Neutral aerial is a "reverse sex kick": its clean hitbox deals minimal damage and knockback, whereas its late hitbox deals more damage. However, several of Dr. Mario's moves have been ambivalently buffed and nerfed. Dr. Mario slams his opponent on the ground, this move has two hits dealing 9% (2% + 7%). And remember – the more pills you have leftover once you complete a stage, the more bonus points you’ll get. Bicycle Kick, this is Dr. Mario's main combo tool and it can rack up a lot of damage. Dr. Mario heaves the opponent over him and then throws them diagonally. That said, he uses external modifiers to most of his stats rather than directly modifying them, so he sports subpar mobility compared to Mario. Dr. Mario is very similar to his original, but there are differences between them.Overall, Dr. Mario is slightly stronger than his counterpart. For a gallery of Dr. Mario's hitboxes, see here. It first hits in front and then behind. However, it does not stall Dr. Mario's descent in midair, making it useless for recovery unlike, A jumping uppercut. Its knockback differs depending on your opponent being in the air or on the ground when you hit then. There’s so much that no one person could possibly keep track of everything. Play VS. matches, with Dr. Mario being the 62nd character to be unlocked. Down aerial and Dr. Tornado's hitbox alterations result in their hits connecting together better. Taunting next to Little Mac on Tomodachi Life. Smash Ultimate Dr Mario Guide – Moves, Outfits, Strengths, Weaknesses, The doctor is in, and he has a few qualities that separate him from that regular “Mario” guy, whoever that is. Despite being able to wall jump and the fact that Dr. Tornado is a much better recovery option than Cape, the combination of his slow air speed, low jump height, slow air acceleration and Super Jump Punch's mediocre travel distance results in his recovery being predictable like Mario's. As you know, Mario was drawn up by Nintendo star designer Shigeru Miyamoto, and first appeared in the arcade hit Donkey Kong as "Jumpan" before he starred with his brother Luigi in his very first own game: Mario Bros. However, Dr. Mario compensates for his slower mobility with another external multiplier that increases the damage of his attacks in comparison, as all of his attacks deal noticably more damage without any compensation on knockback, which enables him to KO more easily as a result. – Sumo Bro Dr. Mario functions like a stronger, yet slower Mario, owing to the implementation of multipliers to the majority of his moveset and some of his attributes. Here are the full list of assistants, plus a few of their Stage and Versus Mode skills: – Goomba (Stage Mode Skill: Increases score by 1-percent, Versus Mode Skill: If opponent attacks, grants 4-percent chance attack meter fills instantly) – Porcupuffer (Stage Mode Skill: Grants 10-percent chance of extra three seconds in timed stages, Versus Mode Skill: If opponent attacks, grants 6-percent chance received viruses will be matching-colour) – Dr. Luigi Useful for spacing and comes out quickly. His main smash attacks are fairly self-explanatory. It hits on frame 3, which is the lowest amount of start-up lag out of Dr. Mario's aerials. It is best suited for setting up an edge-guard, but can also be followed up with dash attack at 0%-20%. It functions better as an attack than a recovery option, as it has great KO potential and fast startup, which can make it a deadly. this move always spikes. Dr. Mario (Dr. マリオ, Dr. Mario) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4. Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! During the early stages of the game, choosing Bowser is the best way to go. Conversely, Dr. Mario's higher overall damage output results in him being noticeably more efficient at KOing in comparison to Mario. Dr. Mario's projectile attack, the Megavitamins, is a bit more powerful than Mario's Fireballs, but it remains too weak in the thick of battle to make a difference. Firstly, Dr. Mario can use it to reflect projectile attacks such as fireballs, missiles and others back at opponents. Unlike in Melee, he now functions as a stronger, yet slower Mario because of multipliers being applied to the majority of his moveset and some of his attributes. Unlike Megavitamins and Fast Capsule, it does not disappear upon impact, which grants it decent set-up potential. Although he is considered nonviable in competitive play, especially in comparison to Mario, Dr. Mario has nevertheless achieved instances of success, thanks to smashers such as 2ManyCooks, Nairo, Koolaid and B7Games. Unlike his normal self's Super Jump Punch, Dr. Mario's version consists of clean and late hitboxes like. – Cheep Cheep (Stage Mode Skill: Grants 10-percent chance viruses (1) will be eliminated on stage start, Versus Mode Skill: Grants 10-percent chance your attacks will be 10-percent faster) Compared to Mario, Dr. Mario is still a slower and stronger clone of him. By extension, his sub-par recovery makes him a less capable edgeguarder compared to his normal self, and he retains his normal self's lack of range as well. However, its higher damage output makes it better at juggling, and even enables it to function as a situational KOing option at very high percentages. Aside from six moves, the remainder of Dr. Mario's moveset deals 1.12× more damage compared to Mario's moveset. The doctor is in… style! ►No Commentary Gameplay by ProsafiaGaming (2019)◄2019-07-10T15:08:58.000Z, – Dr. Mario (Stage and Versus Mode Abilities listed in Tip #1)


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