It is good to make a number of offensive arguments in the Rebuttal because it is very hard for the Summary speaker to cover all of the Rebuttal arguments in two minutes, and dropping an offensive argument is worse than dropping a defensive argument. For instance, Debaters  often describe an argument as lacking examples or not having any strong links but fail to do anything more. Link turns argue that it is actually the opposite of the link that is true. Instead it goes directly into counterargument and rebuttal. Debaters should also avoid using rhetorical questions as a substitute for rebuttals. This habit should be avoided, as it signals to the judges that the Debater is unable to make a decision on which rebuttal is is the strongest for the argument. Single-sex schools stop Some Debaters also tend to use only a single line or two to make a rebuttal. Thus, each “list” tends to consist of one-liner counter-arguments. Here, the Opponents can rebut the lack of a link between the frequency of intercourse in prostitution and having a public health risk involving the whole of society. Rebuttalist will want to divide their time equally between responding to the second Rebuttal speech and responding to the Constructive speech. Frontlines. Think of what they have that applies. Rebuttal, like argumentation, is one of the foundations of debate. Debaters with more experience, should consider these additional suggestions. If they only make the, “link turn” argument, the will only have argued for a reason that uniforms decrease academic achievement and will not have provided a reason the uniforms decrease it. Further it merely provides an opening for the opponents to answer the question later and show how the policy will work!! By understanding it, you will see through its merits and demerits so that you can punch holes in it. — Link turns and impact turns are offensive arguments, Answers to: NFU Leads to North Korean Denuclearization, Resolved: The United States should adopt a declaratory nuclear policy of no first use (Nuclear Weapons Vocabulary). The use of offense could (maybe should) include a potential add-on. Two, school uniforms don’t boost academic achievement. Compare your position to your opponent's Uniqueness arguments describe the status quo (current world) in relation to the topic. ", Third, IDENTIFY ANY OPPOSING ARGUMENTS THAT MIGHT DEFEAT YOU. Remember that the first time you respond to an argument will be the first response the judge hears to your opponent’s arguments, so it is very important that you make your first argument one of your very best arguments. At best, the second Rebuttalist will want to divide their time equally between responding to the second Rebuttal speech and responding to the Constructive speech. Present your They should also write out answers to arguments they have brainstormed, that are available in other evidence sets they’ve seen sold, and against arguments they hear about at tournaments. Instead, Debaters should always attack the logic of the argument in order to complete the attack. Also, it will make it easier to extend arguments (particularly dropped arguments!) Debaters should prioritise by rebutting the latest arguments from their opponents FIRST. Wrong.” The various attacks which can be used in rebuttal are as follows: With this rebuttal, Debaters attack the relevance of their opponent’s  arguments to the motion and show that these arugments do not support the opponent’s stance. ", Then, LIST OUT EACH OF MAIN REASONS TO SUPPORT YOUR SIDE. With the exception of preparing answers to the first rebuttalist’s points, there should be minimal need for prep time. When you rebut or refute an opposing position, use the following three-part organization: The opponent’s argument: Usually, you should not assume that your reader has read or remembered the argument you are refuting. If debaters have blocks prepared against all of those arguments (we will talk about how to do that in other essays) they will be able to use a minimal amount of preparation time responding to the arguments they are hearing for the first time in their debates.


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