1). Rice, Robert. United States Geological Survey general info on cedar waxwings, USGS summer (breeding) map for cedar waxwings, USGS winter distribution map for cedar waxwings, General info, including photos and videos, with specific sites for finding cedar waxwings in San Diego County, California, Cedar Waxwing videos, photos, and sounds at the Internet Bird Collection, Cedar Waxwings photos from South Carolina. It is a "silky, shiny collection of brown, gray, and lemon-yellow, accented with a subdued crest, rakish black mask, and brilliant-red wax droplets on the wing feathers. In the following shots you will also see that Bohemians have white tips on their wings (as well as red and yellow on adult birds) while Cedars only have the red tips (the wax) on adult birds and never show white in the wing. Perhaps it was simply tired of being buzzed by their nearby flights! } Cedar Waxwings were everywhere, picking mosquitos and other small insects out of the air by the dozen, while much higher overhead the Franklin’s and Ring-billed Gulls did the same with recent hatches of flying ants. "All About Birds." Patient Number 20-1792. One of the awesome things about winter birding in Calgary in the chance to see flocks of up to 5000 Bohemian Waxwings in flight, feeding on berries and apples, or eating snow on rooftops. if ($(window).scrollTop() >= origOffsetY) { Cedar WaxwingPentax K-5 + Sigma 150-500@500mm1/1000sec., ƒ/8.0, ISO 1600. There were a pair of American Robins bustling about in the berry shrubs on the far edge of the shrubline, making it hard to get a really good look at them, but there were a few openings here and there. (Waxwings: pp 113–117). Bohemian Waxwing, Queen’s Park Cemetery, March 1, 2018. overripe berries that have started to ferment and produce alcohol. northern Alberta and as far south as the northern tip of south America. “The Original Angry Bird” – Juvenile Cedar Waxwing. [4], View full Wikipedia article here Cedar Waxwing. crest and white tipped tail. Cedar Waxwing. They arrive briefly over a few days in large flocks during early spring migration. Personalized birding and wildlife tours in southern Alberta, led by Daniel Arndt. I will post an update when and if they re-start. Although Cedar Waxwings are a late migrant, arriving in late May, and departing in October, there are usually some that attempt to overwinter here and they can sometimes be seen mixed in with the Bohemian Waxwings. October 2001 (Vol 24, No. This young heron took the opportunity to open up its wings and absorb the sun, like some of the cormorants were doing further up on the debris. Photo by Tony LePrieur. They are attracted by the sound of running water, and love to bathe and drink in shallow creeks. The name, “waxwing” comes from the waxy red secretions found on the secondary feather tips of some birds. 24 June 2013. Pheasants, Grouse, and Partridges of Calgary. BirdYYC2020 Challenge - In the Homestretch! U of C Peregrine Falcons, 1995-2015 (pdf). After a really long summer hiatus, it’s time to get posting again. immature Bald EaglePentax K-5 + Sigma 150-500@500mm1/1250sec., ƒ/6.3, ISO 160. There are lots of juvenile birds being fed out there right now! A treat to find in your binocular viewfield, the Cedar Waxwing is a silky, shiny collection of brown, gray, and lemon-yellow, accented with a subdued crest, rakish black mask, and brilliant-red wax droplets on the wing feathers. Cedar Waxwing. [4], Waxwings are evaluated as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species. I also wanted to mention that a Peregrine Falcon has been seen perched on the Peter Lougheed Hospital in NE Calgary on two occasions by reader R. Michael Fisher, on August 12 and 20. The oldest observed Cedar Waxwing was eight years and two months old. pp. Bohemian Waxwing flock, Calgary, February 6, 2018. pp. Wilson’s Phalarope, Frank Lake, June 25, 2017. Do you have bird photos you’d like to share? Once she had recovered from her injuries, her species had already migrated from Alberta and so she will overwinter at AIWC along with several other Waxwings. 2000. [3] They sometimes fly over water to catch insects. We went over to look for the Brown Thrasher again, but sadly we only caught a brief glimpse of it. They forage on any dried berries or fruits left Sora, Bridlewood Wetlands, June 25, 2017. Leave a comment on the blog, or email us and we'll be happy to help! Tyler, W.M. Smithsonian National Zoological Park, May 1997. Bent, Arthur Cleveland, editor. The cedar waxwing is not endangered. It always makes it worthwhile to get out there, no matter how uncertain the weather or how typically dull one park or another can be, and it’s these random finds that you’d never even think to look for that turn up at the most unusual places. They seem to be concentrated in the Elbow Valley downstream from the Glenmore Dam. [4], Preferred habitat consists of trees at the edge of wooded areas, or "open" forests, especially those that provide access to berry sources as well as water. Often found in large, active flocks, these passerines are found throughout North America but their range varies greatly based on seasons and available food supplies. National Audubon Society: The Sibley Guide to Birds. "Bombycilla Garrulus: Bohemian Waxwing" in Life Histories of North American Wagtails, Shrikes, Vireos and Their Allies. Birds & Beers is a social get-together open to any interested birders. By the time we got there in early September though, most of them had moved on, though a few Yellow-rumped Warblers were still to be found here and there! in The Birds of North America, Number 309 (Alan Poole and Frank Gill, editors.) BirdWeb. They are attracted by the sound of running water, and love to bathe and drink in shallow creeks. Within minutes it is New York: Dover Publications: 1965 (Unedited reprint of: U.S. Government Printing Office: Smithsonian Institution United States National Museaum, Bulletin 197: 1950). Guide to Bird Behavior, Volume 2. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new blog posts by email.


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