The difficulty related achievements DO stack and they are not as hard as they might seem. "They [the Argonauts] left these [the tribe called Mossynoekoi] behind them. Go outside and stick to the right to tell Gelios about his son (Apollo). Head back down the path past Demogenes, stick to the left path to find the Lycomedes statue (5/5), continue down and stick to the right for an Ares Shrine (1/1). (NOTE: if you followed my advice with the shield beheadings, you will unlock the following along the way as well). Get through another membrane, keep going forward, destroy Nessus (Hermes, Ares) here and after some more battles (Ares) you will finally get the golden fleece. NOTE: You can also keep them until you can upgrade one to 100% or keep them until you spend them all at once. Choose next, the Athena option to get those out of the way fast (you need a total of 50!). NOTE: This is a perfect spot to grind kills towards the star signs like dash kills, knockdown, thrown spears, executions, etc.! This will unlock the following: Complete the constellation Parthenos, mastering Athena's combat style. Upon beating them, you will unlock the following. On your way you find the next Hermes (4/6) and get a cutscene. Follow the road down, stick to the left to talk to Xeno and choose either Athena or Apollo options and get his mace (I chose to spare him, but asked him for his mace) to get Wavebreaker (1/4). Also make sure to kill 35 enemies with critical hits with your spear (since you finished Athena already, this should come by simply using your spear). The heroes raised their shields as a defence against the deadly volleys of arrows and with a clash of shield and spear drove the birds away. Look behind the shrine for a mysterious fruit (Hermes, Apollo, Ares). ], Pliny the Elder, Natural History 6. And here I advise you--and you know I am your friend--to stay a little while; for a godsend will come to you out of the bitter brine.’", Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 2. You will get after some time the following achievement, After that you will find the sword and are now able to switch weapons. Accept Pan's persuasive pact of partnership. Hyginus identifies the metal-feathered birds of the Argonaut adventure with the Stymphalian birds slain by Heracles. Head down the right path now, stick to the right and find Marinos and another fight. 2 x Loot Treasure. Shrine of Ares show the map 2 x Loot Treasure. Anyways, in this cave you will find the Followers of Ares. From here on, you are alone. Head left for an Ares Shrine (2/2), speak with Daedalos (Apollo, Athena, Apollo, Hermes, Ares), get the Gladiator armour and spear during those fights (1/3, 2/3) and talk to Pytheas down at the cells (Ares, Apollo, Apollo). Now return to the navigations room. © 2020 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. Talk to the Oracle (Ares), talk to everyone and find the last Hermes in the game behind Atalante (1/1). Alright, at the beginning we choose the "Legendary" difficulty (you need to do this manually in the options menu while in game). Complete the constellation Zephyrus, mastering Hermes' combat style. Withermoore's Soul Jar is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Back to the battle, spam the Y button attack to impale your enemies. This should unlock the following: Complete the constellation Helios, mastering Apollo's combat style. The plume struck the left shoulder of noble Oileus, who let his oar fall at the sudden blow, while the rest looked in amazement at the winged dart. Head to Lykas hut (Apollo), then head back to the jungle. Follow the path to the right to find another Hermes (3/7). For getting as many pods as you can, make sure to save frequently and also keep one save of the beginning so you can start over if needed! Enter the hut to talk to Pantaleon and Strachus. Check the left for another Lycomedes Statue (2/5). Also, make sure to follow my guide all the way through and aim for full completion on all constellations except for Deimos and Zephyrus, where you only need the top 4! Rinse and repeat until she is beaten and choose to spare her. Follow the path through the woods and find a Hermes on the beach (1/6). Talk to Pandora about Apollo. Also combine that with an A attack after the impale kill. In this next area are the last pods of the level, so make sure to destroy any needed, otherwise you will need to reload the level! Make sure to ask Daedalus each question again especially about the wings and make sure to talk to everyone again! Talk to Antiphon, choose the Hermes option (2/5 Hermes) and ask him everything about Hermes to get another Hermes option (3/5 Hermes). Continue down that path and talk to Khufu (Athena option), take the other path, before going up check the Hermes Shrine to the left (1/1) and continue up the path. Ares was the Olympian god of war and battle. You will get your next weapon on this island, Damaskian Sword (3/4) and before you enter the 3rd and final round talk to everyone again. From where you entered, head to the right (guard opens the door) for the training grounds. When the Argonauts had come to the island of Dia (the Divine), and the birds were wounding them, using their feathers as arrows, they were not able to cope with the great numbers of birds. This should behead your enemies for another achievement. After some time you will find Pan again and be able to recruit him for the following achievement (choose Apollo, Athena, Athena, Athena). Talk to Daedalus again, start the fight and kill them all before they kill your partner! Now we concentrate on Apollo for maximum skills! Keep going left, talk to Strixa and ask everything (Apollo, Apollo) and kill the attackers. Keep going and you will get the mace. Head right for the deck and make sure to first LISTEN to Pans’ conversation and beat him in the game! Head straight forward and find your first Hermes (1/7). On your way, you should get the following achievement: Complete the constellation Draco, conquering the depths of Tartarus. You will need a few of them for an achievement and 2 constellations. Once outside, get across the opposite path for the last Hermes (6/6). 1031 ff : Pseudo-Hyginus, Fabulae 20 (trans. Talk to Myron, choose the Athena option (5/5 Athena) for the following achievement, Talk to Evarias and beat all the waves. Talk to Origen down at the Hermes shrine (Apollo, Hermes, Hermes), and make sure to win his game (I chose to go second, I chose 4 and 4 for 11). : Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 2. Head to the hut on the right, talk to Agrios, outside with Bisa, Gorgidos and Chrosus. Don´t worry if you didn´t get all the previously mentioned achievements, you will get them while playing! 1031 ff : Help us fix it by posting in its. ", Pseudo-Hyginus, Fabulae 30 : This will unlock the following. Work towards your weapon related kills AND make sure to get also some thrown spear kills in! Find his body (Apollo), then head to the left for some more battles. After the cutscene, pause the game and spend deeds on Apollo until you can afford the revive skill for the Argonauts! Her the Queens of the Amazones, Otrere (Otrera) and Antiope, built a marble shrine for Ares when they were going to war. Listen to Atalanta and Achilles on board, talk to them once they are done. Return to the cliff and head to the Hermes shrine (2/2).


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