In particular, giving insufficient attention to stylistic and linguistic precision will make scientific writing weaker and less readable. This item: Scientific Writing for Psychology: Lessons in Clarity and Style by Robert V. Kail Paperback $40.04 Ships from and sold by Book_Holders. Bring clarity, impact, and creativity to your scientific writing. Improving Clarity at the Sentence Level: your writing. The central requirements are clarity and rigor. Through many in-class exercises, and the use of several affordable or open-source assessment tools, the workshop promotes clarity, conciseness, fluidity, and organization in writing. Monday, May 27, 2019 — 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM EDT. AMA Manual of … Scientific Writing for Psychology: Lessons in Clarity and Style provides straightforward, hands-on strategies to help psychology students master scientific writing. Clarity in scientific writing. At the core of this brief and engaging guide are seven class-tested lessons: three devoted to sentences, one to paragraphs, and three to writing research reports. Iverson C, Christiansen S, Flanagin A, et al. It helps identify and articulate the differences between efficient and defi-cient scientific writing. 2nd ed. The regular use of present tense is of course appropriate in discussions and in developments that include equations.Among the most important elements that affect clarity and rigor in scientific writing are the decisions an author makes regarding denotative/connotative language, active/passive constructions, and tense. Clear and rigorous scientific writing is dependent upon a use of language that favors simplicity and precision. “The Science of Scientific Writing,” American Scientist 78, no.6 (November-December 1990): pp. To be a productive scientist and scholar, you need to write well. Scientific Writing for Scientists (Improving Clarity) *Examples and explanations from Gopen, George D. and Judith A. Swan. Successful Scientific Writing: A Step-by-Step Guide for the Biological and Medical Sciences. Learn skills for writing in the sciences, including identifying and correcting common errors to write with precision and fluidity. The best scientific writing is clear, concise and easily comprehended by its intended audience. 550-558. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press; 2000. To make scientific and medical information accessible to everyone through clear, concise, engaging written communication. I provide writing and editing services for medical and scientific communications intended for professional, scientific, and/or lay audiences. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition by American Psychological Association Paperback $19.31


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