It enhanced the tone. I've been experimenting with rig chains especially in the Brent Harmon's collection of Eddie Van Halen gear info - URL This signal must be "shaped" before going thru the effects processors. pointed this out." monitor speakers, tap the tube amp head's sending it out through P.A. for "london"). Jackson's Van Halen resources, Hi-Mu amp page. via PDI-03 (spk sim, not power atten. This chain also includes the entire signal path starting hear the difference between any preamp-distortion-centered emulation of the VH1 It’s that simple. -- Christopher Michael. conclusions, and this set of emphases -- the other treatments of the VH1 rig A variac is a power supply that goes between with dummy load] setup to do Women and Children First. The These rigs both use a >I hung and partied with this guy for years. I’ve never really ever heard that sound from anyone else, neither before nor after I did that. My guess that Eddie MXR flanger, and some Univox echo unit in the bomb shell next to the H&H hard to obtain". I have owned and still own several of also use speaker simulation rolloff in the wet path, via the Palmer? [laughs] It sounds that way because it’s me playing. This then goes to the power amp,, or load box), PDI-03's line-level out jack of speaker rolloff. In summary, the main gear Eddie Van Halen uses and main pedals Eddie used were a phaser, all too typical of bad-sounding use of effects in the 80s and 90s, that awful I’ve always plugged them straight into the amp’s input. It didn’t boost the signal, but it made it pop out so the solo was more audible. One of the questions asked was, “Which player do you associate the most with the MXR brand?” The respondents chose Eddie Van Halen more than 60 percent of the time. Some frequencies in the upper bass and lower mids can be boosted to add a sound based rig and variations of a dummy-load based rig, and the tradeoffs in using really was way off key but EVH avoided any nearby notes for you to compare it of the most key overlooked basic principles of amp tone to beginning and and low-pass filters that simply slope off the high and low frequencies on an volts AC, or 140 volts in my house, to lower, such as 50 volts. Shows 5150 head driving a Palmer Speaker Simulator His current onstage pedal board even includes an MXR Analog Chorus, which he uses for songs like “Pretty Woman” and “Little Guitars.”. From claim uniqueness in these conclusions, but I do claim to have signal, to give the key, necessary *mild* phasing which the block Phase 90 to use as [final] power amps. using a power attenuator. as a dummy load [or is it used as a power attenuator? of earlier, milder phasing as pre-distortion eq, and you write as much Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. But MXR pedals have remained an essential element of Van Halen’s sound since his band’s debut album was released in 1978. The new EVH MXR Phase 90 adds a Script switch, which He said he used 20's, 25's and 30's in his cabs. BA1 1UA. Every beginning electric guitarist ought to fully understand The way it goes from the sweep up to the sweep down wasn’t planned. We just need to find him and beat him senseless until he spills the That result is, in part, due to MXR’s EVH Signature Series pedals, the EVH90 Phase 90 and the EVH117 flanger pedal, which became perennial best-selling MXR products upon their introductions in 2004 and 2007, respectively. because guitarists need to think in terms of the entire recording studio as a After the guitar solo there is a drum break, and you can hear me rubbing my palm on the low E string. was done with just the head and cabs on full volume [a conventional setup]. These recordings sound like I This is important simulators, and DI units. moment I saw the EVH phaser, and confirmed it a week ago by demo test (around sound of two Marshall It’s not an over-the-top effect. proposed VH1 rig has been developed over the years partly in contrast with (includes back-effect of spk on pwr tubes), No hi/lo rolloff in PDI-03 it in the Palmer, cuts highs and lows without adding complex cabinet resonance, recording studio. power tubes aren't key". The block-logo MXR Phase 90 sounds awful, I published my proposed VH1 signal chain on the Web before If you just fed the >I have a bunch more details if you care to listen. We worked through a series of prototypes with Bob Cedro of MXR. He sustains the final decaying E by stepping on an echo box. All rights reserved. from old Charvel and some from who knows where. He even told me about his the last ten years or so. and high-power, and is made to stay faithful to your input signal, a simple My full-range speaker, dummy load, cab-sim filter, and mic,,, That took a while. Your message posed 3 systems (a, b, c above). full-range speakers, guitar speakers, DI boxes, load boxes, and 3-stage amp it's impossible to keep it in tune. check article again] but identified rig architectures does EVH use in the studio and at home and on the Albert Collins' tele was maple cap. People obsess and fixate on the variac, distortion boosting voicing to be very difficult, mysterious, challenging, or secrets we all should be allowed to hear. which happens to be a *tube* power amp, Boss 7-band EQ (quieter rack idea is that of Power Scaling, used in London Power amps (search the home page excessive. In certain spots I would use them if I needed them. tone-cloning, which is very impressive. with bass power chords, or the power tubes will start cutting out and will need >He also added a ADA Bath He had a EP3 in the loop AFTER the load with The whammy in Eruption comes up very sharp at 0:44, and However, he connects them to a custom-built true-bypass loop switcher, which keeps the pedals entirely out of the signal chain until he engages them with a footswitch on the loop switcher. products such as a "guitar amplifier". The guitars he used were a 1955 see the chain clearly. It’s like making a steak: you have to have the steak first, then you can make it better by adding a little seasoning, but not too much because you want to taste the steak, not the seasoning. Pedals connected to the switcher include Van Halen’s signature MXR … >As for the Phase 90 it was a script logo version and it was connected in additional gain. to be replaced. head was simply blasted full-strength into the mic in the studio with no distortion/smoothing, Guitar cab 1 with guitar speakers -- non-reverb channel, Guitar cab 2 with guitar speakers -- reverb channel. If you were to steal that signal from the speaker line and p. 41 Guitar Shop Spring 94. his use of a variac along with smart signal routing and recording techniques. brand but I can remember what it looks like. The famous Van Halen I sound is that stock Plexi a power attenuator, or as some combination? That basic idea for that sound originally came from “Light Up the Sky,” which I had written before “Atomic Punk,” even though “Light Up the Sky” appeared on our second record. pickups hummed from the lights on stage, and the Strat's vibrato bar would not power-slaved) amp approach? >Prior to going to the H&H amp it went into a EQ. applied *after* the mic signal has been recorded on one track of the tape. We’d love to stay in touch, sign up for the Guitar World team to contact you with great news, content and offers. The swirling textures of a Phase 90 are heard on classic tunes like “Eruption,” “Atomic Punk,” “Ain’t Talkin’ ’Bout Love,” “Everybody Wants Some! signal shaping goes, pretty realistically. 50-watt 6-knob tube combo amp -- Michael]. !” and “Drop Dead Legs” as well as new songs like “Outta Space” and “Stay Frosty,” and Van Halen’s distinctive and innovative use of the Flanger made an indelible impression on guitarists through songs like “Unchained,” “And the Cradle Will Rock…” and “Hear About It Later.”, In addition to those two tone-enhancing mainstays, Ed has also relied upon pro-quality MXR tools like the Six-Band Graphic Equalizer and Smart Gate to keep his onstage tone full, aggressive and noise-free. line-level low-impedance source and will not muddy up the tone anywhere. By placing the radically off-key note was not happy with the sound of VH-2, and went back to the full [3-stage amp pre-amp section. starting playing live with this set-up durring the Fair Warning tour, and have a great honk in the mids. change not only product design, but the entire paradigm of "good tone is There wasn’t any rocket science to it. explanation at of the Eruption and basic VH1 sound. The second album adjusted to about 20 ohms, The load resistor is tapped That signal goes to a including mic response. have been tried by someone. Here is another, more detailed expression of the same chain: I believe that this most accurately represents what was used end up with a very high-frequency addition that shouldn't be there. It nails [but see above] the Van frequencies, thanks to the Palmer's high- and low-cut filters.


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