PROBLEM SET 2 ELECTRIC POTENTIAL AND ELECTRIC POTENIAL ENERGY PART A: CONCEPTUAL QUESTIONS A. Solution: Step 1: To solve a problem, note each and every quantities mentioned in your problem. Voltage vs. current graph of a conductor is given below. Electric Current and Circuits Example Problems with Solutions.pdf. Caleb Smith. Solutions to ER1: Charge and Coulomb’s Law A. Qualitative Questions: 1. %�쏢 %PDF-1.4 Electric Current Problems Answers - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. We use ohm's law to find relation between V, I and R. Interval I: Since potential and current increase linearly, resistance of the conductor becomes constant. Y�']�e�����f�9�����8(���d���H�͵������l�"�.�ܬ_"�j����;��5��`�D�*VK�U�T|T�(O'[AO�����B�\i=�q����{gyYW�a�Շ��,��v�&&K4��.�OZ��xfA�a�[3�pޛ���0� W({i�i��_ Gr>>����E�^~�� �j�4բ�$�B6�J1��(�):�qZt�I�)0�ȫ��`-��9k��}M%�� 1 Fall 2012 Physics 121 Practice Problem Solutions 05 Electric Potential Contents: 121P05 -7Q, 2P, 4P, 6P,13P, 14P, 28P • Electric Potential Energy versus Electric Potential • Calculating the Potential from the Field • Potential due to a Point Charge • EquipotentialSurfaces • Calculating the Field from the Potential • Potentials on, within, and near Conductors If there was a potential difference between two points, then an electric field must exist. Electric Current Exam1 and Problem Solutions 1.


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